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Rescue Mission X5

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  • Rescue Mission X5

    A walkthrough was requested from guests who got stuck, so I'm here to help.

    Find the game posted here.

    General technical notes:
    To exit rooms or back away from “zoomed” areas, simply click on the bottom middle part of the screen.
    To make notes or other hints that are shown zoomed in disappear, just click on them.

    Find hint on the shelves on the right side.
    Take the tablet, and click through until you see the hint with the stars.
    Apply the hint with the stars on the machine, a new hint will appear.
    Apply this new hint on the label above the door (AT23) to get password.
    Password: 120bc (convert letters of the alphabet to numbers and vice versa)

    Enter the first door on the left > Crew Room

    Crew Room:
    Find a clue note (engine room codes) in the lower bed.
    If you don’t want to look around more, exit the room.

    Enter the Bridge (door at the back of the hall straight ahead).
    Take calendar from the left seat (from your perspective).
    The calendar tells you how many days the crew were gone, and gives you information about the settings for access to the machine room.
    Use the device in the middle of the Hall, put the clue from the Crew Room (engine room codes) to the right of the keyboard.
    Solution: 2nd row 3rd button, 3rd row 5th button, 1st row 2nd button (two steps on each button for each day; when you reach the end of the row, just continue on the next row)
    Next, enter the Captain’s Room.

    Captain’s Room:
    Find a clue in the bed. Use the “capital” hint on the text of the front in the sense of capital letters (= first letter of each sentence). The “4 biology” is a hint on the location where you need to use the password that you get from this note.
    Go to the shelves, and find the captain’s ID card among his shirts. Back up.
    Listen to the sound files at the machine on the left (optional).
    Click on the left device on the table next to the machine to have a conversation with Sam (optional).
    Back up, and leave the room.

    Next, enter the Sickbay, 2nd door on the right next to the Captain’s Room.

    Click the box on the floor to get an idea how to open it (optional).
    Find a remote control in the lowest drawers of the cabinet on the left side.
    Try the remote control on the box to notice that you need to change its settings. Remember the pattern and color of the box lid.
    Go to the device on the right at the far wall. Put the remote control on the right side of the ledge, where you see its “ghostly” image.
    Select the correct pattern of the box lid (blue stripes), the remote control is set by the machine. Back up.
    Use the remote control on the box.
    Take the electronic eye.
    Leave the Sickbay, as you need to gather more information.

    Enter the Bridge again, and talk to the robot. He demands proof of identity. Give him the captain’s ID card. The robot gives you a clue what kind of information he needs. Leave the Bridge.
    Enter the Sickbay again.

    Go to the device on the left at the far wall (Biodata writer).
    Select the captain’s name (Williams, Aaron) > You know his last name from the sound files in his room.
    Select “iris” (hint from robot)
    Enter the password from the note clue that you have found in the Captain’s Room ("4 biology"): dplyr
    Put the electronic eye into the compartment on the right. The eye is set to the captains iris data. Back up, and leave the Sickbay.

    Enter the Bridge again.

    Show the robot the captain’s iris scan on the electronic eye. He disappears.
    Now you can take the fuse.
    Leave the Bridge.

    Next, enter the Engine Room.

    Engine Room:
    Click on the cabinet at the far right wall to have a conversation with Sam (optional).
    Check the device in the middle of the room, click on the middle of the left circle (optional). Back up.
    Go to the lower left part of the cabinet at the back wall with 1 fuse already in.
    Put the 2nd fuse in, so that the device in the middle of the room is started.
    Click the middle of the left circle. An AI woman appears.
    Click on the AI woman, and listen to the conversion. You and Sam fly to the given coordinates.

    Watch the explosion.
    Talk to the male astronaut.

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