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  • I think I'm gonna go to bed too, good night Adventure

    Hmm, seems she has gone as well
    Last edited by ThemePark; 10-24-2006, 04:29:55.
    Intelligent Supporter, Unimportant Sir ThemePark, Advanced Intelligence Robot & Son

    We take care of all your robot needs.
    - If your harddrive crashes?

    Call Backup.
    Or see Upstairs.

    - If you need to get something copied?

    Go see Neko, the copycat.


    • Nope, I was in the room escape section. Sorry I missed you!
      Hope you are dreaming well! Hmm, not sure if robots have programs for that. However robots most of the times seems to think logical, their creators have sometimes strange ideas, about what is important.

      I am of for the night, however I can't say that at 5.51 a.m.
      Everybunny have fun with gamershooding! See you later.

      Faily of Kzin



      • I Am Here


        • Originally posted by Adventure
          Aww thank you Becky! What would Escape be jealous on me.

          @Sir Theme
          Lol, you are welcome.

          Ah... You are right, Adventure...I am jealous!! *SIGH* I'm sad I missed everyone, and now I am all alone here...just little old Escape and the sounds of the slurping Slurp Spiders...all of them wanting my carrot rum...*feels so lonely*

          Here I am .... feelin' lonely...

          Okay, those spiders are movin' closer to me....I'm not liking it much....if I disappear and never'll all know they got me....................




          • Escape, Hello dear!!

            hmmm??? When did I transforme myself into Slurp Spider??? Maybe I did in show me thread... and also when I went to Slurp Spider Island... But still keepin' that form now????


            • LILI!!!!!!! How are you?


              • hi everyone! do u like my avatar.... thats me! im mini Acelightning


                • @Escape, you give me a hug?? Even if I'm a Slurp Spider??
                  Buuuutt I will give you big How're ya??

                  @Ace, Hi!! How's it going??


                  • good


                    • @ Lili....Of aren't a slurp spider, you silly confused figurine!! I thought the Slurp Spiders got to everyone. One almost got me you, know...but I threw a toothy tomato at it, and it went away! How are you!?!??!

                      @ Ace....HI!!! Yes, I do like your avatar!!! How are you!?!


                      • @Ace, Good to know you're good. You changed your avatar, did you make it yourself??


                        • @ Lili...Um....Lili!? Did a Slurp Spider get you??? I said, AHEM....How are you!?


                          • Hi Escape, Lili and Ace!

                            I was only here for some last updating, but I have a 10 minutes left.

                            I really like your new avatar. It indeed looks like you!
                            Faily of Kzin



                            • @Escape, a silly confused figurine??!! But when you were surrounded by those Spider, I was there with you but you didn't notice me!! And actually I transformed myself into the spider twice!! Well don't throw teethy tomato at me even if I'm still in the form of spider!

                              I'm good but I spent unexpected morning today. I went out with my dad to go to the french restaurant where we gonna have a family and our relatives meeting next month for a special occasion. There we were supposed to talk about what dishes we would serve with a guy in that restaurant. When we got there, in front of the door, what we found was " TODAY CLOSE"!!
                              I didn't even eat my breakfast this morning coz I thought I could have nice and delicious lunch there. Well we decided to go straight back home and I made spaghetti for our lunch.

                              @Adventure, Hi again!! you have only 10 mins.??

                              @Escape, Sorry that I kept you waiting. It took me a while to type this post.


                              • @ Adventure......YYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! !! How are you!?!?!!?!?

                                @ Lili...Oh...oops...then I threw teethy tomatoes at you.... I'm sorry your luncheon didn't go as planned!!!! That's discouraging. But, then do you get to have your French food tomorrow? Maybe it will work for tomorrow's lunch??? (Or will you have leftover spaghetti...?) You know, I just had an idea about the could dunno....throw it around here on GH, then you would have to go to lunch tomorrow because the spaghetti will be all gone and you wouldn't worry about wasting food!!!

                                EDIT: I KNOW you're here, Mistery!!!! GOOD MORNING!!! Poor sleepy alien....