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  • *looks at da alien...* Hmm.. Looks like we need to fix look like you have jammed all the carrots from the carrot fields into your cheeks. *thinks* Warm air stand on your head, and maybe the air will disburse more evenly throughout your body. *Tilts da alien onto her head.*

    @ Adventure...Bye, my dear!! I'm so glad we had a chance to say hi before I go, and you went to bed. Sleep well, and have good butterflyish dreams! Hope to talk to you again soon.

    Yes, when is my auntie coming back?


    • *Sees the world from another perspective and examines BatCats red toes*
      How interesting!
      *Feels very strange, one of the carrots falls out of her nose, another one out of her ear. Face and body get 2.45D*



      • Bye Advneture!! Sleep well!

        Escape, In the univ.

        pffft, brother didn't go to bed... seems to playing a game...


        • *wiggles toes*

          *picks up carrots that fell and thinks...* Only .55D to go....*thinks harder* *mixes 2/3 carrot puree and 1/3 tmani juice and gives to the alien..* Oops...better try drinking that in the UPRIGHT position. *Helps alien to her feet again*

          @ Lili...Yay!! You are such an intelligent, brave, ceramic figurine amiga...


          • Murph just wanted to restart her pc Hope it's not refusing to reboot...

            *Drinks mix of carrot puree and Tmani Juice*

            Oh, delicious!

            *Feels much better, looks into mirror again*

            The god mod is in a good mood, hahaha!

            *Starts to dance*

            Oh, BatCat, you look so strange tonight! And thanks for the drink!


            • Uh-oh... Hmmm...well, at least the God Mod is in a good mood!!! *Watches da alien dance* Looks a little like a sneaky, snakey serpent dance...

              I look strange? Strange, how? Slowly walks AWAY for da alien....

              Do you know how to travel the internet highway to rescue Murph, then?


              • (I haven't travelled in the data highway yet, only my son)

                Oh, it's just your blanket! I thought you have become green. Good disguise for the tree for peeping issues
                *Keeps on dancing*
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                • *realizes a green blanket comes in very, very handy...*
                  *watches alien dance* Hmm....very interesting....OneBun should be taking notes on this... *turns on techno music for da alien to see what happens*


                  • *Looks around if OneBun is near*
                    *Beams up to her spaceship and shows BatCat a really cool shipdance to the techno music*
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                    • Cool!! *falls all around the ship during the ship dance...* Oomph...ouch...*bump* Umph...*rubs head..* Um..nice ship dance....


                      • Oh, sorry BatCat, I thought you were protected by your blanket

                        *Beams both down again*

                        I have bought some stuff for our camping on Google Mountains, wanna see?
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                        • ROFL ROFL ROFL!! Nice camping gear!! Have you found any for a cat?

                          @ Mistery....I'll be back in about 10 - 15 minutes.... Have to run an errand...


                          • Wow!! Look nice mom!!

                            Well mom Mistery and Escape, I'm leaving now! I have again lots of things to get done!! See you mom later!! I hope to see you soon Escape!! Have a wonderful trip!!


                            • @lili
                              Bye dear intelligent daughter

                              No, I haven't looked around in the shop for camping stuff for cats.

                              But I have bought for you a ROFL instruction that you can show to your cat friends:
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                              • I will have to do that. Think we can share it with Auntie Murph when she returns?

                                Btw, edited my above post...

                                @ Lili...Have a wonderful evening, my friend.... Thank you for the wishes on a nice trip!