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  • Mofuya Defense

    Mofuya Defense is an excellent addition to the tower defense genre. With cute pixel graphics, a comfortable learning curve, a good number of weapons at your disposal, and additional features not found in other tower defense games, it's definitely worth investing some time in.

    NOTE: Language is a barrier in this game. I was asked if I wanted to install a Japanese Language Pack on my computer.
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    Hard really good.... thanks for posting...

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      Very confused. I built a power reactor, and placed 4 guns (2 touching reactor, and 2 remote), but the guns won't shoot !!

      What am I doing wrong ?

      @ Purp: There is an "English" button (lower right) on the first screen.
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      Ah... I needed TWO power plants to start !

      Got the hang of it now... NOT easy !!

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