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  • I may need a lot of carrots!! We'll see....Stayed up chatting with a friend online, and then have a lot that I had to do after.... Oh, was worth the visit!

    *hides under table* Repeat after me..."Cats belong in trees, Cats belong in trees...." *uses invisible blanket given to me by my Mom...*


    • ROFL!!!
      I didn't mean cat I meant b****
      I need to go to the store after the visit at the doc, we haven't much food left.


      • ROFL!! Mom eat what??? *wink wink*
        That's what I thought!! ****d!!

        Hi Escape, did you have a fun Sunday??


        • Oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok!!! *comes out from under the table and hands her "Potato bread."* ROFL!! (I bought some of that not too long ago!! )

          Glad to hear your cat habit has been broken!!! *hands a VERY SMALL cup of tmani juice.* This will wake up up! You're doc will be wondering what hit you when you literally RUN into his office!!

          @Lili.....You came back!!! Biiiiiiiiiiig to you!! I had a very nice Sunday!! I'm still trying to get stuff done, but yes, it was VERY nice! (And I only have to work 3 days this week for the Thanksgiving holiday! )


          • Why did you have to say p***** and b****, now I start my deadly agonizing

            Thanks for the Tmani Juice, yes it will have a great effect if I drink it just before I drink another coffee with cat hair. He'll think my state have become worse since last week (together with the deadly agonizing)


            • @ Mistery - You make me LOL over here.....Ssssshhhh....It's 3:10 a.m.!!
              I can see it now:
              Mistery: *very speedily speaking* Hey Doc? What's up? Wait that's from a cartoon? Haa...*begins alien dance* Look what I can do!? Oh, you want your office tidied up a bit, I can do that, um, ya....look at me run...yes, deadly agonizing,....oh.....just a bit....but that's you have bread....I ate bread.....potato came from the cat who lives in a tree.....that's why I'm deadly agonizing...What? You look at me funny....
              Doc: Um....Barbara...slow down....
              Mistery....slow? No! Tmani juice...can't slow...nope...not gonna *zooms around room*
              Doc: *slaps hand on forehead* Just when I thought we were making progress....


              • ROFL
                I wish I had so much energy to rush around like this But a playboy thought

                Lili, are you doing online therapy?

                Btw, I hope sooooo much that Murph can join us this week


                • ROFL!! Escape!! I really hope mom won't say that to her doc!!

                  Before I go I will leave for you, Escape. And to your boss just in case you're 1D shape at office tomato.

                  Mom, I don't wanna leave carrot for you, Your sig says you're in 4D shape now. But you might need it... here you go.
                  EDIT: Mooom, I'm not haveing therapy now...

                  Well have fun chatting here and see you later!!


                  • @ Mistery...That would be if you had too much Tmani juice AND coffee with cat hair.

                    I thought Lili was going to go to her English lessons? Though this is an english lesson here at GH? We're bi-lingual. English and Gamershoodish.

                    EDIT: Thank you for the carrots Lili!!! Have fun at your class!!!


                    • Thank you dear daughter for the carrots, I might need them this afternoon
                      Have a wonderful evening, and hope to see you later

                      I'm not sure what would happen in reality if I had coffee with cat hair and Tmani Juice

                      And we are multi-lingual, not only bi-lingual


                      • @ Mistery....I haven't had a PM regarding Murph in almost 1 week. I sent one yesterday to her sister, no response yet. I hope my fellow feline can join us again soon!!!

                        You are right...butterflyish, plantish, catish, dogish, robot gibberish, alienish, batish...and that doesn't count everyone's native tongue!!


                        • It is a miracle how we are able to understand each other
                          But it is really funny, if we have misunderstandings and vonfusions, I got them especially with Dark, and it makes me ROFL (Have you seen the latest one in the Pictures thread?!?


                          • Anybody understands..."heeeeelloooo!"...?

                            STILL struddling


                            PURPLE HELL is back and burning!! See you there!


                            • Nobunny understands
                              Hiiii Lilli How are you? Work thingy done?


                              • Moooooooom!!! *runs over to mom and gives her a BIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig * Don't know if I'll have this much energy when I wake up!! So good to see you!!! How are you!?

                                @ Mistery....Yes, I was ROFLing when I read you and my partner talking about his tatoo that he doesn't have....... ROFL!!!