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Help with the downloadable games

If a downloadable game is an .exe file, just click the link, and choose open. The game will usually be installed among your other programs (otherwise you can choose where you would like to install it during the installation process).

If the game is a .zip or .rar file, choose save, and save it to your pc.
Extract it in a new folder using WinRar for example (if you don't have it, get it from here:
Then click the installation file (in most cases .exe file) or the file that starts the game, and your pc will install it, or launch it respectively.
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Game Loading Problems

First Check to make sure you have all the latest Plugins. They are free updates to your computer that allows you to play the games. They will not hurt your computer. They just allow you to play our games.

Here's what you need:

For Java:

For Flash:

For Shockwave:

We highly recommend you are up to date on all of them so you can play all the games here.

If you are still having problems please post what the problem is HERE
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Freaky Friday

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  • Freaky Friday


    Escape the room game but with one difference that you can't use your mouse, to point and click, you must use arrow keys and space key.

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    He who fights and runs away can run away another day.

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    Hey! first!

    But I am stuck...
    made special cookies, put the smelly thing in the box.... and now?


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      Perhaps I am stupid, but I cannot do anything in this game. I found clover and a bottle of hot sauce and have been able to do nothing else since. When you ask for a hint, it gives you a blank page. This game stinks and I don't like it.


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        How did you make cookies and the like. What am I missing? I have looked everywhere. How about an abbreviated walkthrough for what you have done so far?


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          How do you get past the dog?


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            Where did you get the clover from?


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              The clover was in the china cabinet and the hot sauce was in the oven or fridge.


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                I am not sure if this is going to help at all, because I think all the items are in different places everytime you play.

                1. I got the ivory key from the sofa in the livingroom.
                That opens the door to the music room.
                2. Bottle of hot sauce is in the dining room in the cupboard
                3. tuna casserole is in cookie jar in the kitchen.
                4. In the music room: corrective fluid is in accordeon.
                bag of spice is in the piano
                jar of floor wax is in the xylophone. Use it on the stairs.
                5. Found a fancy key upstairs in the wardrobe. It fits for the locked door in the music room
                6. In the study I found a fountain pen, a birth certificate, a pot of gold and thing to open stiches
                7. In the living room, I used the birthcertificate, the corrective fluid and the pen on the newspaper.
                8. I used the stich opener on the bear in the room with all those stuffed animals.
                9. Found an umbrella in the laundry room
                10. Found a used barf bag in the backyard bin

                But am stuck again. Played it twice so far, was different each time. also was able to get the key from the strange guys neck but never could go on from there....


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                  How do you get into the other rooms? The door to music room is locked and I looked everywhere for a key. Perhaps I just need to restart.


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                    i got the man in the coma, and now what? (i got the key)


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                      Originally posted by Unregistered
                      i got the man in the coma, and now what? (i got the key)
                      Same here.

                      I'm starting to wonder if this game is finish-able....?


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                        From the 2 times I played it:
                        1st time the mission was to know the guy out with the spicy cookies. For that you needed peppers, hot sauce and the bag of spice
                        Other things I found:
                        lucky coin, pot of gold, tuna casserole, birth cerificate, slimy yellow thing that reeks,

                        2nd time you had to erase his horoscope in the newspaper in the living room with the correction fluid, the birth certificate and the pen.
                        Other things I found:
                        pot of gold, umbrella, tuna casserole, bag of barf, stich opener

                        Both times you had things to build a stink bomb.


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                          Originally posted by Unregistered
                          Both times you had things to build a stink bomb.
                          you have to make it in a box, but where?


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                            I refreshed and played again.
                            You can build the stink bomb with the Jack-in-the-box in the music room
                            This time I had all the things to change the horoscope, to make "special" cookies and to make the stink bomb 3 times:
                            For that you need the tuna casserole, the yellow stinkin thing and the barf bag. If you fill the box 3 times (and the guy plays with it 3 times) it also knocks him out.

                            HELL I CAN'T FINISH THIS STUPID GAME!!!!!!!! I am frustrated.


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                              i knocked the guy out with the cookies and it seems like i've searched everywhere but i can't figure out what to do next

                              items : pen, umbrella, tuna casserole, pot of gold, four leaf clover, barf bag, lucky coin, birth certificate, rabbits foot, white out, and sulfur