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Game Loading Problems

First Check to make sure you have all the latest Plugins. They are free updates to your computer that allows you to play the games. They will not hurt your computer. They just allow you to play our games.

Here's what you need:

For Java:

For Flash:

For Shockwave:

We highly recommend you are up to date on all of them so you can play all the games here.

If you are still having problems please post what the problem is HERE
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Freaky Friday

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    Is this it?

    Okay, I did everything, found everything, made the cookies, and hid in the fridge. He comes in, FINDS ME, and KICKS ME OUT! Is this what's supposed to happen? Tell me there's more to it than this!

    Life is like a bowl o' cherries. Sometimes you get that one that is all bitter and nasty when you bite into it. But for the most part, it's all good.


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      Originally posted by MrSock
      i had a great time creating Freaky Friday a few years back, and it's good to see people still enjoying it.

      Here's some trivia, in case you're interested:

      - the game came about when we had a slow period at work, and my supervisor asked me to create a game for Friday the 13th
      - much of the game is based on my own gaming influences, most importantly Maniac Mansion
      - the idea for the Mister Stitch character and his room full of taxidermied animals came from Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho"
      - originally, if you were caught by Mister Stitch, he'd stuff you and and display you as a trophy in his room, but my boss said that was too dark, so i went with the pet idea
      - many sites, in summarizing the game, say: "Save your dog from a creepy old man in a mansion." Those of you who have finished the game can spot something wrong in that sentence!
      - i really did ask for audience feedback before designing the game. Most kids wrote back asking for a game with mummies that chase you around. The upcoming sequel to Freaky Friday uses this idea. It's set in a museum.
      - look for my real name on the painting in the dining room! i cringe when i see it, because i'm actually not very happy with the artwork in the game

      - MrSock

      Thank you very much for a great game! This has definitely been one of my better finds on the net and am very much looking forward to the sequel!


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        If you keep getting caught, you need more luck. Go to the backyard and knock on the tree by the pool (to the left) a few times in a row, it will make your luck meter full.

        And don't spill the salt in the kitchen or walk on cracks in the basement.


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          ohh... I cant find anything!!! I?ve looked EVERYWHERE!!! I just started and i found a golden coin and a rabbit food and that is justfor luck!!! And I have look everywhere, in the stoven, fridge, sofa, clock EVERYWHERE!!! I?ve been in this game be4 and I got alot of more stuff then now!!! Not a fair game


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            wine cellar key?

            where do you get the key to go ointo the wine cellar? i have made cookies and the stink bomb but dont have the dog how do i get him?


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              I am stuck when you first play the game!!!!!! Where do you hide !!!!!?????
              Please I beg anyone who can tell me!!!!!!


              • #67
                you can hide in the clock!

                I normally have to cheat in these games but I did this one all by myself!

                As previous posts say, the items move to different places each time you play the game.

                To make the cookies, change the horoscope or make the stink bomb, first read the books in the library and then find the items you need. You only have to stand infront of the cookie jar, newspaper or jack-in-the-box and click p when you can see the correct item in your inventory.

                Use floor wax on the stairs
                Read all the books in the library
                Find the encyclopedia and put it back in the correct place to open a passage way
                Use seam ripper on a stuffed animal
                Don't hide in the fridge, you will get caught
                Feed sausage to the dog to gain a shortcut - not necessary
                In the garden you can go left to find a pool
                Don't spill the salt, stand on cracks, break the mirror etc - avoid these items
                Do knock on the tree beside the pool

                Just examine and search everything!

                Have fun, really enjoyable game.


                • #68
                  wow thats was a really wacky, rather, freaky game...i had to restart it a couple times before i could actually bea it...and the ending? How could anyone have a that was a lot harder than a bunc of other gamer ive played
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                  • #69
                    to finish the game

                    to finish the game is to find the dog and get out of the house.
                    the dog is in the basment locked in a secret place behind the study room.
                    to get there is to find the missing book known as L-M book,and use the book in the middle of the book shelf.there will be an opening after using the book.
                    there will be a tunnel and in the end of the tunnel(towards the left) go down the ladder an u will find a lab.
                    u have to get an iron key to open the cage to find the dog.
                    after getting him u will have to get the keys from the guy.
                    find everything hot and spicy (like bag of spice,hot spice ,etc) and put it in the cookie jar in the kitchen and wait not in the fridge and oven but to the left coner and wait for the man to come.he will come andeat the cookie and will faint.once he fainted,come out of the hiding place and go in front of him and search for the key, then u will find the key and go to the main door and use the key and get out of the wired house and win the game.
                    simple game but gives u a headpain.the more the luck , the less places u can hide, the more bad luck, u can hide everywhere but less time time to hide.GOODLUCK.


                    • #70
                      sting bomb

                      Originally posted by Unregistered
                      you have to make it in a box, but where?
                      in the music room-jack in the box(towards the right corner)


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                        finished! good game, but i wish q wasn't both help AND quit. i cursed for about half and hour when i accidentally quit the game when i was *thiiissss* close to finishing. but other than that it was fun!


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                          fanx for all da help u peeps

                          omg that game was quite hard or is dat me lol well i hopeu culd get through it oh i wuld help but cnt remember n e of it lol sorri
                          ope ya du it
                          It worries me how dumb you are !


                          • #73
                            That game was easy! It was fun too. ^^ I still dont' know how he fit Sparky in his pocket though...O.o; Here are a few things I noted in the game...

                            Good Luck Items:
                            Pot of Gold
                            Lucky Penny
                            Rabbit's Foot
                            4-leaf clover
                            Knocking on the Tree

                            Bad Luck Items:
                            Spilling salt (can be counter-acted by throwing it over your shoulder)
                            Stepping on cracks
                            Walking under ladder
                            Breaking the mirror

                            Oh and you can put on the pink tutu in his closet...quite funny really. XD


                            • #74
                              it wont even load up!!!


                              • #75
                                Mad Girl

                                I Cant Even Get The Dang Thing To Load!