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  • OneBun, When it is the American slang, you can't post the answer... You'd better try my Japanese when my turn comes!!


    • @ Lilli ~ It should be "I aint's got no clue."

      How about this one from your very tired nebun friend as she says good night in slang...

      Well it's 'bout time for me ta bust a move & step on up outta this joint for a piece.

      Peace out peeps!

      Translation: Time for me to leave for a while...Nite all

      @ Lili... that could be scary for me to translate that!
      Seeking Where My Alien & Mysterious Sis Has gone???
      Looney GHer!


      • stuff puter is on the blink again...
        and, anything else...i am tooo tired to

        @Bun, yeah...stuff like that too...i think imma bust outta dis hizzy

        translation: im going to bed too... lol

        night all!!!
        Once a pirate...

        Related to the Loonie Crew!!!
        I am an elite member of GFARDTO

        And supporter of its subunit UPMGPC
        Also the referee of GH Looney Bin!!!


        • Corrected it. Thank you OneBun. I'll be leavin' too.

          A special to da sister Murph

          A special to da partner in bloom

          A special to da language genius Charmed

          And a' course to da favourite pink bunny

          It is time ta blow out da candle as I crawl into da bunk ta catch some zzzzz. It is almost dawn though, on Carrot Island. Good night all! To all da friends at da Hood HUUUGE

          EDIT: *Writes "my puter is on the blink again, i think imma bust outta dis hizzy too"* Thanx sis!!

          STILL struddling


          PURPLE HELL is back and burning!! See you there!


          • Pffft, I can picture Lilli is typing those slangs into her data..

            But to those slangs, I almost can get the meaning... but not exactly the true one.. Very difficult, coz we can't use a normal dictionary...

            Nite Lilli, Have a sound sleep!! I think I really can see you later!
            Nite murph, and OneBun!! See you tomato!!

            OneBun I will post a special sentence for you when I get a chance..
            Last edited by lili; 12-05-2006, 06:00:00.


            • Hello *echos* Hello? *echos*


              • *echos* ..... Hellooooo


                • Lili!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're here!! *runs out of the shadows with waving her Slurp Spider stick* Oops..sorry about that. *drops the Slurp Spider stick* How are you!? Biiiiiiiig


                  • Hello sweet Escape and dear lili, I'm here. I finally made it outside the games forum. But I am so tired of writing so many post, I'm off to bed, 0130am here. Later girls.
                    I'd rather be an optimist who's a little bit crazy than a pessimist who's right.

                    I have found eternal life. Embrace it.


                    • Wow!!! *faints* Fred made it by Chit Chat!! Well, it's nice to finally see you in this thread! Come by again sometime!! Have a good night's rest!!


                      • Wow, You were about to hit me... Hi!! How're you now?
                        I'm doing fine!! Have you read back? If you have the connection problem using IE, better try to update Windows.. I douldn't came here last night!! But now it works pretty good

                        Wow!! fred finally visited here!!! I hope we can chat a lot later!! Sweet dreams!


                        • Well, I need to update to Internet Explorer 7, but I am hesitating because some of my friends who are into computers told me that it still has a lot of bugs, and I should wait awhile. Otherwise, both my work computer and my home computer are completely updated. So, I don't know what else to do? When the server went down today while Gamershood was working on it, we all started emailing eachother. It was funny.

                          We missed you today!! I was glad to read that you had your computer up and running smoothly!


                          • No Escape, I meant not upgrading to IE7, I'm still using IE6. I meant windows/microsoft might have attachment for the proplems. As for me, that worked. But E-mailing is fun things anyway. I will E-mail you sometimes

                            But yes, I was so struggled by that proplem. And now,... SO HAPPY!!
                            How was the class today?


                            • Sorry for the delay. I was arguing with Tom...

                              Ahh...yes, fortunately my computers are all updated right now. Thanks!

                              Feel free to email me anytime.

                              Class was long and boring. But you know what? I have drama this Wednesday. Then, next week, I have my final 15 minutes presentation for my psychology class on Monday night, and my final scene for drama class on Wednesday night. Then classes are out for about 6 weeks, I think!

                              How has your day been?


                              • Wow, you almost finish your classes before Christmas!! But how long you ganna have your work off? 6 weeks too?

                                My day was.... updating in the morning. Chatted here and mada a phone call to my best friend!! Her birthday is coming soon and I plan to visit her.
                                I will visit her and we will go to see the famous lighting decoration in Kobe, it is near Osaka, and we go to hotsprings!! Yay!!

                                Well then you'll not have a connection problem like me..