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    GamersHood Planet (GHP), a part of GamersHood Forums, was officially populated on 2nd September 2006. From that time on, the culture on GHP has developed very fast. Meanwhile there is a lot of information available on the structure and layout of the planet, its islands, its residents, and also the specific terms used.

    The intention of this thread is to provide you basic information and to get you updated. Since the development is still going on, please check back from time to time to learn the new scientific results and linguistical additions that will help you to orientate yourself within the GamersHoodish culture.

    If you have a suggestion for corrections, for new established expressions, or if you can provide scientific data (information, a good map, a nice calender with our Holidays etc.), don't hesitate to PM me, or another active moderator.

    Current Contents:

    Introduction: HoodStory

    Chapter 1: HoodScaping aka GH PlanetaryGraphy (Structure and Layout of GamersHood Planet)

    Chapter 2: Residents of GamersHood Planet and members of the Looney Bin Gang

    Chapter 3: Various Information (e.g. Titles, Holidays, Symptoms, Known Attack Techniques etc.)

    Chapter 4: Gamershoodish Dictionary

    Chapter 5: Family Trees
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    Chapter 1

    HoodScaping aka GH PlanetaryGraphy:

    GamersHood Planet (GHP):

    GamersHood Planet is covered by the Sea of Knowledge, and is divided by a number of islands of different sizes. So far the following islands have been discovered:

    Adventure Island:

    This is the island where Adventure is staying if she is not visiting Carrot Island or Myranda Island. It's one of GH planets most beautiful islands, where the Nectar Falls comes crushing down from the Lady Bug Mountains, and running into Sparkling Nectar River. Important areas are the Honey Bee Gardens, and the Illusoric Circular Square Glade that is located in the Bright Peaceful Forest. Uphill from the forest, a gorge can be reached. This place is called The Breath Taking Look-Out, which has also been named The Bee Launch Pad by the members of the Looney Bin. The known habitants of Adventure Island are ladybugs, butterflies, honey bees, wasps, Tae Fae (fairy), Melody (official Cheese Assassin), and the dragon named Petalon the Dark who has slept for 500 years in a cave. Adventure Island is connected to Myranda Island by a portal.

    Carrot Island:

    Carrot Island is the first populated area on GH Planet. Surrounded by the Sea of Knowledge, there are the Google Mountains with the Wiki Caverns, and the Yahoo Falls which connects to the eMeSeN River. Close to the falls is the portal to the GH Hotel. There is the Ever Dazed Forrest, The Butterfly Meadows and of course the Great Carrot Fields. Known Islanders so far: Eternal Becky at Ever Dazed Forrest, Hollandgirl and her horse Twinkle, lazy Tiny Gumperball that helps around in the carrot fields but is at his best as a scare crow. Frequent visitors are Adventure the butterfly, EscapeGirl the talking cat, Mistery the alien and OneBun the pink bunny that also has a basement or two (nobody but her knows for sure how many) on the island.
    All the residents of GamersHood Planet are welcome visitors on the peaceful little island.

    Energy Island:

    Nobody except from Vault can live on this island, because this would be too dangerous. This place is for visiting for max. 10 minutes to get some energy otherwise members start to see bright lights and faint. In such a case, fainted members must be saved by the local authorities with help from the other local residents. Since Vault is blind, he is not affected by this danger and lives therefore on Energy Island.

    Fox Island:

    This is the island where Hyper aka Darknessinferno lives. It is not much known yet about this island, only that it is full of holes dug by the fox, and that probably there are some volcanos on it.

    Myranda Island (aka Floating Island of Myranda):

    Is the main island on GamersHood Planet, where for example the GH Hotel, the local GH Police Station, or the News Agency are located. This main island is connected to the other islands by portals, and also with the external GamEscape Island, where OneBun can be located if not on her visit on GamersHood Planet.

    Robot Island:

    Robot Island, silver-metallic luster, is the place where Sir ThemePark, the Humanoid Robot is living with his son, surrounded by other robots, modern machines, oil, anticorrosive, and other tools which are needed to maintain robots and machines. Other residents of GH Planet visit Robot Island usually only in cases when Sir Theme's help is needed, for example to analyse and to decipher the binary code that was found in the blood of a Red Slurp Spider.

    Sky Island:

    Sky Island

    This is the base of the only transport company on GHP, and the home of Zox. Here, the members of the Looney Bin can have a nice holiday or break if they like, but they have to check in first.
    The only way to get to Sky Island is by spaceship or boat.
    For more information:

    Slurp Spider Island:

    This island is populated by the Slurp Spiders and their king. They are the most dangerous enemies of the members of the Looney Bin (for Looney Bin see chapter 4).

    Worm Island:

    Worm Island is a dangerous place populated by millions of worms, where the residents of GamersHood Planet turn into worms on their part. The Worms are collaborating with the Slurp Spiders, which are the most dangerous enemies of the members of the Looney Bin.
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      Chapter 2

      Residents of GamersHood Planet and members of the Looney Bin Gang:
      (For the family relations please look at the chapter with the family trees)

      Adventure: mostly tipsy butterfly member of the Looney Bin, speaks sometimes butterflyish to the confusion of the other residents of GH Planet; loves to drink carrot rum with her amigas Escape and Lili.

      Awesome: the tiny little mouse of the Looney Bin, who loves to eat all of the fish sticks.

      BeanMan: the penguin member of the Looney Bin, mostly riding on his bike.

      Bige: Yoshi member of the Looney Bin; inofficial FBI agent. Loves Yoshi, and to create pivots.

      Darknight: the bat member of the Looney Bin who takes care of the dangers like Batman and a peaceful tomato farmer at the same time; often carries BatCat on his shoulder; loves to drink whiskey and coke.

      Dazedncrazed aka Daze aka Dazed: the unspecifically shaped member of the Looney Bin; denied the rumors that she was a mole and declared that she was just a Dazed and Crazed and Confused member. Loves football.

      derek44: the crazy dog who listens to blink-182 and commands the phili cheestakes... for getting him kibbles and bits!

      Doglover: is the dog member of the Looney Bin; she always encourages the other members with her "Pffffft"; is very helpful to OneBun when she is suffering from Graphophobia; she loves dogs and biking downstairs.

      Elni: an Exploding Expert chicken of the CST Experiments lab, she has her theories that she doesn't follow as she is a crazy, non-learnable, member of the Looney Bin.

      EscapeGirl aka Escape aka BatCat: the Dramatic BatCat Actress Farmer of the Looney Bin, Sidekick of Darknight when transforming to BatCat by dying fur to black, and wearing bat ears and a tiny black cape; loves to drink carrot rum.

      Eternal Becky aka Becky: the Wolf Chef moderator member of the Looney Bin; lives in the forbidden woods, transforms at full moon into a werewolf, sometimes likes to suck in helium before howling, and willingly gives howling lessons to the rest of the members.

      Freakshow: the crazy member of the Looney Bin; is a Devil's mind, a FBI's body and an angel at heart. Official FBI officer on GamersHood Planet.

      Heartofthedark: Evil Vampire from Canada, will bite anyone who enters his alley, dislikes the sun, likes forum games, also likes Rpg's.
      Special note: If bitten by Heartofthedark you will receive a disease known as Vampireitus.

      Hitman: The climbing panda of the GamersHood Planet. HusBun of the Simply Crazy Squirrel. Claims to be a killer Panda, but is too warm & fuzzy to go though with such measures as of yet.

      Hollandgirl aka Miss Holland: the horse loving member of the Looney Bin; likes to ride on her horse named Twinkle; teaches willingly other Looney Bin members her knowledge about horses.

      humphryboop: Room 901 in the GH hotel, and VERY hyper!
      Likes video games.

      Hypermecaflame aka Hyper aka Darknessinferno: the unlucky fox member of the Looney Bin; likes to sit in a pot when bored, often starts to burn and has to be rescued by the rest of the gang.

      Jcatzl101: the loonie cat of the bin. Is the loonie kitten on superpower world thread and powers are listed on the thread. Is a carrot scientist in the CST and is on the walkthrough team. Everyday is ROFL day for Jcatz, and has problems with catching up on things. Likes short frequent naps and hanging out with their peeps.

      Jenni: Robert Burns member if the looney bin. Can be silly at times, some call her a FST monster, but she denies this name. Member of the carrot scientist team. Is SI-CHICK (Psychic). One of the first twins on GH along with Electrogirl

      Jess: the young ferrett member of the Looney Bin. Likes to read, and is currently learning gamershoodish culture and language very fast.

      Lili: the Brave Intelligent Ceramic Figurine member of the Looney Bin; in cases of emergency she tries to save her friends by crossing the Sea of Knowledge in a Boot Boat; loves to blossom together with Lilliputt.

      Maniac: the name says it already, the maniac and never caring member of the Looney Bin, living on the dark side and making experiments with polyphasic sleeping.

      Mcakkay: Harry Potter nerd GIRL!! Likes words like Shank and murky but rarely gets to use them. Lives at Hogwarts (or anywhere magical) and is obviously a Gryffindor! Has random impulses to burst out in song. Is a proud Canadian member of GH, leader and Member of GFARTDO! Has an online family who she adores! Likes taking pictures of things!

      Mistery aka Mystery: the resident alien moderator member of the Looney Bin; has a spaceship; formerly loved to eat cats; has sometimes multiple malfunctions and weird symptoms, and is sometimes deadly agonizing; has a News Agency on GH Planet. Loves to drink Tmani Juice (alienish drink).

      Murph: the former pirate but now bengal tiger member of the Looney Bin; the referee of GH Looney Bin; buys tons of tomatoes for the tomato throwing events; loves to drink carrot whiskey.

      OneBun: the pink bunny symptom moderator member of the Looney Bin; she is invisible to not infected beings, takes notes all the time which are stored in her huge basement; loves nibbling carrots; loves to drink carrot juice.

      Plahenry: the dark member of the Looney Bin, scientist, and creator of plaholic and carrot thumb, colleague to Lilliputt.

      point click man: Likes guns, and punk rock music. Is a random boy.

      Rannei: The Ninja of the Looney Bin. Has a sometimes bad temper.
      Is the daughter of Hitman and SimplyCrazy.

      Shiningstar (aka: Star, Shining, SS.): The shining star of GH. Is always here to help those in need and to meet new people. This star loves to use smilies, they are in just about every post this star makes. This star is also a Star Scientist and inhabits room 248 in the hotel. Can usually be found lurking around the forums.

      SimplyCrazy: is the super squirrel member of the Looney Bin, and as her name says, she is simply crazy but very nice. The wife of the Panda Hitman. She also loves to bake delicious cakes for the loonies.

      Slimy Jim: the local police officer member of the Looney Bin; loves donuts.

      Someguy:The mostly friendly GH eagle of the loony bin. Knows Karate and basic army combat. Has a short fuse when tired, but can be nice, friendly, and fun to chat with.

      Stargazer: a moon kitty of da looney bin. Is a kitty, no, not just a kitty, a moon kitty!!!! Can be silly at some times, and is always kind.

      Suzy aka TonI: The loony cat-pirate of Gamershood Planet, captain of the Tabby Cat. Often found at the Gamershood Hotel, where she spends her time when she's not sailing. Often falls in her pirateish side, which is known to be really REALLY mean!

      ThemePark aka Sir Theme aka Upstairs: the advanced intelligence humanoid robot farmer member of the Looney Bin with the longest title; is a logical entity; sometimes leaks oil; loves Garfield and wants to be a nice vampire.

      themolestarted aka da mole aka mole: the mole member who attacks by playing loud amounts of classic rock music and enjoys skateboarding. Also uses mole magic. Has a pet called nick who is named after nick jagger from the rolling stones. Lives on Carrot Island. Online sisters: Virgo, suzyE730 and zillah0625.

      Vault: the replicated blind Riku member of the Looney Bin; doesn't visit GH Planet very often, but is freely providing swords to the other members if they need them. Loves hermit crabs.

      Virgo: in room 200 its haunted, has 3 ghosts. Owns the magic place and the dance classes drop in chill out and sign up. Sings alot and dances; is random, so watch out.

      Yorick: Goofy Fox from California, Enjoys both online and off line games (especially Tekken and Soul Calibur). loves Creativity and Tarts. Holds a Grudge against no soul. Enjoys drinking too much carrot rum and has the strange ability to teleport.

      zillah0625: the glittering flower of the loony bin who can transform herself to a human. Has powers to blind u with her glitters and can give you powers (to fly and to be invisible) too, but doesn't use them very often. Also has a pet Cuddler who is always with her.

      Zox aka Zox_of_D00m: the energetic and crazy socks member of the Looney Bin. Loves group hugs; likes to pull the gravity-switch and sit in the cealing. Likes to drink carrot rum.
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        Chapter 3

        Various Information

        Attack techniques against opponents like Slurp Spiders and Worms:

        Beaming them away (Mistery, if she happens to find her beaming device at that moment)

        Hitting with a stick (Adventure, Escape)

        Howling them away (Becky)

        Running them over by using a bike (BeanMan)

        Silat (Darknight)

        Singing at them so that they fall asleep or use TaeKwonDo (SimplyCrazy)

        ROFL-Bite: When fighting a foe, a GHP Vampire has the option to ROFL-Bite their foe, when bitten by a ROFL-bite the opponent is so overcome by LOL's that it ROFL's.

        Attack techniques among the Looney Bin members:

        Throwing tomatoes at each other (except from Lilliputt and Murph who don't like throwing things at friends)


        ROFL-attacks (everyone)

        Frequent Titles:

        Elite Member of the Looney Bin Fanclub

        Elite Member of (the special Forces Corps of) GFARDTO (especially) of its subunit UPMGPC

        24th October: GamersHood Confusion Day
        25th October: GamersHood Signature Changing and Tomato Throwing-War Day
        26th October: GamersHood Peace Day
        27th October: GamersHood ROFLing Day
        28th October: GamersHood Vonfusion Day (see Dictionary for Vonfusion)
        29th October: GamersHood Playboy Night
        29th October-3rd November: GamersHood Vonfusion Week
        14th November: GamersHood Hug and Hug2 Day ( and )
        15th-19th November: GamersHood Hug and Hug2 week ( and )
        17th November: GamersHood Fainting Day
        7th December: Wedding of Escape and Darknight, Birthday of their girl baby

        Darkness day
        : The day when Vampires and Werewolfs are strongest, best to hide on this day because they will be looking for someone else they can turn into one of them.

        Holy phrases:

        Eenie, Meenie, Miney Mo, Catch a tiger by the toe. If he hollers let him go. Eenie Meenie Miney Moe. (By former looney Lilli, especially suitable to make a decision in a difficult moment. Opposed to Mistery's and Sir Theme's logical probability calculations as source of making decisions)

        Gloria, pacem in GamersHoodis. (By Mistery, especially suitable for Peace Day)

        Take at least 2 ROFL's a day
        To make the sanity go away. (By OneBun)

        Ubi Gamershood, Caritas et Amor ibi est. (By Hollandgirl)


        Alphabetitis blankus: Being stressed out every time when going to Chit Chat thread from the Forbidden Letter thread, and trying to avoid certain letters, even if it is not necessary anymore.

        Coffee forgetis: Forgetting to switch on the stovetop when preparing coffee. Side effect of the main GamersHood virus.

        Coffee Spillitis: Spilling coffee instead of drinking it. Has become an everyday phenomenon on GamersHood Planet, so that "I'm spilling my coffee" might also mean something similar to "I'm drinking my coffee" but with the fact that the coffee is not only drunken but also spilled during
        the process.

        Depressos sighus: when you are lonely or depressed and you start (sigh)ing uncontrollably.

        Energizer Bunnyitious Magentae: Is the fear/phobia that overwhelmes beings when seeing (either for the first time, or if they have made a mistake) the invisible pink bunnytaking notes (aka OneBun); but also refers to the joy seeing the pink bunny in case that they have done nothing wrong.

        Graphophobia: Is the fear of writing that overwhelmes the invisible pinkbunny usually taking notes when the main GamersHood virus is not spreading anymore for some reason. In such cases, somebunny has to replace her.

        Influentia Upstairs Gamershoodis: The symptom of getting more and more logical every day and getting similar to Upstairs aka Sir Theme aka ThemePark.

        Moleittus: When you're a mole for too long due to the mole colony spell you have a strange desire to eat worms and dig up your garden.

        Multiple ROFLing Playboyitis induced Insomnia: Is a symptom of sleeplessness due to a lot of ROFL's (see ROFL in the dictionary chapter) during the whole night.

        Post mergitis and post deletis: A strong urge that overcomes the three local resident moderators Becky, OneBun, and Mistery/Mystery, at their arrival on GamersHood Planet.

        Tonguitis Nervosa: Refers to the urge to show the following symptom:

        Tonguitis Nervosa Dogloverae: Refers to the urge to show the symptoms of Tonguitis Nervosa, accompanied by the following sound: "Pffffft!"

        Transformatio alienosa: Is a symptom of former looney Lilliputt, the Carrot Islander, to become logical and turn alien. Probably a new virus is responsible for it.

        Vampireitus: The disease caused by being bitten by one of the GHP Vampires. It causes you to play more RPG games, visit the forum games section more, sprout fangs and have the urge to bite another GHP member, it also may cause you to have a higher sensitivity to ROFL-based attacks.
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          Chapter 4


          Adventures on GamersHood Planet (aka The Looney Bin Stories): A specific thread with the adventures of the members of the Looney Bin on GamersHood Planet; see also:

          BUNglary (verb form: BUNglarize): When a certain member of the Looney Bin Gang decides it's okay to "borrow" items. Originally taken over from OneBun-ish language.

          BUNnapping: Stealing a member out of the office during work or out of classroom during school in reality to take him/her to GamersHood Planet. Originally taken over from OneBun-ish language.

          Da Story: (see Adventures on GamersHood Planet)

          Dating: Eating. Taken over from Lilish language.

          Everybunny: refers to all the members of the Looney Bin; often used in greetings: e.g. "Hi Everybunny!" (see also Somebunny)

          GamersGood: Nickname for GamersHood by "Local Loonies" (see also Local Looney)

          Gamershooding:To play in, write in, or surf GamersHood Forums

          GamersHood Hotel: Hotel, where the Local Loonies stay if they are visiting the main island of GamersHood Planet. It is very well equipped with a bar, a shop, a casino, a Big Room etc. and has soundproof rooms. See also

          Gamershoodish: the local language of the Looney Bin members on GamersHood Planet

          GamersHood Planet News: regularly provided news and headlines by the News Agency located near the GamersHood Hotel; see also

          GamersHood Planet: Planet where the Looney Bin is located; part of GamersHood Forums

          GFARDTO: Gamershood Forum Against the Renegade Ducks Terrorist Organization (see also UPMGPC)

          GHP: abbreviation for GamersHood Planet

          GH PlaneteryGraphy: (see HoodScaping)

          Grouphug: Means that the loonies gather together and join in hugging each other. This behavior strenghtens their feeling of belonging together.

          HoodScaping: similar to Geography in humanish (see also chapter 1)

          Hurrambah (Her-um-Bah): a feeling of great joy or happiness (used as adjective).

          Hungary: A term used when a GamersHood member is hungry

          Hungover: Your state the next day after drinking too much carrot rum, carrot whiskey or whiskey coke. Originally taken over from Dazed-ish language.

          I am god: a term originally taken over from Wolfish/Werewolfish language; is usually used to answer the question "How are you?"

          I am more about to PM you: "I'm worried about you." Taken over from Butterflyish language.

          Original Looney Bin Family: Residents on GamersHood Planet (abbr.: GHP)
          GHP Looney Bin Family II

          Looney Bin Stories, The: A specific thread with the adventures of the members of the Looney Bin on GamersHood Planet (see also Adventures on GamersHood Planet)

          Local Looney: An insane member of the Looney Bin Gang; a regular resident on GamersHood Planet.

          Multi-threading: To peruse multiple threads at once in Gamershood; normally best to be an alien while doing this.

          OMB: Abbraviation of "Oh my Becky!", means the same as "Oh my God!". (origin: Once our wolf mod, Eternal Becky answered the question "How are you?" with "I'm god" accidentially)

          PC: Abbreviation of "Poster Child". A PC is anyone who feels the need to post on every Forum game thread so that their name completely fills the page. Originated from the creative mind of RBS, after noticing the common occurrence that someone posted in many forum games within a relative short time.

          Playboy: is the Babelfished-Hungarian language for mischievously funny.

          Pffffft: Is a reply or reaction that can be used in nearly every situation; e.g. as sign of your confusion, defiance, joy, or embarrassment. Originally taken over from Doglover-ish language.

          ROFL: This term is used like in other languages as abbreviation for "roll on the floor laughing". However it is very important that you do it correctly as a member of the Looney Bin, since ROFLing is the main pastime on GH Planet.
          To ROFL correctly, please follow the instructions:

          Silat: refers to fighting by using techniques of self-defence; is primarily used by Darknight, the master in Silat.

          Sleep ROFLing: ROFL in a very tired state. Taken over from Batish language.

          Somebunny: refers to any member of the Looney Bin (see also Everybunny)

          Tiny Gumperball: lazy worker on Carrot Island who helps around in the carrot fields, but is at his best as a scare crow.

          Today. It is vigorous?: Is a term to ask "How are you today?", originally taken over from Babelfished-Japanese language.

          Tomato: Tool for attacks, and also sometimes used as synonym to tomorrow when saying goodbye (e.g. "See you tomato again", or "See you tomato next time").

          Unbeckyly: An expression for "unholy" or "profane" (Taken over from Tigerish language)

          UPMGPC: Unit for the Protection of Mystery's Games Position in the Charts (see also GFARDTO)

          Upsad: Expression for upset, originally taken over from Adventure's Butterflyish language.

          Upstairs: Has two meanings, either to be on a higher floor, or our robotic member aka ThemePark.

          Vonfusion (verb: vonfuse): Means the state of disorientation referred to spelling; temporary disposition to misspell words. Originally taken over from Zox-ish language.
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