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Room Escape Games Page 1 not loading

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  • EscapeGirl
    That link seems to work now, when I try it. It is possible the site was having problems at the time you tried accessing it. Please try it again, and if you have more problems, post here again.

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  • Meleroo
    started a topic Room Escape Games Page 1 not loading

    Room Escape Games Page 1 not loading

    Hi guys,

    I'm trying to access the Room Escape Games and I cannot get them to load. This is the URL that it tries to load: If I change the p=1 to p=2 I get all the second page games listed without a problem but if I then try and click to the first page I just get the yellow header and nothing else.

    Is there anything I can do? Other than wait until the newer games I haven't played yet come onto Page 2?


    Meleroo xx