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  • CHAPTER 10
    The party held on GH Hotel that night could have been heard for many miles away. The music was drowned by the noise of happy cheers by the residents of GamersHood planet. No one questioned the idea to have fireworks fired off in broad daylight or letting roosters dance with chickens in the main ball room. It gave “the chicken dance” a totally new meaning. Everyone was happy and cheerful, telling jokes and making each other smile like the always used to. Escape was dancing again with her husbat, Doglover and Hollandgirl were debating whether one should use flower or flour when baking a cake, Mistery no 5 was actively trying to take notes of all the new interesting data about the behaviors of the GH residents and Hitman was being chased by many of the female residents for smooches. But Becky was absent in all the cheerful joys, she sat outside in the meadows staring helplessly at the sky. She had not seen Lilliputt since the slurp spiders had fled and there was no word from the other realm about her well being. She sighed. The urge to howl took over and she voiced her feelings loud and clear toward the sun. “You know, it’s not THAT late,” said Dazed in an attempts to cheer her friend up, “what’s the matter?”. “I want to know if Lilliputt is all right”, the wolf said unhappily, “there has not been a word, Dazed, not a single word from that place.””Well, it seems like Teeodd might have something for you then. He has asked to announce a message from The Labyrinth of Ancient Paths. Come on”, Dazed said with a smile and they both went back inside.
    It was hard to get a good view because the ballroom was packed with people but somehow the wolf and her friend managed to get somewhat closer to the middle of the room. “Dear friends, you have shown great courage at the threat that you faced today. I am honored to be here with you and share this moment of victory!”, Teoodd began and was met by deafening cheers and cries of joy. He took a moment to let the crowd calm down. “However your world has suffered many blows and it is time to rebuild what has been broken. Carrot Island is still in many ways in shambles and you must together try and mend what got destructed by the storm that Mercator created. For those of you that are wondering about your little pink wigged lady Lilliputt, I am happy to say that she is doing very well and is resting on the realms beyond this one.”

    The blur was about to give way to a sharper vision of the room were she was resting. Being tossed around in threads was not her idea of fun and it could not possibly be good for her health at her age. At least she refused to think so. Lilliputt sat up in her bed. She was back in that comfy place that had been her first experience of the palace at The Labyrith of Ancient Paths. Still woozy she tried to get off the bed. It was high time to pack her belongings and get back to her little cottage at Carrot Island. The carrots surely needed attention and who knew what her no good help Tiny Gumperball had been up to. Sleeping on the job most likely. She snorted. The packing got her so excited she hardly noticed the knock on her door. Brimful-Asha let herself in, this time dressed in a beautiful blue garment with golden patters. She stepped very lightly and smiled warmly at the little 85 year old lady. Lilliputt could have sworn that her feet grew ten feet and she froze in her step as she met the beautiful ladys gaze. Of course her nose decided to run so she had to blow her nose in front of Brimful-Asha. “I have such a way to make people feel welcome”, Lilliputt thought sarcastically and tried once again to hide her blushing cheeks to no avail. “I am going home!”, Lilliputt announced without hesitation, “my work is done here.” “But dear Lilliputt, your work has only begun,” Brimful- Asha replied still smiling, “the portal to GamersHood planet is not working and our powers are at a minimum for the time being because we had to use so much in order to defeat Mercator. Also, you have a whole new world here to explore and you will also need time to learn more of your abilities. If a webcrawler such as Mercator returns, you may need all the knowledge about your abilities you can get.” “But… my carrots,” Lilliputt tried sheepishly. “Your carrots will be well taken care of. No doubt will your kitten daughter need a break from her boss from time to time. I am sure she will see to your vegetables.”Lilliputt sat dawn on the bed and stared at her hands. She had not thought that there would not be a return back but maybe she did need to learn about those gifts that she had never really questioned. “When the time comes and your hut has been rebuilt on Carrot Island, you can do as you wish and go back. But for now, I was hoping you would accept our offer to become an apprentice.” “I don’t want to lose my friends and family, I need to stay in touch”, Lilliputt mumbled still staring at her hands. “As you remember, the hidden HTM river runs underneath us. It is an enchanted river. Put your message in a bottle and let the river carry it away,” Brimful-Asha adviced, “the reciver will always get it.” That did cheer the little lady up and she stood on her feet decisively. “I accept the offer”, she said. She walked out of the room and this is how The Labyrith of Ancient Paths got their oldest apprentice ever. Lilliputt became a Labyrinthian in the making.

    STILL struddling


    PURPLE HELL is back and burning!! See you there!


    • The Great Quake Shake

      (This is a story being written by EscapeGirl and Funja. Feel free to post any comments in the thread for Gamershood Planet story reviews, HERE.)

      The Great Quake Shake

      The chat was quiet and the loonies were lazily kicked back on many sofas talking about their days when the whole chat suddenly started to shake. Escape, familiar with this from her alternate reality yelled, "Gamershood Quake! Get under the tables! Hurry!" Loonies scrambled quickly to doorways and under tables - never having experienced such a thing before. Many running right into each other. Funja, dropped and did a perfect ninja roll from his spot on the sofa to a safe spot under a nearby table. SimplyCrazy scrambled into Lilliputt's closet full of wigs, hoping to find safety there - sneezing as all the hairs tickled her squirrel nose. Shining quickly left the sofa and shot back up to the sky with a bright flash so she could watch the quake unfold from above Gamershood Planet. Glancing at the Google Mountains - watching a new mountain form from the movement of the quake - she saw a soda bottle topple over. "JONES!" Jones rolled down the mountain and out of Shiningstar's sight. The shaking finally stopped, and she fell back to Gamershood Chit Chat with a shining streak behind her.

      "You guys! Is everyone okay?!" Loonies crawled out from under tables and doorways - shaken, but okay. Crazy fell out of the closet with one of Lilliputt's purple wigs tangled on her head. Murmers of, "I'm okay, are you?" filled the room as the loonies confirmed all were fine. Shining then shouted, "It's Jones! He was searching the Google Mountains, and I think he's in trouble! He was there when the earthquake hit! We need to go find him!"

      The loonies all looked up, worried. "What?! We need to form a search party," replied Funja matter-of-factly. Escape shook her head in agreement. "Okay! Who wants to come?" Funja looked around to see who would join him. BatCat (aka Escape) raised her paw quickly, as did the very adventurous squirrel, Crazy.

      Shining raised her "point" and commented that since she saw the general area where Jones was, she wanted to be involved. It was decided that Shining, Funja, Escape, and Simply would set out in search for Jones while the others would work to clean up the mess from the quake and help anyone who might need it back at the hotel. The search team would set out immediately...

      To be Continued by Funja...


      • Chapter 2

        Okay we need to get to the Google mountains we are on Myranda
        Any ideas. Shining chimes in ‘’I could fly everyone over there but it might take awhile and I cant Take you straight to the Google Mountains we can only make it to the coast”. That is perfect Escape said. We have to get outside , does anyone know the Way out I said. I do escape said. It’s this way she runs down a hall with cat like reflexes pounces around the corner it is just over here. Everyone follows escape to the exit. She opens the door and it gets really cold oops that isn’t the exit that is the freezer how do we get out. Maybe it is this door simply crazy said opens door and light flows in I found it he yelled. We run out the door into the intense light. I can’t see anything. Simply crazy, I have an idea *pulls out four pair of sunglasses*. Everyone puts the glasses on now we can see.

        Shining grabs hold of everyone and takes off into the air. OMG shining exclaimed I don’t know which way it is. Where is Carrot island escape, funja asked? It is west of Adventure Island which is north of Myranda. So we need to go north to adventure island. Then west to Carrot Island and land on the coast. We fly for a while until Adventure Island comes into view. So we turn west and head towards Carrot Island. Then we all hear the crunch of carrots in the distance. We have to be close to Carrot island, oh no fog I can’t see anything.

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        • CHAPTER 3

          The team hung tightly onto Shining as she maneuvered her way through the fog. "Put your sunglasses away, Funja. That'll help ya see," said Crazy as she rolled her eyes a bit. "Really, those are only good in BRIGHT light." Funja put away his sunglasses and still had a bit of difficulty seeing through the dense fog.

          All were silent until suddenly Escape yelled, "Watch out!" But her warning was too late. They flew right into the Lilliputt's empty thatched roof hut and landed on the floor with a thump, except Escape who bounced back up the minute she landed. "Phew! I'm glad I had a moment to curl my tail like a spring for that landing." She looked at her friends in a pile on the floor trying to get untangled from eachother and rubbing their heads. "Are you guys okay?" she asked, helping Crazy to her paws. They nodded. Escape realized the crunching they had heard must have been the Smurfs in the field, eating on the job...

          Shining wiped stardust off her face and stood up. "Well, we're close now...shouldn't be too much further. But I saw there are Slurp Spiders down in the Yahoo Swamp that we have to go through to get to the Google Mountains." She sighed loudly. "I hate those things." She shuddered nervously.

          Funja realized people were talking and shouted, "WHY IS EVERYONE WHISPERING!? I CAN'T HEAR YOU." The other three looked at him and started ROFLing uncontrollably. "WHAT'S SO FUNNY?" he continued to yell. Shining got to her feet, still laughing, and removed carrots that had been slightly lodged into his ears.

          "We found out how well carrots worked as ear plugs long ago," giggled Shining as she tossed the carrots aside. "But what I was warning everyone about, are the Slurp Spiders in the swamp that we have to cross..."

          Funja blushed slightly and then his face quickly got serious again. "Okay. Slurp Spiders? Anyone know how to handle them?"

          Escape held her head high. "I have a lot of experience with them." She reached into her BatCat utility belt and pulled out a large wooden stick. "I have a Slurp Spider stick." As she spoke, an empty bottle of carrot rum fell out of her open utility belt, and rolled across the floor; stopping at Crazy's feet. She blushed profusely and quickly picked it up. The others just stared at her, stifling their giggles.

          Crazy could not resist the urge to comment, "Escape!! What did you do? Clear out yours and your amigas' stash?!" Escape shook her head no and continued blushing as Crazy laughed heartily.

          Shining, still focused on the thought of the Slurp Spiders said, "And I can shine so bright I can blind them momentarily... Maybe you can sneak by while I do that." She watched Escape fumbling with other gadgets and bottles in her utility belt.

          Funja looked up. "Okay. Sounds good. And I've got my ninja skills. I might be be able to hide in the shadows and move by them undetected. Let's get going."

          Crazy hopped onto Funja's shoulder and shrugged. "I've no defense against them." Funja gave her a pat on her head as if to say it was okay, and the crew headed out toward the Yahoo swamp...

          To be continued by Funja...


          • Chapter 4

            As we all ran across the fields,spanning the distance between the swamp and Lilliput’s hut. We just have to get the rest of the way across the field to the swamps, escape said. The smell of rotted leaves and slurp juice filled the air, as the swamp appeared on the horizon. Oh no, crazy exclaimed, I can hear slurping in the distance. All of a sudden everyone stopped and fell down. Oh no swamp mud, it will pull us down until we can’t breathe. Is there anything in your utility belt that can help us escape? I don’t know, she said ,bottles fell out of her belt as she was looking through it. Have you been hitting the carrot rum a little hard lately escape. Everyone laughed, as she exclaimed ,there is nothing in here. I have an idea, I can use my throwing star ,combined with some kind of rope. I don’t have a rope oh no. Use this vine ,shining said, as she threw me the vine. I tied the vine around the throwing star and threw it towards the trees. It is stuck, simply yelled. Here ,simply run up the vine and wait for us, on the tree branch. Simply ran up the vine and yelled when she got to the top, get out quick there are hundreds of slurp spiders over here. As everyone pulled themselves out of the mud. We are surrounded by slurp spiders ,shining yelled.

            Maybe we don’t have to fight them, we can confuse them I have a plan. Shining flash as bright as you can, for about three seconds, escape give me some flee spray ,and simply get back on my shoulder. As everyone was getting out what I said ,the slurp spiders are closing in on us. Okay this is going to be a one shot thing. Shining bright as you can, now, the swamp was filled whith light at that moment. Escape throw that spray as high as you can above them. As the flee spay flew up in the air I pulled out a kini knife, and struck the bottle . It exploded filling the swamp with a mist. Now everyone run as fast as you can straight that way.

            To be continued by EscapeGirl
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            • Everyone ran past the swarm of Slurp Spiders and made it safely across the swamp mud. Panting, they all came to a stop and looked back. "Great thinking, Funja!!" exclaimed Simply from her spot on his shoulder.

              "Thanks! I was a little nervous it wouldn't work, but what choice did I have?" Funja replied.

              Escape piped up, "You guys, we have to hurry. Jones could be in some real trouble up there. Especially if we have any aftershocks!" She looked at them all nervously.

              "Let me shoot up to the sky and see if I can spot where we need to go! I'll be right back!" Shining, shot up into the sky with a flash, and glistened in the distance, her brilliant light lighting up the sky. The group looked up, waiting for her return.

              Suddenly a bright flash lit up the sky and the group had to cover their eyes momentarily. Looking up again, Escape exclaimed, "She's GONE!!!!!!!" Shining could not be seen in the sky, nor was she seen returning to the group. "But....where....what....." Escape's voice trailed off as she and the other searched the sky. She thought she may have seen Mistery's space ship up there...but couldn't be sure. Since the group had noticed her weakness for carrot rum, she did not mention it, as they might not believe her anyway.

              "We have to continue on. Wherever she is, she will be able to see us from up there. But we can't waste time," said Funja, once again taking control of the situation. The group hesitantly began walking toward the Google mountains which were now much closer.

              Simply couldn't help but feel something bad had happened to Shining. "First Jones, now Shining...this is NOT looking good..." The group's silence confirmed that they, too, were worried. All that could be heard as they headed continued on were the sounds of their feet crushing the rotting leaves with each step...

              To be Continued by Funja....


              • With each step they took the Google Mountains loomed closer. SO many unanswered questions wheres shining, wheres jones, what caused the earthquake, and what dangers was the group headed for. All feared for jones and shining as this was a unimaginable accident or was it even an accident?
                Could one of the GH members be behind this tragity or was it a freak accident? All of the group felt uneasy as the group was cast in the shadow of the Google Mountains.

                Wow Escape exclaimed i have never actually been this close to these mountains. They always seem so ominous and yet of course this is where this happend. Simply was first to see that there was a gaping canyon ahead. Oh no simply yelled stop. Escape and Funja came to an abrupt halt almost sending Simply flying off of Funja's shoulder. How are we going to ever get to the other side Escape inquired.

                With each second that past they knew something could be happening to their fellow loonies at this very moment.How are we going to get to Jones with this in the way Funja yelled. Simply tried to calm funja down but she soon realized it was useless. Well with no way across we might as well climb down this side and up the other. All three of them stood up and walked to the side. Thats along way down Escape said but i guess there is no other way across we might as well get started.

                Simply climbed onto the Funja's sholder and Escape unsheated her claws for a better grip. They all approached the edge and peered over here we go Simply exclaimed. They got onto there hands and knees and crawled over to the edge and swung their legs over and down into the deep abyss. They started down not knowing what awaited them at the bottom.

                To BE Continued by EscapeGirl