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Irritating email issue

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  • Irritating email issue

    My forum updates keep going into my Junk folder. I have marked them as Not Junk [and have been for a while now], added the address [both the webmaster and the gmail one] to my Safe Senders and my Safe Mailing Lists and it STILL goes in there!

    Anyone have any idea's on how to stop this?!?!

    It ticks me off because it also does it with Nordinho, only it won't let me even READ those emails... the so-called Smart Filter thingy is what's blocking those. After Googling for hours the other day concerning that issue, I FINALLY found out you can turn that off... the only problem is that not only do I not have IE7 [i never upgraded past 5 because 6 was messing up my puter and I had to reformat it to get my puter working again], I don't even have IE on my puter anymore!!

    As far as I can figure out, the Smart Filter came with IE7. I'd tried 6 and then reformated. Never bothered to upgrade whatever version came with my puter. I can access my Internet Options, but the Smart Filter isn't even in there for me to uncheck.

    I hate microsoft... they can kiss my

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    I'm sorry that you're experiencing this problem

    I also use Hotmail, and have no problem - notifications from GH Forums (and also Nordinho) go into my inbox
    And if you add the sender to the safe list, it shouldn't go to your spam folder.
    I don't think that it makes a difference which browser (IE, Firefox etc.) you are using, because it's the Hotmail filters that make that decision where to put incoming email.

    Hmmm, at the moment I don't have any idea what you could do, but I'm going to look around a bit. And maybe someone else has an idea.


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      I think it might be because my Hotmail page has changed... they "improved" it....HA. You can't do some of the things in it like you could before [like viewing message source of emails and reporting spam now puts it in your Trash]. My hubby still has the same page like he did before and I can't figure out how to change the view. Like changing it to Classic View sort of thing.

      He and I both use Windows Live and up until a few days ago I could view the message sources so I don't know what's been changed in it. I was thinking of trying to log into and see if that makes any difference, but haven't had a chance to yet. We just moved 2 weeks ago and have been trying to get the unpacking done since we couldn't before. The first week we were here, the basement kept flooding with raw sewage so a lot of things went on the back burner because of that. I'm still trying to sort out the basement... we have to throw out half of the stuff we had down there and quite of bit of it is irreplaceable.

      Anyway, thanks for looking around for me. I tried Googling, but hadn't hit on the "right" combination of words to get any helpful hits. I gave up after a while and started to work on our puppies. Have been trying to shave them down a bit because of the heat. It seemed like a less stressful idea at the time, LOL.

      2 Shih Tzu's + shaver = total mayhem. Have enough fur now to make maybe 3 more puppies ...... oh, anyone want a really realistic Chia Pet??? LMAO


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        Yes, I also have the "improved" new version, and viewing the source doesn't work for me either - that's pretty bad because I often report phishing emails, and usually you have to give them the full header which you can only do if viewing the source works
        But even in the new version, I have no problems with notifications from GH or Nordinho

        I let you know if I figure out something.
        Additionally you could post in their help forums (although as I've seen, they are not very helpful, and post almost the same answer to all kinds of user issues....).


        I was thinking of trying to log into and see if that makes any difference, but haven't had a chance to yet.
        I would suggest you to do that, and add the emails of GH and Nordinho to the white list there, and see if it helps


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          I don't know what happened, but the Gamershood emails are now going into my Inbox. I had tried adding them to my white list's again, even though they were already there, and maybe that did the trick for some odd reason or maybe I had to log out and in again for it to "take". I dunno

          Thanks for the help, Mistery, I appreciate it!!


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            Yay, that's wonderful news!

            Let's say it was POP (power of posting)

            You're most welcome, even if I didn't suggest anything new


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              "The page at Gamershood has said:

              The message you have entered is too short. Please lengthen your message to at least 3 characters."

              Picky, picky, picky...


              There, 3 characters... THAT oughta do it!