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Special Rules for GamersHood Planet Subforum

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  • Special Rules for GamersHood Planet Subforum

    1. General Information

    GamersHood Planet was created as a virtual world. Its residents (also known as "Members of the Looney Bin") can chat with each other and participate in adventures.

    If you would like to become a member: the residents of GamersHood Planet usually chat with each other in the Chit Chat thread (
    Come over and chat with us, get to know us, and develop your own character. Don't hesitate to ask your questions.
    But of course you are also welcome to chat if you don't want to become a resident of GamersHood Planet, Chit Chat thread is open to every member of GamersHood Forums
    It is also very helpful to read the GamersHood Encyclopedia and Dictionary to learn the basic information:

    Main goal of the GamersHood Planet subforum: The main idea is to write (mostly) interactive stories about the residents of GamersHood Planet and their adventures.

    2. Rules:

    General behavior and language: Remember that the residents of GamersHood Planet live in a peaceful co-existence, and there are no aggressive/bloody fights. Aggressive and hurtful posts and fights will always lead to a temporary ban, no matter who started. If you feel offended by a post, please report that post, but otherwise ignore the poster, and don't get into fights. It is the job of moderators to deal with members who don't follow the rules.

    New threads: Please be aware, that every new thread will first go into moderation and won't show up, until it has been checked by the moderation team. Please be patient.

    Stories: Stories are in most cases written be 2 co-authors, who agree on writing a new story. It is also possible that an author decides to write a story alone. Stories must contain adventures of the members of the Looney Bin. The residents of GamersHood Planet have no bloody clashes with anybody, not even their opponents. Posting aggressive/brutal/bloody contents will lead to temporary ban.

    Islands: The islands are there to share with each other. Originally it wasn't intended that individual members would create their own islands. However, the moderation team hoped that this would be an opportunity to develop GamersHood Planet interactively.
    Unfortunately there have been fights recently, therefore we have to be strict about islands.
    • If you wish to build and develop an island solely by your own, please look for a thread in the Creativity Subforum, and post the pictures there.
    • If you wish to build your own world and protect it against others, please play a role-playing game or a strategy game. GamersHood Planet is not the place for that.
    • If you are ready to share your island with others, and let them work on it with you, post a picture and give a short description. Those members who would like to develop the island, are asked to do so thoughtfully, and try to follow the original idea of the creator.
    Please note: If the creation and development of islands won't work well in future despite of these rules, the moderation team might decide to prohibit posting new islands, and will lock the threads about the already existing ones.

    Please also read the rules about the families here: