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The Quest Of The Noble Sir Theme

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  • The Quest Of The Noble Sir Theme

    This thread is only open for ThemePark and Mistery for posting. Thanks

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    One day while Sir Theme had been on GamersHood, playing the newest games for weeks and the rest of the GamersHooders seemed to have become worried of his logical state, his robot son Robert (a logical name for the logical entity, that was his next-of-kin) came up to him and asked "Father, where do robots come from?"

    His studies had shown that with humanoids this particular question seemed to cause a sudden rush of blood to the head and making them stutter and having a hard time answering this simple and logical question. Sir Theme had never been able to understand why this was the case, and being a robot, he had no problem telling his son of what humanoids referred to as reproduction.

    He sat his son down next to him and started telling him about how, when robots are not programmed to solving a certain problem or a robot is simply too broadly programmed for solving the problem, what the humanoids refer to as a child, is created.

    The most important part of any robot, the main microchip of the "father" robot is taken out and cloned, thus a special bond is created between father and son. With this microchip in hand, the father robot spents days, weeks, months in his workshop and at his computer, building and programming the robot from scratch. Then one day when all the programs have been programmed and the outer shell, or what humanoids refer to as the body, have been created, the programs are uploaded to the robot son, the main switch is turned to on, and thus a new robot is born.

    Happy with this explanation, Robert went outside to play board games with the other robot children. However having explained this to his son, it had sparked something (probably due to a faulty wiring) inside his databank and RAM, or what the humanoids refer to as a brain and memory.

    Sir Theme started processing data about his creator, known to humanoids as thinking, and he started to wonder who his creator was, what he was like, how he looked and those sorts of things. Something inside him grew, something very odd for a robot, something that could not be explained by the use of logics. He started to miss his creator.

    Sir Theme decided that he would very much like to meet his creator, eyeball to diode. But how would he go about doing this? He had never known or seen his creator, he did not know where he lived, all he knew was that he downloaded upgrades from his creator and got packages from him with hardware updates, but with no sender address on them.

    So he did what any robot would do, he started to process all the data he had in his databank about his creator. With an advanced intelligence robot like Sir Theme, that was an awful lot of data, and processing this took several weeks. Had any humanoids come by and seen him, they would've thought he was in a state of trance, having been hypnotized as humanoids call it, since he was in his humanoid disguise.

    However, being in his room at GamersHood Hotel, the people there knew his real robot identity and knew him well enough to know that when he looked like that, he was not to be disturbed, especially not if they thought he was malfunctioning, robots did not react well to the human ways of giving first aid.

    After several weeks had gone, he had finally processed all the data inside him and had come to a conclusion. All he knew about his creator was the IP address that he used to download his software upgrades from. So he did a search for that IP on the internet, and came up with the corresponding address.

    Thus knowing where to start, he packed a few necessary things for his trip, a small toolbox, some oil, both for lubricating his joints (jaw hinges especially since he had had a misfortune with some Oreos the other day) and for drinking, and some postcards that he could send back home to his friends at GamersHood so they wouldn't miss him too much, and put all of this in the safe inside his chest. Also he downloaded a diary program, so that he could take notes of his journey and write about it to his friends when he came back home to GamersHood.

    And thus, fully prepared for leaving, Sir Theme set out on the journey, that would later on be known in GamersHood history as "The Quest Of The Noble Sir Theme".

    -> To be continued by Mistery.
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      First of all Sir Theme transformed into a vehicle with 4 wheels and aerofoils, and rolled through the different portals on GamersHood Planet, saying goodbye to all his friends. Even though he was a robot, he had some human feelings programmed into his system, and saying goodbye caused that some teardrops ran down his face. His lids started to corrode immediately, since he had forgotten to use the anticorrosive fluid from his safe inside his chest. Becky then took a tissue, put some drops of the fluid on his eyes first, and then greased all sensitive area to prevent problems in the near future. The robot was then ready to leave GamersHood Planet through its main portal, and all of his friends were waving goodbye.

      Sir Theme went on a search for the Interplanetary IP Highway. When he finally found it, he took off, and entered the Highway, that was a pipe system where a lot of data and only some other beings like him were rushing through. He came at many junctions where different glowing markers announced the correct direction for specific series of IP numbers.
      It was the first time for Sir Theme to use such a complex IP Highway: he had only experience with regional highways but not with interplanetary ones. He could not fly too fast due to his slower data processing abilities, and also because of the need to orientate himself, whereas the data just rushed forward and passed him. Also the broadband noise in the tunnel system made our noble robot dizzy, but he was very determined to get to that specific IP address.
      Suddenly he noticed the glowing marker with the infomation "120.00.000 - 122.99.999", and he knew that he was near. Now he only had to find 122.86.325. Unfortunately a huge data packet took the view at the next junction, and it was too late, when our brave robot discovered that he had taken the wrong direction. But now there was no other chance than to leave the highway as soon as possible and to enter the pipe for the opposite direction. So he made a U-turn at port 82 of the network with concentrated parameters at Brandon & Co., and entered from there the opposite way of the data highway.
      This time everything went well, but when he arrived to the dead end of section 122.86.000 - 122.86.999, he had seen a STOP sign from far, and applied his brakes. Next to the STOP sign there was a barrier and a second sign-board indicated: "High security area. No trespassing for not requested data."
      Sir Theme stood there and was confused. He was not requested data indeed, but he still wanted to find his creator. What should he do now? Try to cross despite of the warnings? Turn back? He was running some data to find the most logical solution in this situation.

      ---------> To be continued by ThemePark
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        Sir Theme stood there for a few minutes, processing the necessary data to try and calculate the best and most logical solution to his conundrum.

        After those few minutes, he came to the very logical conclusion, that since he was unrequested data, he had to make himself become requested data somehow. But he was not normal data, as you would find it in the humanoid world, he had a special connection, a GH spark inside him that made him special since he was a resident of GH and born in that world. So he couldn't disguise himself as any kind of requested data. What to do...

        Suddenly he saw OneBun hopping along the IP highway on a one-way road, causing quite a lot of commotion, and causing a lot of data packets crashing, resulting in a lot of data loss. If you've ever wondered why your internet connection sometimes halts, your program suddenly crashes, or you don't receive all the necessary data packets from the internet, blame it all on the hopping little pink bunny

        All the data packets stared at OneBun, some in anger, some in amazement, because seeing a pink bunny was a very uncommon sight in an IP highway, where only data, bits, zeroes and ones were able to pass. But since OneBun was the symptom of a virus, she could easily pass through the IP highway. And Sir Theme knew of this, so seeing her didn't surprise him at all.

        Sir Theme greeted OneBun with a hug, as it was common amongst humanoids, and seemingly also on Gamershood Planet (although he and Mistery had never quite understood this odd humanish behaviour, and apparently also animalish behaviour now). Suddenly Sir Theme had a great idea for how to get through to the IP address!

        If he could make the person sitting behind the computer, to which the IP address belonged, to open his browser to the Gamershood forums, he would become requested data that way, and could thus access the computer. But how could he possibly get that person to enter the Gamershood forums? Only Gamershood residents knew of it, and it was only accessible to humanoids, once you had been infected by the virus.

        Sir Theme explained this, and as soon as he had finished his last sentence, OneBun immediately said that she would simply have to inject the virus into the person in front of the computer, that would make him want to log on to the Gamershood forums. This made Sir Theme blush as this was an answer so logical that he was ashamed that he hadn't thought of this. With the blushing and the failure of his logical circuits, it would seem that he was malfunctioning a little.

        Sir Theme of course thought this was a great idea, so he agreed for Onebun to do that, hugged her, told her to be careful and watched, as she hopped along towards the entrance to 122.86.325.

        This caused the rest of the data packets to become even more vonfused, and many of their bits shifted from zeroes to ones, and from ones to zeroes, because of this vonfusion. It shouldn't be logically possible for a fluffy pink bunny to access a computer like that. But Sir Theme knew better, he knew that no humanoid could possibly resist a fluffy pink bunny.

        As OneBun had passed through the entrance, she found herself inside the computer, but for some crazy reason the computer had put her in the recycle bin on the desktop. This was not good as she had to keep herself hidden from the user, and also she didn't like to be categorized as trash.

        She quickly moved herself into the C:\Windows\System32 folder, and made the computer print her out. Fortunately the printer was also located in the user's office, so she was printed out without any trouble. Just then the user left the desk and went out for some coffee, with milk and cream, but no cat hair however. OneBun then quickly transformed herself back into her normal 3D self, and looked around, only to discover that she the office of Escape's boss!

        -> To be continued by Mistery.
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          "Me...TRASH?!?", OneBun still muttered. Then she heard the boss shouting: "Selena, how many times have I told you that I need all 20 letters at 5 PM? It's already 20 to 5 PM and you are still typing the third letter! What have you done the whole day?!?"
          OneBun quickly decided not to wait for the boss to return but rather print out Sir Theme herself, and deal with the boss later. She sat down in front of the pc and put her paws on the keyboard. She did a search for Sir Theme, downloaded him, and saved him on the desktop. Just at that moment, the boss rushed into the office and and jumped on the office chair in front of the pc. Poor OneBun felt pretty squished, and she couldn't speak because the boss' back leaned against her nose and mouth. "Mmmmhmmmhhh...", she tried to tell Sir Theme about her misery, "Hlllllpppppp mmmm!" Sir Theme saw from the desktop what had happened and thought about a plan how he could make the boss leave the chair. Suddenly he started to perform a robot dance on the screen to attract the attention of Escapes boss. As he had planned, the boss leaned forward, and OneBun finally managed to breathe again. "Do something, he is very heavy!", the pink bunny exlaimed, and Sir Theme started to turn wheels on the screen. As soon as the boss got near enough to the pc screen, the robot transformed himself into a monster with glaring eyes and a loud growling voice. The boss jumped up from the chair and covered his eyes for a moment: "I must have hallucinations.... No wonder, nobody is working here, I have to do everything myself, I have worked too much lately."
          OneBun had regained some energy meanwhile and quickly printed out Sir Theme, who turned into a 3D monster as soon as the paper came out of the printer. Just at this moment the boss uncovered his eyes, and turned to the printer to see what has come out. When he saw the big monster in front of him, he fainted. OneBun jumped to him and gave him a shot of the virus.
          Sir Theme then changed back to his robot shape, and stared at the pink bunny: "I can't believe it. There must be some error." "What error?", the pink bunny wanted to know while she took all the paper out of the printer, "You know, I have used all my paper up", and grinned at the robot. "According to my data, this IP address belongs to my creator. But it is very improbable that my creator is a monkey.", and Sir Theme looked at OneBun full of expectation. He knew that the bunny was able to explain many things that didn't seem logical.
          OneBun took one of her carrots that she had always with her, and started to nibble on it. Then she threw a disapproving glance at the robot, shook her head, sighed and said: "Ever heard of dynamical IP addresses?"
          Sir Theme blushed, which looked very funny because his usual grey-metallic color turned into a pink-metallic color. "Hrmpf...", he said, "I didn't think...", but he was interrupted by the pink bunny: "Yes, you didn't think." The robot tried to find a logical explanation for his mistake, but when he turned around, ready to present a good reason, the bunny was gone.
          Where should he continue the search for his creator? Sir Theme stood there and felt something like desperation, at least he interpreted this feeling as similar to what humans usually call desperation or hopelessness. Just at this moment Escapes boss woke up and started to ROFL. This was too much for the robot to take and so he decided to leave the office room and talk to Escape.
          The cat was sitting at her pc, typing some funny posts for the members of the Looney Bin. As soon as she heard a noise from behind, she quickly minimized the GH window, and continued to type the fourth letter in an amazing speed. "Taking notes?", Sir Theme asked and suddenly felt better. Escape turned around and seemed to be very relieved: "Hi Sir Theme, my favorite robot, how are you?", and gave Sir Theme a hug. "I need your help", the robot answered. "I am looking for my creator, and I followed the IP address that I had found out, but I landed in the office of your boss. And it is very improbable that I was built by a monkey." Escape fell from her chair and started to ROFL. Sir Theme stood there, watched his friend, but could not really understand what was so funny. "According to my analysis, your behavior won't help me very much. Could you do something else instead?" The cat stopped ROFLing and started to run in circles in the office, still laughing. The robot was very vonfused and became impatient: "Will you help me or not?!? Hrmpf!"
          Escape immediately stopped and stood in front of her friend. She realised that the situation was serious. "You want to find your creator?", she asked, and the robot nodded. "Well, have you already looked if there is any name or number on you? Maybe this could help." Sir Theme shook his head and said: "No. At least not at my outer side." "And in your inner safe?", Escape asked. "I don't know", Sir Theme replied. "Wait, I'm going to get a flashlight, you open the door to your inner safe and I climb in. Sir Theme agreed, and so Escape jumped in the robot's inner safe and looked carefully around. After a while she said: "Yes, I can see something! But... I can't read it." The robot suggested to take his head camera off and to take a picture of it. "Wait, I can't use the flashlight and take a picture at the same time standing on two paws. Can you hold the light, please?" "Of course I can.", the robot agreed, and after some instructions from Escape where he should point to with the flashlight, the cat jumped out of Sir Theme's inner safe and returned him the camera. After a while they managed to upload the picture to Escapes pc, and both stared at the strange signs on it. In the meantime they still heard a loud laughter from the office nextdoor. "What's going on?", the cat wanted to know, "I have never heard my boss laughing." "It's OneBuns virus effect." the robot winked at his friend. Sir Theme printed out the weird signs, but he could not find any match with his stored data, even after several analyses. What should he do now?

          ----------------> To be continued by ThemePark


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            As Sir Theme stood there with an empty look in his eyes, analyzing the data and trying to decipher the strange signs, suddenly something inside Sir Theme went click. He started ROLFing, running around the table laughing, eating bananas, throwing tomatoes around and all sorts of crazy stuff.

            Seeing Sir Theme like this, so illogical, scared Escape and she quickly went back to the computer, contacted Mistery and asked her to beam down immediately to help out. Mistery came instantly and looked with grave eyes on her son. "It is very clear what has happened, he have obviously been processing too much data and had a circuitory meltdown. "You mean his inner self has gone looney?", Escape asked. "Yes, both of them.", Mistery answered, "Thank you Escape, I will have to write this down for my dictionary so that Lilli will be able to understand my and Sir Theme's computer gibberish, as she calls it. But now for the problem at hand."

            When Sir Theme had seen his mother arrive by being beamed down, he had been so surprised that his entire main system had had a system shutdown, so all he did now was look at her with a dazed look in his eyes. Mistery went over to her son, switched him off and started making repairs on him. After a few hours had passed by, Mistery was done with the repairs, switched him on and Sir Theme awoke again.

            "Hi everybunny ", he said. "Umm...I feel so strange...very lightheaded. What has happened to me?" Mistery and Escape started to explain the entire situation to him, politely leaving out how silly he had looked during his circuitory meltdown. Sir Theme wanted to know if he had done anything silly while being in this illogical state, but Escape assured him that he had just stood there completely quiet, while she snakely put her digital camera back into her desk drawer.

            "Well, my job here is done then, I will be beaming off to the GH Hotel Bar now to get some Tmani juice. Goodbye dear son, and remember to drink some water. And goodbye Escape, please grow some cat hair back soon so I can have some for my morning coffee." And thus Mistery disappeared into thin air.

            Having seen his mother had given him an idea for what to do. But his mother would not be pleased with it. "Escape, I am going to go see the RIDDLER!!!! and ask him to help me out with deciphering these strange signs. But please do not tell my mother, she would be very disappointed in me and ground me if she was to know."

            With these words, Sir Theme gave Escape a and since it was Hug and Hug2 Day today. And so he was off to see the RIDDLER!!!! He travelled along the Interplanetary IP Highway, and after a long journey with lots of traffic accidents ahead of him making for long queues of data packets, he finally made it to the RIDDLER!!!!'s IP, went into his computer and printed himself out. As he had the IP addresses of everybunny who had ever visitted Gamershood, he had had no trouble finding the RIDDLER!!!!'s address.

            The RIDDLER!!!! was a bit surprised to see Sir Theme in his secret lair as it had been quite a while since they had last spoken, but he was happy to see him. Sir Theme asked the RIDDLER!!!! about his predicament, and gave him the paper with the strange signs.

            "Ah this is easy. These are clearly Japanese characters. Well, let's translate them to English then with Altavista's Babelfish translator.", the RIDDLER!!!! said. "Hmm...that's odd...either Babelfish is broken or whoever wrote these Japanese characters doesn't know Japanese at all. According to Babelfish, this translates into "Today. It is vigorous?", but that doesn't make sense. I know! I will use Wikipedia and translate every single character and then sit and try to figure out what it means, until I have solved it. The RIDDLER!!!! shall NOT be defeated by a measely language!"

            Sir Theme having a lot of experience with online translators of course knew right away why it translated into such babeling, and knowing the RIDDLER!!!! Sir Theme would be stuck there for hours, possibly days waiting for the RIDDLER!!!! to finish deciphering the text. But now at least he knew that it was Japanese.

            But since the RIDDLER!!!! hadn't been of much help, now what was he supposed to do? He stood and analysed the data for a short while, and quickly came up with the solution. He would go visit lili in Japan and ask her what the signs "こんにちは。お元気ですか?" in his inner safe meant, she would surely help him.

            But how was he going to get to Japan?

            -> To be continued by Mistery.
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              Sir Theme suddenly had an idea. He asked the RIDDLER!!!! if he could use the pc for a short time. The RIDDLER!!!! decided to get a cup of coffee to be able to concentrate on the Japanese kanji better, and so he let the robot use it. Sir Theme quickly took contact to GH Planet and sent a message to his mom, the resident alien moderator, since he knew that she had access to the IP numbers of members. And he was sure, that he could count on her help in this very difficult situation.
              Mystery was sitting in the bar, drinking her Tmani Juice, and discussing with Darknight about Batish culture. "Well, you know, we...", but just at this moment they heard a very loud BEEEEEEP. Darknight jumped under the table, but Mystery reached into her fanny pack, and took out an alienish device. "Just a message from my elder son, dear hero.", she smiled at Darknight, who climbed on his chair again. "Huh, I thought... I .... just wanted to trick the attackers.", he mumbled. Mystery stared at him and asked very confused: "Which attacker?", and the bat started to explain that just before the device gave a signal, he had just seen something flashing in the air. But since he had just made this up, he blushed and didn't dare to look at Mystery. However, the alien was already very busy with the message, and didn't pay much attention to Darknight. She quickly looked up lili's IP number and replied to her son. Then she turned to the hero again, and asked some questions on Batish language to update her database.
              Sir Theme was impatiently waiting for the answer, and now that he got the information, he quickly said goodbye to the RIDDLER!!!! and thanked for the help, and then disappeared in the pc. He was on his way again through the bits and bytes, however the gigabytes scared him with their huge size. He had to pay attention not to get squished by them.
              After a long journey, he finally arrived at the specific IP number and jumped into the entrance. When he showed up on the desktop, lili was just about to mix the 10th carrot rum for the GH experiment. She started to giggle when she saw the robot on her screen. Sir Theme waved her, which caused a ROFL attack in the meanwhile tipsy lili. He mumbled: "Now I have to print out myself again.", and did what he was getting used to. When he finally stood next to lili in his 3D shape, he tried to stop her ROFL attack. Still it took almost 10 minutes until lili was able to calm down. "I need your help. As you know I am looking for my creator. And I have found out that "こんにちは。お元気ですか" is written inside my inner safe, which translates to "Today. It is vigorous?", but...", when lili started to ROFL again: "Inner safe, hahahahahaaaaaa!!!". Sir Theme just stood there and waited patiently. As soon as his sister had braced herself, he continued: "... but it makes not much sense to me. And to my knowledge you speak Japanese. Could you please help me?". Lili looked at her brother and answered: "You must have missed the Languages thread, dear brother.", and turned back to her experiment. The robot felt ashamed, and asked if he was allowed to use the pc. Lili gave him 5 minutes, because after this time she wanted to post the results about the taste of her new mixture.
              Sir Theme searched for the Languages thread, and finally found the posts that he was looking for. "Ah, it means "How are you today?". And mom translated it to the same as I did. Aha, that's why she uses this expression very often! Hmmmm.... But why is "How are you today?" written in my inner safe?, but just at this moment, tipsy Lili pushed him from the office chair by accident. "Ummmm.... I see, you are busy", he said to his sister, and suddenly his "Feeling offended" programm started, which made him feel bad. Since his sister wasn't in the mood to help him, he decided to go back to the RIDDLER!!!! to see if there was any new information.
              He enjoyed traveling through the data highway more and more, and for this reason, he decided to go a long way round. He noticed a big magenta data package, and determined to follow it. It had a shape of a dodecahedron, and moved very slowly, so that it was no problem for the robot to keep track of it.

              Suddenly something jumped on the data package, and Sir Theme realised that it was OneBun. He shouted: "Hi OneBun, how are you?", and OneBun answered in her usual way: "Oh hi Sir Theme, I'm just sportin' my new flip flops. Hippity hoppity, ya know?", and Sir Theme stared at the pink bunny, having no idea what she meant. "Oh yes, I see.", he said politely, "Do you know what is inside this package?" OneBun answered: "Oh, just some fresh virus supply.", and she grabbed the huge package and was gone with a poof. Sir Theme was very surprised that the bunny could disappear with such a huge object, but then decided to take a direct way to the RIDDLER!!!! now. He soon arrived in the pc, and finally there was someone to help him out of the computer. When he regained his 3D shape, he asked the RIDDLER!!!! if he was able to find out anything new, and also mentioned, that he had already found out that it means "How are you today". The riddle scientist then explained that he had translated every single sign, but the result made not much sense. However he tried to enlarge the picture and found something very interesting. "What have you found?", the robot asked in an agitated and trembling voice. "Well, I have found a code that is written over the signs with very small letters." "And what kind of code is it?", the robot asked, but the RIDDLER!!!! shook his head: "I wasn't able to identify the code yet. And you know that I am the riddle king, and I know a lot of codes, so it must be a very rarely used one. Or..." The robot stared at the RIDDLER!!!! with eyes open wide: "Or what?!?", and the riddle king replied: "Oh, nothing really. I was just about to say that it looked exotic, haha." "Exotic?", the robot asked. "Yes, I mean strange, exotic, unfamiliar. Whichever expression you like." Sir Theme said: "I like none of them. Show me the code.", and the RIDDLER!!!! pointed to the enlarged picture (see attached picture). Sir Theme stared at the code and had to agree that it looked indeed very strange. "Hmmm. I have never seen such a code. Could it be letters?", but the RIDDLER!!!! could not help him with this. Sir Theme decided to visit a language database. Finally he found the internet address of the Worlds biggest language knowledge base, and found out the IP number of its owner. He thanked the riddle king once again for his help, grabbed the enlarged picture, and entered the data highway once again.

              ----------> To be continued by ThemePark
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