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  • like i can here electricity like you mean when your tv is on and it is a constant high pitched whine.if i am turned around when someone comes into my room i can hear the air move then like a high pitch than the elecrtricity

    im wearing my glasses right now


    • @Heart.....I don't drive during the day with my glasses. I need my sunglasses. Contacts are GREAT for that.

      And yeah! It's been really hot. I think we're gonna start cooling down a few degrees soon though.

      @Funja....Yeah. I remember when my mom shut off the cable, but forgot to shut off the tv. (Because there was no picture to it, the screen was black.) I said, "Mom. You left the tv on. It's hurting my ears. Please turn it off." LOL She was thinking I was crazy, so I went over and shut if off. She was surprised I could hear it. And oh, I can't hear that. Not unless the person does something to make a noise. Even a very quiet noise. But no, I don't hear air move.


      • LOL I don't think wearing 2 pairs of glasses is good for ones health

        Me and my friends can hear T.V's turn on even if they aren't in the same room so during school when everyone is quiet and a T.v turns on in another room or even floor we will stand and say "A T.V just turned on"


        • i was messing around a few years ago and found out i had a little talent
          if i am outside and there is alot of noise and i think i hear something move
          i can block out all sound and then amplify that sound and pinpoint its location
          and by the way it moves tell if it is human animal or the wind i was doing it right now typing and watching tv blocking out my typing to listen to my tv. i can also hear sounds in my head i have heard before like if i get bord i can listen to music in my head


          • @Heart.... I don't do that. Put contacts in, and then wear regular sunglasses. I usually only wear my regular glasses at night and when I'm feeling really lazy and not leaving the house.

            Wow! You can hear that! *wonders if I could* That's crazy!

            @Funja.....I can kinda do that, too. I know what you mean. And I do the same thing about hearing the song in my head. That's funny. Good to know I'm not the only one.


            • Escape - Ah I tried doing that once and the sunglasses fell off That was when I was little though * Has had glasses since grade 2 *

              Yeah it's the static we hear when it first turns on


              • mee too but for some reason no one in my family beleives me. so i told them so be it and left the house i got outside and turned around and opened the door and yelled i am not.
                my mom asked me why i said that i told her i am not crazy. My dad standing right next to her didnt hear her me outside her mumbling i heard her now they beleaive me now.

                my dad just walked in and set his keys down then wallet took his shoes off in that order and my room is on the other side of the house


                • @Heart.....You did? Aww...a little itty bitty vampire wearing two pairs of glasses and thinking it's cool!

                  *Has been wearing glasses since 1st grade* I didn't get contacts until I was out of high school and had health insurance that would cover them.

                  Oh!! I see. That snowy static stuff. Gotcha.

                  @Funja....LOL. So you went outside while she was inside with your dad, and she said something about you being crazy, and you heard it through the closed door from outside? Just making sure I'm following you here.


                  • no i have to walk through two rooms to get out yes you are right


                    • @Funja....That's quite impressive!


                      • LOL! This would be the perfect time to do a picture... Darn Wii!!
                        Ouch thats a long time
                        Er not the white noise but when you push the button and the screen takes a second to warm up that I hear


                        • @Heart...*passes you more lollipops to lick*

                          Oh!? You have a picture of that!? Or would you make one?

                          Okay, yeah. I know the sound you mean. Similar to the story about my mom and the t.v. then. The sound of the electricity or something.


                          • Originally posted by EscapeGirl View Post

                            @Rima....Great! *goes off to make Rima a very yummy pizza* Here you go, my dear:

                            EDIT: Another new game? YAY!

                            wow ....escape its such a huge pizzzaaa nd look very yummy....going to eat it....ummm... ..awww soooo yummyyyyyyyyyyyyy...i luved it... anybody want its so huge so i will never mind to share it with my others frnds... thank you so much escape... ..
                            Sister: Mojotolo * Brother: Pratik732006 , Clank nd lots of good frnds...
                            ANYBODY canwish
                            For SUCCESS,and most
                            PEOPLE Do,BUT ONLy
                            a few know
                            That a Definite Plan,
                            Plus a BUrning Desire
                            For SUCCESS are the
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                            • @Rima....My pleasure! And Eternal Becky is the Wolf Chef of GH. You should try some of her goodies sometime!! *takes a slice of pizza and enjoys*

                              I didn't try your game yet cuz I'm sorta chatting here, and playing Guitar Hero, too.

                              EDIT: @ All....OMB! I just viewed who is online, and we have an official Slurp Spider here in Chit Chat 5!


                              • i just took a frequncy test then compared min to a chart i have about the same hearing as a elephant which can hear better than dogs in highpitched and lowpitched
                                now my ears are ringing