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  • HAHAHA, poor me but silly me.. Where can we find that kind of woman sleeping in front of the pc with the room light on??

    And I tried Nuclear bomb but could find one thing so far... Well, I'm just a supporter of GFARDTO, I rather cheer you the elite members!!

    Slurp spiders!! Yuk!! Why are they come to see here? Is there something special in chit chat?? I know there are so many loonies here But what else??


    • Carrot rum, of course!! They like to "SLURP" the carrot rum. But Adventure and I hid it quite well!! I don't think they'll find it!!!

      Ah, you may just be a supporter of GFARDTO, but you are an "elite member" of the looney bin fanclub. But, I am wondering if you should be an "elite PATIENT of the Looney Bin!" You sleep using your computer as a pillow.


      • LOL!! "elite Patient"!! So I'm taking the online therapy while I sleep. And everyone online cures me inhere!!

        Ok, I understand why slurp spiders come here so often. Coz Adventure and you often drink carrot rum these days, I suppose you two smell of carrot rum!


        • Lili is an "ELITE PATIENT OF THE GAMERSHOOD LOONEY BIN!" I like it!!!!I also like the smilies you have on either side of your looney bin fanclub sig. Too funny.

          Oh, yes, that's possible that they smell us...though we are very clean people!! Hmmm....but we do enjoy good carrot rum!! Though, hmm, if I remember correctly you are a "heavy drinker."

          EDIT: Just saw you changed your sig! Cute!


          • Hi all
            Just logged in and have first to do some moderation job, then catch up here in Chit Chat, and after that I'll add to the story.
            I'm just having my first coffee with half open eyes
            How are you?


            • Hehehe, I changed my signature. I know I'm not the first elite patient, you should know, coz I already saw some members had taken some kinda therapy, right Escape?? *wink wink*

              And oops, I don't think myself as a "heavy drinker", but I might smell of sake...

              @Mistery, YAY!! I'm good!! I hope you don't have much to do your moderation job. And do you see I'm not a elite member anymore but ELITE PATIENT!!


              • MISTERY!!! Oh, it is nice to be visited by you and Lili today....It's not been a good day, and I am feeling very down. But you both are here, and that makes me happier!! How are you?? Have cat hair in your coffee?? I look forward to your story!!!

                Lili....Oooh...yes, some of us have had therapy, haven't we *cough* Mistery *cough*


                • Awww, Escape , why has it been a bad day for you? Sorry if you already mentioned it, I haven't caught up here yet.

                  Maybe you should do some more experiments:

                  By the way, my mouse jumped from my desk yesterday evening aswell. I have a mouse jumping problem, or maybe there is a ghost cat flying around

                  Yes, a lot of cat hair in my coffee, so I'll wake up soon


                  • @ Mistery.... I got a bad phone call after stuff...I turned up ditching class tonight.... But, like I said, at least I am now here in the looney bin for awhile...maybe that's where I need to be tonight!!! lol.. I'm glad your coffee with cat hair will wake you. You seem up early tonight - I mean this a.m.!

                    @ Lili...I think it's GREAT you're now an Elite Patient of the looney bin!!


                    • Yes, I'm trying to switch my day/night-schedule. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.
                      How late is it at your place (sorry, still can't remember the time difference...)

                      Escape is the WINNER:

                      Lili, great signature


                      • @Mistery, the mouse jumping problem!! And a ghost cat?? That might be... her cousin??

                        @Escape, OMG!! I have to change it again!!


                        • OMG, you are right, lili, it might be Escape's cousin


                          • @ Mistery....I think doing cat experiments willl certainly give me good laughs!! It is 11:50 pm here. Don't worry ... I can't keep up with all the time zones, either!! Just Adventure's and Doglover's so far, I think... I will be going to bed shortly, though. Not enough sleep last night, and bad = bed early. I know what you mean about trying to fix the apparently have to keep it up for like 2 weeks to break the bad day/night cycle. GOOD LUCK!!

                            What time is it there?

                            Oh, and yes, my cousin is haunting you...that is the mouse jumping problem. My cousin is the culprit. I borrowed some high tech equipment from Sir Theme, and it takes pics of ghosts. Remember eating this cat?!!?

                            Ah...I keep editing my post...

                            Poor doglover....I stole her bed!!


                            • It's almost 9 AM meanwhile. I'm going to think about a new chapter, but you will probably see it tomorrow morning if you won't stay much longer. It will need some time
                              Thank you for your best wishes for my schedule fixing programm


                              • Ok, I changed my sign. again. Coz if I'm a patient, I should not be in the fanculb but in the bin itself.