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Earthquake & Tsunami in Japan - Sending out our sympathy

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  • Earthquake & Tsunami in Japan - Sending out our sympathy

    In our General News thread where we have discussed the terrible events in Japan (strong earthquake, tsunami, issues with a nuklear plant), bip suggested to show our sympathy to the Japanese game creators, who provide us with games that many of us enjoy a lot. I was thinking about that yesterday all day, too, so that after getting home and reading bip's post, I started contacting them by email-form or email in the name of the GH community.

    Here are the replies that I've received so far:

    Hello, Mistery

    Thank you for your email.
    I'm glad you like my games.

    I'm fine. No harm done.
    The earthquake caused the house to rattle.
    I was very scared of earthquake.

    Thank you for worrying about me.

    Suezou (COGITO ERGO SUM)
    To Mistery

    Thank you very much for your concern.
    I'm OK.
    When the earthquake broke out, I felt a chill going down my spine.
    And earthquakes has happened many times.
    But I live in away from the earthquake.
    Thank you!

    (I can't speak English well,if my English is wrong, I'm sorry.)


    Rain Lens 管理者
    Which translates to the following according to the Google translator:
    Once again, Thank you for your warm support e-mail!
    Since I can not English to understand what the site translated
    Placed under the fact that knowing worry, I am very pleased 頂Ki!

    Where I live is no damage, is safe.
    Thanks so much!

    Rain Lens Administrator


    dear mistery

    thanks for your e-mail.
    And thank you for your praying for japan.
    I'm fine thank you.

    This terrible earthquake is very very sad.

    I continue creating a game for the people who hurt by this earthquake ,
    and i wish their smile.

    Now, i prepare the new game,find dwarfs 6

    (sorry i'm not good at english.)
    nekonote saku

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    Thank you Mistery for the update, and for your efforts to make the contacts on behalf of the GamersHood community

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      Thank you, Mistery, for your work! I think, you left the forumadress in your mails, so I will directly write:

      Dear authors from Japan!
      My english ist not good, but kanji or japanese is total strange for me!
      The german TV shows us from the desasters in your country, and many of us are feeling with all of you.
      Japan is so far away, but with your games we could learn a little more from your state and we enjoyed them. So I really care about your health.
      All good wishes


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        I have received a reply from BIANCO-BIANCO now:

        Dear Mistery

        Thanks you !

        But ...
        I can understand English but a little(^ ^q

        I stay Fuji city Shizuoka in Japan.
        I was surprised at your message.
        And I feel happy!

        The earthquake was a little at here.
        Tunami did not come here.

        But Miyagi was attacked the earthquake and tunami....that was very big...
        I am worried....

        I want to write many things....
        but my English is very strange....

        But I wish to express my gratitude for your prayer and your massage.

        Thanks you very much!

        from BIANCO-BIANCO


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          Thank you for letting them know of our concerns.
          We are all thinking of our Japanese friends.


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            I'm soooooooo very glad you were able to get through to several of them. Thank you so much for your work on locating emails and contacting them as well as sharing our concern for our fellow men and women in Japan.

            Thank you, bip, for thinking of this thread.

            And thank you tipper75 for your assistance in helping locate contacts.

            EDIT: Btw, I have tweeted to Terminal House again, this time using Google Translate, in Japanese.


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              I'm glad we've gotten already some replies, I hope to hear from the others, too.
              I know that there are still more than 1 millions households without power, so we just have to be patient.

              Thanks for tweeting Terminal House, Escape


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                You're welcome. And just so everyone is aware, I saw that they tweeted on March 12th - so that's a good sign about their own safety.


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                  Thanks for letting us know!
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                    I got a reply to my tweet to Terminal House. Here it is:

                    Originally posted by Terminal House
                    terminalhouse GUMP
                    @[removed]...I'm sorry for late reply. Thanks for condolences. Me and my family is safe. We pray for the people in "TOHOKU".


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                      Thanks, EG, Mistery, and bip, for all this. I'm praying for Japan.
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                        Just got a reply from Neutral:
                        Dear Mistery,

                        Sorry for this late reply and my poor English.

                        Thank you for your concern and kind message.
                        My family and I are being fine, near Tokyo.

                        But the quake and tsunami had caused tremendous damage and suffering
                        to East North Japan.
                        Now many people are making every possible effort to cope with the difficulties.

                        We really appreciate your warm encouragement and all international support.
                        Thank you.



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                          Thank you, mistery!
                          It's good, that half of them you wrote are fine.
                          Now we care for
                          58 Works
                          Episodes & Melody
                          Raika Games
                          Strawberry Cafè

                          Some of them are my favorites game authors! May be, they have now more important things to.

                          And I want remember Mistery's words:
                          Can't find contact info of:
                          Info WEB
                          Orange Biscuit

                          Can't contact UsawanHouse because the Captcha is in Kanji
                          No one here who can help?


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                            Thank you for the summary bip!

                            I've received a reply from Raika Games:

                            Dear Mistery,

                            Thank you for sending email, and appreciate your concern.
                            First of all, let me apologize for the reply being so late.
                            We, Raika Games, are located in the small island of Okinawa,
                            south most islands of Japan, so we were not affected at all by the
                            earthquake and the tsunami,
                            but we are providing whatever we can to the people who were affected by it.

                            Again, thank you for your concern, and hope that you visit our site to
                            play variety of games that we offer.

                            Raika Games administrator
                            And also a quick reply from Twinkle:
                            I am energetic.
                            My house was safe.
                            Thank you for worry.
                            The Japanese works hard.


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                              I am so overwhelmed with the horrific tragedies which struck with so little warning. A comforting thought is that the Japanese are intelligent, resourceful, and civilized. You noticed there was no looting? I hope all our cyber friends survived and will be among us again soon. The loss of our gaming pleasure is a tiny problem compared to theirs. I've sent money to the Red Cross. It's the least I could do. Thanks to the mods for contacting our friends for us.
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