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  • Okay, I'm ready. How about you Escape?? Should we taste now?

    hmm.. It smells fine!!
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    Last edited by lili; 11-10-2006, 10:53:31.


    • Okay....all done...ready? Let's taste it...(sorry about the delay.)


      • *dirinks carrot rum*
        Wooo, It's strong!! I can taste carrot and other fruite juice a little!!
        What do you think? (I have white but dry rum, so the taste might be different from yours.) (And no problem at all, take your time when you need )


        • Mine is also dry....*WHEW* Not too sure I like that...too strong!! *cough, cough* Let's add a little more juice... *cough, cough* What do ya say?

          EDIT: Too bad it's almost 3 a.m. on the U.S. East coast...Darknight could be mixing his own carrot whiskey!


          • Well, let me taste each carrot and fruite juice itself , oh and rum itself as well BRB!!


            • OKay, I'll wait....let me know what you think. I'll try the V8 Splash on it's own and the rum on it's own. BRB, too...

              EDIT: Okay...for me...the rum...WOW...that's pretty strong stuff.. And the V8 Splash...not too bad. I'd never had it before.


              • Hahaha I've never drunk rum on it's own, you know?? It was strong!! And carrot juice tastes just carrot!!
                Since you have V8 Splash, how about just adding V8 Splash? about 1/4 rum and 3/4 V8 Splash? And then we gonna add lemon juice and sugar. What do you think?

                Wow I'm getting hyper now.


                • Yes, the rum is pretty....YUCK...pretty strong alone!!!
                  Okay....I will make 3/4 V8 Splash, and 1/4 rum... Do I add the lemon and sugar now, or taste first, then add it?


                  • Taste first and then add them!

                    I found 5 slurp spiders and 2 guests are in chit chat. They might watching our experiment!!


                    • Ha! The slurp spiders smell CARROT RUM!!! The guests are probably taking notes...

                      Okay...gonna taste it now without sugar and lemon...


                      • Okay I'm ready too. Let's taste.

                        Oh, this is better!! What do you think?


                        • Much better... I have a feeling with sugar it will be even better. The less rum was definitely better!!

                          Ready for the lemon and sugar?

                          EDIT: Okay....I'm ready to taste.


                          • Sure!! How much sugar do you add? About lemon, just squeezing a tiny piece would be fine.

                            BTW, I see Mistery somewhere in the house

                            EDIT: You mean you've already added sugar?


                            • I added about a teaspoon (I like sugar) and I also squeezed a tiny piece of lemon (sorry - already did it. ) I'm ready when you are...

                              *Slurp spiders are at my door... They're trying to get some! *

                              Good morning, Mistery!!!! How are you??


                              • Hi all, sorry I had to look through countless new posts because I haven't been online for 24 hours, and this took me a long time.
                                I still haven't caught up in Chit Chat, and I'm not sure if I can do it now.

                                So I just wanted to give you a huge from da alien.

                                And I have been asked to inform you, that Murph has been away for a couple of days because she is sick. She'll try to do her best to get back to her friends on GH Planet as soon as possible
                                Working on the next game