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  • *Hugs back and feels happy* Thaz great you are online early Charmed cuz then I get ta say Good night too. I'm off to da bunk too, ya see

    Good night, dear friend! BIG

    *Blows out da candle while crawling into da bunk* Good night all!! BIIIIIG hugs to all da friends on da GH

    special hug to da Charmed

    STILL struddling


    PURPLE HELL is back and burning!! See you there!


    • Good night lilli. Sweet dreams. I will be on earlier and more often next week-its vacation time. Can't wait for the holiday to be over.
      and the twins

      Me In The Coffin

      The Witch who Misspells


      • Originally posted by Darknight
        I missed this Post. Bye Wifey have a good Day/Evening.
        *fells like a bad Husbun for missing da post*
        Awwww....... You're just a busy husbun!! That's okay!!!

        I know no one is here....but I am soooooooooooo bored...I'm hoping someone comes along soon.

        *gets out Slurp Spider stick* I'm ready....


        • from da alien who is waiting for her coffee to be spilled in the early morning and doing moderation from last night

          Hi Escape
          Working on the next game


          • Hi Mistery!! I'm gonna sound like Hyper...but I am SOO bored. Not late enough to go to bed, but everyone else here went to bed about 9:30!! How are you? Busy, I see...


            • Oh, you got that virus, too?
              We have a lot of strange viruses lately that turn loonies into other beings

              Oh, so early to bed? Not my alienish style usually

              I'm 2.5D in alienish terms, which is not that bad, but could be better Maybe the coffee will help And yes, busy for the next 30-45 mins. with moderation and catching up, but I'll be here aswell
              And you, how are you dear Escape?
              Working on the next game


              • I am good. 3D and everything. I'm glad you are ALMOST 3D. *Gives da alien carrots soaked in tmani juice*

                Yes, well, they're much older than we they went to bed..probably after the early bird special dinner! Maybe you have seen them playing bingo when you go with my online mom?

                I suppose I could be wrapping presents....


                • No! And leave me alone here? Btw, how late is it there? (it's 6:30 AM here).

                  Yes, I have probably seen them at bingo... But well, everyone is staring at Lilli and me in vonfusion... I REALLY don't understand why...

                  It's so nice to have the chance to chat with you and cure you from your Hyper syndrom Are you still enjoying vacation? Do you also have friends/relatives at your age over there?
                  Working on the next game


                  • Nah...I won't leave you alooney... It's now 11:30 pm here. But for this night owl....that's not late.

                    I can see you and Lilli bickering over your types of logic as to what strategy will give you the best probability of winning when choosing your bingo cards.

                    Lilli: Eenie, meenie, minie, moe!
                    Mistery: No, no, no...Once you calculate the probability of the numbers on each card being drawn, and how the correspond with....
                    Lilli: Oh, shush you old alien...this is the winning one!
                    Mistery: Old?! Hmph!! I'll race you in my walker anyday!

                    Yes, if you don't cure me from the Hyper Syndrome, then I might be "likely to be found in a pot."

                    I'm still enjoying my vacation. I'm not working, and not in that's GREAT!! Unfortunately, there is no one my age out here that I know. I miss my friends back in California!! I'm just here with my mom and her husband...and that's it. Not exactly night owls....

                    Any fun plans for your day?


                    • Hmmm.... fun plans? Not really... Still a loooooooot to do before X-mas.

                      But I'm planning to add to Missing Adventure story and Darknight story, however I need a creativity overflow to be able to. So I hope that it will come soon

                      Now imagine your situation without internet! At least you can come to GH Planet and meet some younger (than your mom and her husband) loonies

                      Found in a pot?!?
                      Okay, if we miss you for more than 2 days, we go on mission to find you in a pot somewhere on this planet

                      And you, any plans for tomorrow?
                      Working on the next game


                      • More to the stories!? YAY!! I do love a good read! Just go take a dip in the stream of creativity.

                        Yes, Thank BECKY for the internet!

                        Yes, if I disappear go to the ramen stores in the GH Hotel!! I'll probably be there, in a pot...

                        Plans? Well, there is a touristy place I may go see at some point, that is not far from here, wrap gifts, and do some final purchases.... Maybe go see a movie at the theater....

                        Also, there is a large Vietnamese community in the area, and they dsiplay a beautiful light show that you can drive through and see near their church. I hope to see that tomorrow, too.


                        • Sounds good
                          Well, then you are not bored, right? A lot of plans as it seems

                          Where is that Stream of Creativity? On which island?
                          I hope to find it, and make you ROFL the next time when you come online

                          Have you seen the new smiley for your OLHB that I have found? (GamersHood has added it to the smiley list)

                          Btw, Jess has missed you, but Darknight is taking care of her very good
                          Working on the next game


                          • Good Point..just too lazy to wrap gifts right now.

                            Stream of creativity.... Wherever it is, I have never found it. I kinda lack in the area. I bet it's somewhere nestled in the Google Mountains, though.

                            I haven't seen it! *goes to check the smiley list.*

                   online daughter misses me? How cool! Yes, my husbun is giving her lots of cake in the hotel. What a good online husbun I have....

                            I would like a good ROFL!


                            • Everybunny needs a good ROFL from time to time
                              I'll try my best.
                              Google Mountains? Hmmm... *Puts on hiking clothes and goes to look for the Stream of Creativity*

                              Have a vigorous carrot till then

                              (I'm not leaving really )
                              Working on the next game


                              • I forgot you went and bought your camping equipment!

                                *eats the vigorous carrot*

                                It's possible that carrot was a bit too vigorous for a cat like me.