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  • EscapeDaHouse

    Yep pretty easy, if you need help here is a quick walkthrough!

    Here's the game

    ]1. Pick up piece of paper on the drawers beside the bed.
    2.Get the key at the left corner of the drawers.(the keys are quite small but visible).
    3.Get second key from the top right corner of the bed
    4.Click the right arrow on the top to go to the bit where the sofa is.
    5.Click on the sofa a few times and it will move, you will see a key there.
    6.Click just under the leaves of the plant, you will see a little gold thing popping out. Get it.
    7.Click the right arrow again to take you to the kitchen.
    8. Beside the second cupboard there is a key.
    9.Click on the pink curtain and quickly get the key at the bottom left corner of the curtain before it closes.
    10. Click the right arrow again and you will see a door that says 'CODE NEEDED'.
    11.Click on the bottom right corner of the picture 2 times and get the key.
    12. You will see an odd yellow tile at the right side of the rug, click on it and get the piece of paper.
    13.You will see a code machine beside the door. Put in the code '19601#' and go in.
    14. You will see a key , get it.
    15 Click the cord and the light will go on.
    16.Above the top shelf there is a key.
    17. Get out the room and get the last key which is popping out at the right side of the light.
    18.Click on the right arrow 2 times and click on the orange door.


    Code to part 2
    The code to Part 2 is 'poiu'
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