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The Edit Button.

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  • The Edit Button.

    Multiple posting or in other words creating more then more posts in a row is not allowed and will be considered as spam (point 4 of the forum rules).

    However a lot of members are not aware of this or don’t know how to edit their posts. So a short explanation about how to use the edit button seems to be welcome.

    How to edit your own post:

    In the bottom right corner of every post you have created you will find the edit button, next to the quote button.

    Click the edit button and now you are directly able to edit your post. (If you like you can also give up a reason for editing). After you are done with adding something to your post or with altering your posts, click on the save button and you have edited your post.

    How to delete your post:

    The edit button gives you also the possibility to delete your own post.

    Click on the edit button and click then on the delete button. Choose the deletion option: Delete Message (1). If you like you can also give up a reason for deletion. Click now on the Delete this Message button (2) and your posts will be deleted.

    NOTE: If you have created a post to start a new thread, you can not to delete this post, since with deleting this post you also would delete the thread. Only moderators and the administrator have the possibility to delete threads.

    If something is still unclear please don’t hesitate to post your question in this thread.
    Faily of Kzin


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    I can't see that button and I have a little box at the bottom of my scrreen that says I may not edit my posts?


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      Please note:

      If you don't see an edit button, you are still not a fully registered member. When you registered, an automated email was sent to your email account.
      Please check your emails (also look in the spam folder).
      Click on the link in the email to confirm your email to become a fully registered member.

      (If for any reason you are not able to find this email, you may send a private message to GamersHood, or any Moderator who will confirm your account manually. Or post a message here. Please be patient, this can take some time.)
      Last edited by Kzin; 09-26-2012, 04:11:22. Reason: Changed it so Mods names are always right and added link