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  • Resignation

    Dear members,

    I just wanted to let everyone know that today I officially resigned my position as a moderator after serving the forums for about 2.5 years. It hasn't been an easy decision, it really has been a process of months. And however I can't deny that my decision makes me sad, I for sure will miss moderation, I am certain about my decisions because I gives me more time for my family and study, and all other goals I want to achieve in my life. And this without having to worry about the forums and mod duties. Well, knowing me I still will stay concerned, you don't have to be a moderator for that.

    I would like to thank GamersHood for giving me the chance, the trust and the opportunity to learn so much about the forums, and to be able to moderate and even develop and improve the forums. I also want to thank you for listening to my ideas, and your support to execute them. I am really grateful for my time as a moderator, and I can't thank you enough for it.
    And of course I absolutely want to thank all my moderators colleagues for everything, but then also Everything! But above all for the team play and your vital support. We have gone through so many things.. and we accomplished so much.. I never could have done what I did without you guys. Thank you all so much!! What can I say.. we were truly an fantastic and well oiled team, and you still are! Being a moderator is surely a challenge, and I can say in all honesty it rarely has been boring. Lastly I would like to wish you all the best and good luck with all. You are doing a really amazing job around here with little praise and thanks to receive for it and under a lot of pressure and stress at times. So I would like to thank you for everything you have done and will do. GamersHood couldn't consider himself more lucky to you have on his team. I hope that one day I have enough time and space to join the team again.

    Not unimportant to mention is that this doesn't mean I will leave the forums. I actually hope I with my resignation I also will get more spare time to spent as an activate member. Lets conclude with that I am looking forward to play games with everyone! See you around!

    ~ Adventure
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    Dear Adventure,
    I know this isn't "goodbye," but is more of a "see ya later." But, I will miss having your thoughts, opinions, and ideas on the moderation team. You really have brought so much to our team and it simply won't be the same without you. That being said, I do understand your reasons for stepping down from the mod team, and I hope you can thoroughly enjoy the extra time with your family, with your studies, and playing games. Will definitely see you around the forums, my dear. And yes, please, let us know if things change and you're able/want to return. Take good care of you!!


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      Good luck Adventure and thank you for the time served. I look forward to playing the games with you as a general member.

      This also gives me the opportunity to thank all the moderators and admin for providing this site. Thank You.

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        Thank you for the time and effort you've put into the forums. I completely understand your decision, and wish you luck in achieving your goals.


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          as I'm sorry to see you leave Adventure, I understand why you are. I do hope to see you around the forum more often and that you will be able to play more games and spend more time with your family. You have done a lot for the forum, putting a lot of time and effort into everything. It will be very different without you on the Mod team. I hope everything goes will for you!

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            I'm sorry you are resigning as a moderate, Adventure, but I wish you the best of luck, and hope you can help out with some of the more challenging games.
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              Best wishes to you and your family Adventure. I trust the 2.5 years you gave of yourself paid you something back in experience and new friendships made. I will miss seeing your pages of projects you always had going and all the effort you put into them. You really do lead by example and teach so much along the way. It has truly been a pleasure and an honor working with you.

              Take care and see ya in the Forums.

              All the best Adventure.
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                I was sad when you announced to us earlier that you will leave the moderation team, but as I already told you, I can completely understand your reasons.
                Indeed moderation on such a busy forums needs time and energy, which is sometimes taken away from the fun sides like playing games or chatting.
                You've contributed enormously to the development of the forums in the past 2.5 years. You've initiated a lot, and as RBS mentioned you had projects and research going on in which you have put a lot of effort.
                You've been a very dear and appreciated colleague to all of us, very devoted, kind, funny, full of ideas, frank and honest in your opinions, and a good team player.

                I hope that the new "free space" will allow you to enjoy your family more, to advance in your studies, and to enjoy GH for the chats and games more than in the past times.

                Thank you for everything!


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                  (better late than never ) its sad to see you leave moderation adventure, but it's all for the best i remember the first day i met you three years ago your still as kind as you were then.
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                  So glad to be back.

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                    Dear Adventure, I'm sorry I haven't replied earlier. I haven't been a regular visitor of Gamershood for some time now, and I just found out about this! What I have to say is: you are one of the people that made this forum so fun and such an amazing place! I just hope you enjoy your time with your family and I look forward to still keeping in touch with you!

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