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Room Fake/ Room Bath

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  • Eternal Becky
    For the Second/True ending of Room Bath

    Once you see the Congratulations screen go back to the tunnel. And back in the bathroom.

    ~ Face the sink. You will see the tunnel in the corner.
    ~ On the top right of the tunnel's mouth you will see something on the wall. Click on it. Open the cover.
    ~ Slide the switch.
    ~ Put the stool in front of the bathtub and climb. You will see that the camera is facing the other side. Click on the camera. Press the button.
    ~ Come back down.
    ~ Face the toilet. Light has fallen on the floor, click on it.
    ~ Open the cover.
    ~ Note down the sequence of the colours.

    ~ This time we need Cyan, Red, Yellow, Orange & Green.
    ~ Zoom out of the screen. Take the bowl back from the lion's mouth. You already have the Gold Liquid. Pour that in the middle tube.

    For the rest.....
    1st Tube: Cyan - Water from the toilet.
    2nd Tube: Red - Water from the bathtub.
    3rd Tube : Gold - You have that already.
    4th Tube: Orange - Water from the toilet tank.
    5th Tube: Green - Water from the sink.

    ~ Pour them in the tubes as mentioned above.
    ~ Place the empty bowl under the Gold Liquid tube. Turn the knob.
    ~ A new safe has opened above the tubes. Open it.
    ~ Get the female doll and take the bowl back.
    ~ Open the safe above the tub, click on the handle under the lion. Place the female doll next to the male doll.
    ~ Zoom out of the screen. Open the safe again and click on the handle.
    ~ Take the heart. Examine the heart. Click on the white spot that is on the heart.
    ~ Take the block item that is in the heart.
    ~ Face the lion above the sink.
    ~ Put the bowl in the mouth. It will flip. In the bottom right corner there is a square. Insert the block item in that square.
    ~ Face the golden lion. It had flipped and the dice puzzle is up. Press the bottom left corner's nail of the dice puzzle.
    ~ The puzzle will turn half way such as you see the puzzle and the golden lion.
    ~ Zoom out and face the lion above the sink. Open the new door that is on the safe. Take the White Gem.
    ~ Back to the half turned puzzle. Click on it to see the puzzle.
    ~ Zoom out and take the block back from the lion above the sink.
    ~ Back to the dice puzzle. Press the button again and this time it will not turn half way but full and the golen lion is visible again.
    ~ Put the white gem on the other eye.
    ~ Zoom out and open the curtain.
    ~ You will see this drawing on the curtain.

    Does it remind you of anything. Yes, the dice puzzle.

    ~ Notice how the arrow is gone through only 4 dice tiles "4,2,6 & 3". Put this 4 digit number on the toilet. Open the flap. You will see a word "TRUE".
    ~ Zoom out and face the washing machine. Open the tub door. Hmm stairs. Click on the stairs.
    ~ You are out with a true ending.

    Thanks a lot Dia for all your help

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  • Eternal Becky
    Room Bath

    Originally posted by Eternal Becky

    ~ Click on the left of the washing machine. Once you have a closer look, click on the little panel in the corner to open it. A cord will come out.
    ~ Flip the panel board. Get the key taped to it.
    ~ Zoom out and click on the washing machine. Click on the tray where the washing powder goes.
    ~ Get the item that is inside. Dice Tile #5.
    ~ Zoom out and and click the towels. Take the dirty cloth.
    ~ Zoom out and go right. Click on the tall cabinet.
    ~ Open the middle door and get a blank piece of paper.
    ~ Zoom out. Open the curtains to see the bath tub.
    ~ Click under the bath tub. Get the power cord.
    ~ Zoom out and click on the tall cabinet once again.
    ~ You will notice something near the leg of the bath tub. Take it. It is a Yellow Gem.
    ~ Zoom out and go right. To the left near the curtain you will see something red, Take it. It is a Red Gem.
    ~ Click on the paper roll dispenser. Open the flap. Get the Dice Tile #1.
    ~ Remove the empty paper roll.
    ~ Zoom out and go right. Click the inside of the sink.
    ~ Remove the sink stopper. Get the dirty scissors.
    ~ Zoom out and go left.
    ~ Select the scissors.
    ~ Flush the tank of the toilet and wash the scissors in the running water.
    ~ You have cleaned the scissors.
    ~ Go right. Click on the cabinet under the sink. Cut the string that is tied around the knobs.
    ~ Open the cabinet. Get the paper with instructions.
    ~ Get the blue box. In contains washing powder.
    ~ Zoom out, go right and click on the tall cabinet.
    ~ Use the key in your inventory to open the top drawer.
    ~ Get the balloon and the measuring spoon.
    ~ Zoom out. Click on the cord that is attached to the washing machine.
    ~ Combine that cord with the cord in your inventory.
    ~ Zoom out. Click on the washing machine.
    ~ Open the tray where you put washing powder.
    ~ Notice the paper you got from under the sink. Follow the instructions on that paper.
    ~ Cord is already in the plug. Now you need to add three spoons of washing powder in the tray.
    ~ Zoom out. Open the tub of the machine and put the dirty cloth in it. Close the door and click on the red button.
    ~ Once the machine stops, open the tub door and get the clean cloth out.
    ~ Examine the cloth. It has a word written on it.
    NOTE - The words change with every game. If you turn the word upside down you will see that it is a number too.
    These are the numbers I have found so far.
    high - 4614
    LIES - 5317
    LOSE - 3507

    ~ Go to the toilet screen. There is a 4 digit code you need here, which you already have.
    ~ Enter the four digit code you get through the word.
    ~ Open the safe. Get the Dice Tile #6 and key.
    ~ Zoom out and go left.
    ~ Click on the golden lion that is above the bath tub.
    ~ Use the key on the safe that is above the lion.
    ~ Open the safe and get the stool.
    ~ Zoom out. Move the rug that is near the bath tub.
    ~ Place the stool on the lines provided.
    ~ You can now see what is above the bathtub. Click above. Get the Blue Gem.
    ~ You will notice something on the celing. Click on it and you will have "The Story" book.
    ~ Click on the video camera. Get the Dice Tile #2 that is stuck to the celing.
    ~ Come back down. Take the stool.
    ~ Face the sink. Place the stool on the lines. Click on the cabinets above the sink.
    ~ Open the left side and get door handle.
    ~ Zoom out and click above the cabinets. Get the crowbar.
    ~ Come back down. Take the stool back.
    ~ Go right and click on the tall cabinet.
    ~ Click on the right side of the cabinet.
    ~ Use the crowbar to remove the two nails.
    ~ Take the straight nail.
    ~ Zoom out and open the bottom cabinet. Take the valve.
    ~ Click on the left of the cabinet and get Dice Tile #3.
    ~ Examine the balloon. Use the nail to burst it.
    ~ You will get the Olive Gem.
    ~ Examine the blue box. Open it and get the Cyan Gem.
    ~ Zoom out and click on the golden lion.
    ~ Use the valve above the tap.
    ~ Turn the valve. Then zoom out and take the item that is floating in the tub. It's a male doll and a bowl.
    ~ Click on the male doll to get it out of the bowl.
    ~ Click on the golden lion once again. You will see two dots under the lion.
    ~ Fix the handle in those holes.
    ~ Open the safe above the lion then click on the handle.
    ~ Click on the red Oni Statue. Select the male doll and place it next to the statue.
    ~ Zoom out. Open the safe again and click on the handle.
    ~ Click on the male doll's head. Get the key.
    ~ Use this key on the locked drawer above the sink.
    ~ Get Dice Tile #4 and stick fast glue.
    ~ Use the glue on the head of the nail.
    ~ Place this nail on the male doll's hand.
    ~ Zoom out. Open the safe once again and click on the handle.
    ~ The male doll has killed the statue. Get the statue. Examine it. Click on it to see it's back. Get the faucet.
    ~ Use this faucet on the sink's tap.
    ~ Turn the tap so that the dirty water will drain. Turn the faucet again. You will see symbols here.
    ~ Zoom out and go right. There is a brown board on the wall near the washing machine.
    ~ Zoom onto it. Use the crowbar to remove this board.
    ~ A new puzzle. You will see 5 tubes and they are connected to one line in the bottom. By turning the button, whatever is there is the tubes will come out.
    ~ Click on the drain hole. Get the Purple Gem.
    ~ You need five different kinds of water to add in the tube.
    ~ Use the bowl to get the water. And pour the water in the tubes according to the colours in the sink.
    ~ Below is the order and the place where you can find the water.
    ~ Before doing this you will need to get the purple liquid though.
    ~ In order to get the purple liquid, fill the bowl with tap water. Pour the water in the middle tube.
    ~ Place the bowl under the middle tube. And turn the knob. You will have purple liquid.
    ~ Pour the purple liquid in the middle tube.

    1st Tube : Orange - Water from the toilet tank.
    2nd Tube : Red - Water from the bath tub
    3rd Tube : Purple - You already have that in the tube.
    4th Tube : Blue - Water from the toilet
    5th Tube : Green - Water from the sink

    ~ Once the five tubes are full. Place the bowl on the drain and turn the knob. You will now have Yellow Liquid.
    ~ Click on the lion above the sink. Place the bowl with yellow liquid in the wall. It will flip.
    ~ Face the bath tub. Select the blank paper from your inventory and click on the water.
    ~ A code will appear on the blank paper.
    ~ Zoom into the toilet paper dispenser. Lift the flap. You need to click on the flaps in the order given in the paper.
    ~ Once you are done the paper from your inventory will be gone. Which means you did it right. Zoom out and go left.
    ~ Notice something on the tall cabinet. Face the tall cabinet. Open each door. It will look like this

    ~ Note down where each dice tile is. Zoom out and click on the white board that is next to the wall thrice.
    ~ You will see nails on it. Arrange the tiles on the nails according to the image above.
    ~ Press the bottom left button. The golden lion will flip...oops but his eye is missing.
    ~ Open the safe again. Click on the handle.
    ~ Ahhh there is his eye. Get the Green Gem.
    ~ You now have 7 gems in your inventory.
    ~ Face the toilet. Click on the floor in front of the toilet. You will see a new panel. Open it.
    ~ Place the gems in the order given below.

    ~ Once they are in place you will hear a sound.
    ~ Zoom out and a tunnel in revealed. Go through the tunnel.

    You are out...umm not yet. If you want you can stop the game here or you can still continue the game by going back and get a different end.

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  • Eternal Becky
    started a topic Room Fake/ Room Bath

    Room Fake/ Room Bath

    Room Fake

    Originally posted by Eternal Becky

    ~ Click under the brown cabinet and get a battery.
    ~ Zoom out and go right.
    ~ Click on the plant. There is something in the plant. Get it. Green # 3.
    ~ Zoom out. Click on the bedspread. Click on it again to zoom in. Get the # 6 that is under the bedspread.
    ~ Under the bed you will a red button. Take it. It's Red # 3
    ~ Zoom out and face the green cabinet.
    ~ Click in between the green cabinet and bed. Get # 1
    ~ Zoom out. Open the cupboard.
    ~ Get the battery from the middle shelf.
    ~ From the top shelf, corner left get the note.
    ~ Go right. Click on the paper that is on the wall beside the window.
    ~ Click on it to flip it. Take the note that is on the paper. It says, 961.
    ~ Open the middle drawer of the green cabinet.
    ~ There is a safe inside.
    ~ What do you get if you see the three digit numbers upside down...196. Open the safe by entering 196.
    ~ Get the flashlight and #7.
    ~ Click on the string of the flashlight. It will transform into a screwdriver. Zoom out.
    ~ Click on the outlet that is beside the door.
    ~ Use the screwdriver on it and take the screws.
    ~ Face the brown cabinet. Click on the right side of the cabinet. Get the other two screws.
    ~ Use the screwdriver on the locked drawer of the brown cabinet.
    ~ Get the battery charger and Red # 3.
    ~ Insert the batteries in the charger. Use the charger on the outlet.
    ~ Zoom out. Zoom in and the battery is charged.
    ~ Use the batteries on the robot that is on the shelf. Press the button.
    ~ The neck of the robot will turn. Get #9.
    ~ Zoom out and go right.
    ~ Click inside the bin and get # 4. And the piece of crumpled paper.
    ~ Now you have all 5 numbers.
    ~ Click on the pad that is on the desk.
    ~ In order to solve this puzzle the rows, columns and diagonals should add up to 15. Hint given by RBS.
    ~ Once done click on the button. You will get a purple K.
    ~ It colour of the letter K changes for every game.
    ~ Zoom out. You will see the painting has fallen down.
    ~ Click on the right side of the brown cabinet again. Note down 05:30.
    ~ Zoom in on the knobs that were revealed from behind the painting.
    ~ The long hand is for minutes and the short hand for hours. Adjust the Long hand on 30 minutes and short hand on hour 5.
    ~ Zoom out and go left. Something has appeared under the real clock.
    ~ Get the black key and Blue # 2
    ~ Use this key on the locked drawer of the green cabinet.
    ~ Open the drawer. Get the pink cloth and the knife.
    ~ Use the knife under the neck of the robot. Get the Red # 1
    ~ There is a red string. Get it. To the red string a golden key is attached.
    ~ Use this key on the safe that is on the wall beneath the paper.
    ~ Get the door knob and Green # 2
    ~ Open the top drawer of the green cabinet.
    ~ There is a picture of a window inside the drawer with water droplet.
    ~ Now click on the vase that is on the brown cabinet.
    ~ The vase will fall spilling the water. Wet the pink cloth.
    ~ Open the curtains. Get the Blue # 3 that is stuck in the rod. Wipe the windows with the cloth. (As shown in the drawing in the drawer)
    ~ Look at the left winodw. It indicates something. It is the picture of the door.
    ~ Click on the bottom right of the door. Open the secret panel. You will see a cord. Plug it to the outlet.
    ~ Get the blue # 3.
    ~ You have all 8 buttons.
    ~ Click where the doorknob is supposed to be.
    ~ Place the knob on it and then the screws. The doorknob will get fixed.
    ~ Click on the doorknob and you are out....umm not yet.

    A new puzzle.

    Note that this was according to my game. It changes for every game.
    K on the square puzzle was of colour Purple. So K = Purple
    The note in your inventory says C = Red
    On the right window was L and under it was blue . So L = Cyan
    See the bottom of the bin It has a green dot. And on the floor there is a O, so O = Green

    L = Cyan
    O = Green
    C = Red
    K = Purple

    This combination will work for every game. There are a few more but I haven't got those yet.
    To get
    Cyan = 3 Green 3 Blue
    Green = 2 Green 1 Red
    Red = 2 Blue 3 Red
    Purple = 3 Red 3 Blue
    Yellow = 3 Red 3 Green

    Click on the button.
    Watch the end.


    Second ending

    Originally posted by Nin_man

    Don't go out the new door. Instead, go back to the old door and wiggle the doorknob again. You'll get a new code: FAKE (except the K is backwards).
    Click on the outlet beside the door, and look on the backside of the cover for the letter E.
    Click on the right side of the wardrobe (where the steps came out)
    Take the hammer from the side of the step.
    Turn around to the vase and use the hammer on the vase to get the letter A.
    Go back to the magic square poster, lift it up, and take the key back. The key is the letter F.
    Go to the magic square board itself, and flip it over. That is the backwards K.
    Back to the FAKE door.
    Change the numbers around so the numbers match up, and you should be able to figure out the E based on what you have left over.
    Once it's right, the door will change and say TRUE.
    Take the single knob, and go back to the robot with the batteries
    Put the knob under the robot's head, replace the head, and watch the ending.


    Here is one of the combination for the second ending