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  • Escape - Well there is a laptop in the house... But it's not mine

    Well I will look into this A/C thing I might end up having to just wait through summer though

    You didn't scare everyone away


    • Music Video Awards.
      lol at the end of it James Brown.. i was surprised. "get up"


      • @Heart......Would you like some help in BUNnapping the laptop for a bit!? I'm good with BUNnapping spaceships....laptops should be a piece of cake!

        Aww...yeah. My non monkey boss just paid $200 for the new iPhone, and he loves it, btw. He was showing it to me earlier this week.

        I hope not! At least you're still here.

        @Gh1....OOOOOOOOOOH! Okay. *feels silly*


        • Ok... so me is now off ta bed. Good night!

          STILL struddling


          PURPLE HELL is back and burning!! See you there!


          • this song sounds like it's going forever lol


            • Goodnight dear wonderful best mother!! Sweet dreams. Too bad we didn't have much of a chance to talk. Sleep well.


              • Escape - I don't think there will be any problem BUNnapping it but someone might enter the house quietly and see me with their Laptop!

                If it was your monkey boss that got one you should have put that Super Monkey Ball game on it for him I'm sure he would love seeing himself in a game

                I might not be Thinking about retreating to my basement It is much colder down there

                Lilli - Goodnight!


                • @Heart....Well...Hmm...I can make a decoy? A fake laptop and we can place it where they normally keep it and um.....*thinks and voice trails off*

                  LOOOOOOOL! That WOULD be funny! Nah, this was the NON monkey boss. The one from Canada.

                  Aww....we don't have basements around here, but I do believe it would be cooler! Is that where you keep your "casket" for sleeping?


                  • hmmm so Ali G is Borat .. i never seen the Ali G show before except i just watched a bit now.. and i was curious until i seen him as Borat and the word Borat on the screen.. super.. didn't watch the movie the whole way through either


                    • Escape - Yes a decoy would be perfect But what if they wanted to use it

                      She/He must know how annoying Canadian weather is then

                      My basement is full of spiders *Is afraid of spiders* But it's usually the coldest part of the house

                      Yes the casket and my Vampire cape


                      • @GH1...Ooh. I saw Borat. But I watched it the whole way through. I have seen bits and pieces of the Ali G show. Never found it to be funny, though.

                        @Heart....Okay, this is getting more complicated... Well, I will have to find a way to make them think that it's just not they don't notice it's a fake.

                        HE has never complained about the weather there. I need to ask him exactly what area he's from. Cuz he never complained about the weather much. But he did talk about some of the crazy cold in Canada.

               can borrow my slurp spider stick. Btw, I HATE spiders too.

                        LOL...and all your vegetarian drinks? Tomato juice.


                        • Escape - Perhaps you can stick a blue peice of paper on the screen!

                          Probably from toronto

                          There was a big one in the basement one day! It was very scary

                          Yes and my veggie chicken


                          • Or how about an "FATAL EXCEPTION" windows ERROR sign!?!


                            • Escape - Never seen that error


                              • Oh, man. I used to get that error all the time! I hated it. My old laptop had so many problems. My new one is catching up though. It's all slow and weird.