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Leaving Your Room 4 (The Story of the Freaky Kid in the Orange Outfit)

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  • Leaving Your Room 4 (The Story of the Freaky Kid in the Orange Outfit)


    Originally posted by ThemePark

    1. Click the key that flies across the screen once in a while, the first time about 5 seconds after the "Keys: 0" box appears.

    2. Move the small white rectangle at the right of the "Items:" box out of the way and get the key.

    3 & 4. Click "Garden". Click the two yellow flowers on the ground. Also get the leaf on the ground next to the light blue (cyan) rectangle.

    5. Go to "Terry's room". Click on the key on the name tags, the red, white and blue signs on top of the screen.

    6. Move the sun at the right of the screen and get the key on the wall.

    7. Click "leaf" in the "Items:" box. If it is selected a green line will appear over the word. Now click the balloons and get the key on the wall. Also take the bottle of polish to the right of this key.

    8. Move the red rectangle on the part of the bed blanket that's on the floor, out of the way and get the key.

    9. Next to the "Keys:" box is a small black line. Click and drag it down to reveal a white box with a number in it. Remember this number, because it changes in each game.

    Move the white box away to reveal a key and a red button. Get the key and press the red button.

    Now you should see a panel slide to the left to reveal a "Setting:" panel with two small boxes. You need to set this to the correct colors in order to unlock other panels.

    Now you need the two digit number you got from part 9. This corresponds to a color in the order you click them, i.e. White is 1, Green is 2, Pink is 3, Yellow is 4 and Red is 5. Set the colors according to your number, and don't worry if nothing happens, the panel that it unlocks is not in this room. Also if a duck suddenly drops down, ignore it, it doesn't have a purpose.

    10. Go to "Garden" again. Click "polish" so that it's overlined and click on the bottom of the third fence post from the right and get the map. Now go to "White House". You should now see a key at the upper right corner, this is the panel that was unlocked from part 10. Get the key.

    11. Click the President's visible ear for a key.

    12. Click the President's nose to get his snake tongue out, and get the key. Also get the net on the side of the table, the black thing that mostly looks like a shadow.

    13. Select the "polish" and click on the part of the wall just above the right eyebrow of the president from your point of view. Get the key.

    14 Get the key on the window frame, in the cross section next to the globe. Also pay attention to the small text on the right side of the screen. Remember this or just see the answer in the next part.

    15 Go back to "Terry's room". Now the equation from the "White house" said "root of 25", that's 5 and "2 squared, that's 4, put them next to each other and you have 54, the color code for another panel in the "White house". So put the colors to red and yellow respectively, go back to the "White house", and click the key above the video tape. Also take the small white rectangle which is another map.

    16. Go back to the "Garden". Select the "net" and click on cake floating on the pond. Now with the map from part 15 you have a new location, "Pigduck" so go there now. Move the speech box of Pigduck away to reveal another key and get it.

    17. Click the box with the "3" in it to get another key. And then the box with the "14" to get a skirt and a Megazord.

    18. Select the cake and click on Pigduck to get another key.

    19. Now that you have 18 keys you can click the box labeled "18", so do so and get another key and another map.

    20. Go back to the "Garden" and select the "net". Click on the pond and you'll get a spade. Now select the spade and click on the grass next to the bottom pink and yellow flowers. You'll find a party hat and the last key.

    Now click on the "Mysterious Door" and select the "Megazord". Click on the strange looking character (reminds me of something from Power Rangers) and voila, there's the door. Click the door,'re free! And a lot better looking than before