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    Cannibal Escape

    Originally Posted by Eternal Becky

    ~ Get the rusty sword on the wall and the stick that is on the ground.
    ~ Get the green fluid and red fluid from the rack.
    ~Click the first book on the right hand side(third shelf from the bottom right) and get the key.
    ~ Drag the key to the casket. Get the knightshield and hand.
    ~ Drag the hand to the thing which has a message written on it, then it will disappear.
    ~ Move the table by clicking on the right leg of the table.
    ~ Take the potion bottle(the potion of hades) and the wire that is on the wall beside the window.
    ~ Combine the green fluid and the red fluid.
    ~ Combine the potion of hades and the hand of the skeleton. It will put new life into the hand.
    ~ Combine the wire and the stick, it will make a hook.
    ~ Drag the hand to the skeleton and it will get attached.
    ~ Drag the hook to the hole on the ground which was under the table. You will get a cork.
    ~ Click on the hole again and a Shrine will raise from below.
    ~ Click on the shrine. Drag the knightshield and then the sword to the Shrine. You will get a skull.
    ~Drag the skull to the hand of the skeleton and you will get a fuse for a cannon.
    ~ Combine the fuse and the cork and put it on the potion bottle and drag the explosive to the candle stand that is near the casket.
    ~ Drag the lit explosive to the rack. It will explode and make a passageway. ~ Click on the passage.
    You got it.. or maybe not?
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