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The Elder Scrolls Online: How To Save A Chief

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  • The Elder Scrolls Online: How To Save A Chief

    Finding the quest to save the chief in Elder Scrolls Online, Breaking into a Prison can be tricky. Here's how to complete it exactly.

    Save the Chief is one of the Orsinium DLC quests in Elder Scrolls Online. It's been in the game for so long that beginners may not have a detailed guide on how to complete it. As in many classic Elder Scrolls missions, the player must infiltrate an area and free a prisoner. It seems easy enough in theory, but breaking into a prison without any guidance can be frustrating. Eveli will be the main point of contact for the search. She was sent by the high priestess to recruit help on a top-secret mission. Players should follow the steps below to complete this mission as efficiently as possible

    Talk to High Priestess Sorgra and meet Eveli

    First, talk to Eveli, who is just outside Orsinium. She enjoys cake and small talk, so ask her how she is doing before you officially start. Next, the player will want to speak to the high priestess to begin the quest. Your location is marked on the map. One of the tribes has asked the high priestess for help because one of their chiefs is being held hostage by the Trinimac cult. The priestess believes that the cult called Vosh Rakh plans to kill the prisoner as a token of power. She gives two directions.

    The player must then meet with Eveli in the Fharun Fortress before he can carry out the mission. A short detour to the ice bank altar saves some time.

    Infiltrating the fortress

    Eveli leaves a trail of arrows at her location, which is under the stairs at the entrance to the fortress. She will suggest splitting up to find clues as to the location of the prison. Based on the instructions from the priestess, players should stay in stealth mode while looking for clues. If some of the cultists are killed, the quest can still be completed, but the experience reward will be forfeited. Eveli offers two ways to complete the quest in stealth mode.

    Go to the courtyard to eavesdrop on the prison
    The method via the courtyard is the simplest, as there are usually several orcs on the way to the tower. Those who aren't interested in the optional method can crack it and cut a trail. Impatient players can search the buildings outside the fortress until they find a supply crate that contains a map of the fortress. The map shows that the prison is underground and can only be reached by "flying down". Once you find the clue, meet with Evely to discuss it. Your location is shown on the map.

    Save the inmate

    Eveli will say that she knows of a well in the fortress that could be a route to the prison. She asks the user to find a rope near the forge in order to be able to descend. As soon as the player grabs the rope, he can begin the rescue mission. Evely wants to lead the way down. Several refugees will fight on the way to the prisoner.

    The prisoner path is easy, just follow the minimap and kill the fugitives as you go deeper into the underground prison. The prisoner, Chief Bazrag, will be in the room to the right of the stairs. Whoever goes up the stairs has gone too far. He is guarded by two lowly enemy guards. It turns out that the cultists overthrew Bazrag's fortress and he was held in his own prison.

    Escape from prison

    Chief Bazrag is not a happy fellow, but he will come up with a brilliant plan. Players must fend off enemies as he scatters poison to clear the way out of prison. This poison is deadly, so it is advisable to stay away from it. After killing the enemies, Bazrag will hobble to the exit. Unfortunately, the way out is blocked by spiked rooms, and Bazlag will need help closing the valves in order to get through. Players can memorize the pattern of spikes to close each valve. There are four more enemies that you need to take out on the way out. Chief Bazrag will refuse to return to the priestess, but Evely is here to save the day.

    Talk to Ursa

    Instead of fighting Vosh Rakh, people can get on their mounts and ride to Ursha on the map. Ulsha is the wife of Bazrag and first asks the priestess for help. As a reward, Ulsha will give the player Fharuns Rampart (shield of rarity) and some eso gold.