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How do I manage attachments?

You may have permission to attach files and images to your posts on this site. If you have permission you will see a paper with paperclip icon on the editor- pressing this button will bring up the Upload Attachment option.

File attachments may be data files such as .zip, .txt, .doc, or any other file types the Administrator has allowed. You may also attach images (.jpg, .png. and .gif.)

To upload a file press the Upload Attachment button after you have clicked on the paper-clip icon at the top to show the button.

You will be shown a file selection dialog box. Browse to find the file(s) you wish to upload. You may use standard SHIFT+Click or CTRL+Click shortcuts to attach multiple files. The Administrator can specify the maximum number of files you may attach per post. If attaching data files a hyperlink with the file name will be inserted into the post. If attaching an image the actual image will be inserted into the post.

If you have not reached the maximum number of files you may press the Upload Attachments button again to upload additional files. To remove attachments simply delete them from the editor.

When you have completed the post submit it as normal and your file(s) will be attached to your post.