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Is this forum hacked?

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  • Is this forum hacked?

    I hope I'm not raising a panic for no reason, as I don't entirely understand this topic, but whenever I try to archive something on this forum using what happens is this: - this is an attempted archive of the Problems forum right here, but as you can see, it instead got some page called "myfilestore". It doesn't happen when archiving the, uh, forum archive version, as you can see here: and (good news!) the mysterious redirect also doesn't seem to affect me/other people when browsing normally (even when I turn off uBlock origin if that's relevant.)
    This has been happening for months, but only now did I decide to google that weird site, and it seems it might be a problem. Here's some info i found: - apparently it's a known exploit? some sort of guide on how to fix that or something. I can see a scary paragraph there, beginning with: "This means that our server is wide open to hackers." I hope the situation isn't so bad!

    By the way, a separate, much lesser problem, so I don't post two threads: in January or so, after the forums were down for some time, some encoding must have broken as my name got broken. The é is supposed to be the long e from Pokemon - so BeyPokeDig with long e. It actually broke so much that I now had to write the broken version as my username when logging in, as the real version resulted in an error! (Were the forums down because my extremely long post about E.B.O.N.Y. broke something, besides records? If so, sorry! (And thx+good job for letting it past modqueue!))