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    This thread is only open for Jess to post. ~ Moderation

    Upon the request of Mom, I have decided to post a few pages of my book here every few days. I would not like anyone to post of this thread, at least no comments. If you have comments then PM me or tell in Chit-Chat please! This is to become a published, copyrighted book, so no taking any part of it, please! Also, the work is subject to change as I edit it.

    Thank you and please enjoy the show!

    A Little Ferret Thief
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    Chapter One

    Four young people were gathered in and around a clump of apple trees gathering apples for a feast that night. At least they were supposed to be gathering apples, but in actuality they were betting each other to shoot down various objects with their arrows.
    “Reu! Can you shoot down that star shaped leaf?” Myrah asked. Myrah was a typical red-head. She had a fiery temper, but was also kind and compassionate. She had gray eyes and freckles, not prominent freckles, but they were there.
    Reu took aim and shot the leaf down, “You were saying?” he asked. Reu had brown hair and was a jokester. He was profiled as the type who never cared about anything or anyone, but he was really a sensitive young man and was an excellent warrior.
    Kahil laughed, “She showed you, Reu!” Kahil was a commanding, strong man, who found himself completely in the control of Myrah, his fiancée. Kahil had sandy hair and blue eyes, tall with weathered skin.
    A young woman skipped up just then, “Hello! What you doing?” The girl was Myrah’s best friend, Zozi. She was just like her twin brother, Reu, as far as she loved to play jokes and act care free, but she was the only twin who ever showed, openly, about her loss and Reu’s as well. They parents had been killed by ‘them’.
    “Nothing much,” Reu replied, “I am just showing Myrah that I am a better archer than her.”
    “OH! Can I watch?” Zozi said plopping down on the ground and settling herself as if she were about to watch a show.
    Myrah snorted, miffed, “No there is nothing left to see!”
    “Oh, I do differ,” Reu said, throwing up two apples and shooting them both before they landed, “There is much more to see.”
    Kahil and Zozi laughed as Myrah stormed off with her basket of apples to rinse them off. When Myrah got back Reu and Kahil were shooting at a tree where they had drawn three rings of decreasing size. Myrah rolled her eyes, “Do you two ever think about anything else?”
    Reu looked at her and replied, most seriously, “No, is there anything else worth thinking about?”
    Zozi laughed and Myrah just rolled her eyes again and sighed, “C’mon Zozi, let’s let the ‘archers’ shoot, we have turnovers to make.”
    Zozi, still laughing, nodded and packed her basket on to there pack horse and started walking back to the Glade.

    Reu and Kahil absently waved at the two as they left, but were much more focused on their contest.
    “I am much better than you, scoundrel!” Kahil shouted shooting the target right in the middle.
    “Thank you for complement!” Reu said bowing.
    “Your not welcome!” Kahil responded.
    “So then for- NOOOO!!!” Reu shouted in dismay as a light breeze took his arrow way to the left of his intended destination. Kahil smiled as his friend went after his arrow. Reu turned around abruptly, “If you are going to laugh, don’t hide it!” Kahil then started laughing. Reu glared at him, “Did you have to take it all so literally?” Kahil just laughed and nodded. Reu dashed off into the woods in the generally direction his arrow went.
    Suddenly he stopped. Sitting in a small clearing on the ground was a small girl. She had long black hair and deep brown eyes. And she was holding Reu’s arrow. “Huh, now, what which is there…” Reu said looking at the child.
    She just smiled and cocked her head to the side, “I suppose this is yours?’ she asked, holding the arrow out to Reu. He took the arrow silently.
    “REU! Where are you? How lo-” Kahil stopped short at the sight of the girl.
    The girl looked at them both and laughed, “I know you are not mute, so why not ask your questions now and then I can ask mine?”
    Kahil grinned, “Alright then, who are you?”
    “Easy, Aysel,” said child replied.
    “How did you get here?” he asked.
    Aysel hesitated, “I was told to come here,” she replied.
    “Because they said I could help.”
    “Who are ‘they’ and help with what?”
    “‘They’ are my family and I am not sure what they want me to help with.”
    “How old are you?”
    This time Aysel looked overly confused and hesitant, “Ten,” then she inaudibly muttered something.
    “You are kind of short. Are you human?”
    “What are you?”
    “Er, do you know what an Ilusseniam is?”
    “I thought I was asking the questions, but no I do not know precisely what an Illusseniam is.”
    “I am one.”
    “You look more Ek to me. Anyway, where is your family now?”
    “They are back home.”
    “And that is where?”
    “Is this like torture to you? Where is Nalia?”
    “No, Nalia is, er, I am not sure really.”
    “Oh. Well, I think that is all my questions, your turn.”
    “Alright, who are you two?”
    “Oh I want to answer,” Reu said who was silent until then, “I am Reu and this is my friend Kahil.”
    “Where do you live?”
    “In the Glade, which is in the swamp which is in this forest.”
    “Sounds complicated. Anyway, who are your families?”
    Reu got a faint look in his eye, “My family is all dead, except for my twins sister, Zozi. Kahil is engaged to be married to Myrah. His father is dead, but his mother helps to lead the Resisters.”
    “Who are the Resisters?”
    “We are two of them and all the people mentioned already are. We are basically outlaws, but illegally. Ask one of the story tellers tonight he will explain it all to you better than I could.”
    “Alright, why tonight?”
    “There is a feast.”
    “Really? Then why are we standing around?”
    Aysel jumped up and them stopped short and walked carefully out of the clearing behind Reu and Kahil.

    A Little Ferret Thief
    OLGM Lilliput, OLM Escapegirl, OLD Darknight and OLB George
    Member of GFARDTO and the Looney Bin
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      Chapter One (cont.)

      Soon they arrived at the Glade, where everyone was busy preparing for the feast. Aysel looked on excitedly, but soon grew disinterested. “Where are Myrah and Zozi? I want to meet them.”
      “They are probably making their apple turnovers. Those girls are famous for those things,” Reu said, rubbing his stomach and licking his lips in anticipation.
      “Yes, they are very good! Come on, Aysel, they should be over at their ‘kitchen’,” Kahil said.
      “Kitchen?” Aysel asked.
      “It’s kind of slap bang and well, you will see,” Kahil said.
      Aysel looked at Kahil curiously. They went to a bit out of the unofficial border of the Glade. Past the border of the trees were many small clumps of clearing where trees had been felled, in one of these Myrah and Zozi had set up their kitchen. They had made a large counter for peeling, chopping and de-coring apples out of large plank of wood and two empty barrels. A large pot was filled with boiling apples in some sugary caramel mixture. In makeshift oven they were making they were baking the turnovers. All the while the girls were teasing each other, giggling and other such things girls of approximately eighteen years of age do. “Myrah! Some one wants to see you!” Kahil called out.
      “Who?” Myrah said brushing a loose red lock out of her face.
      “Who is Aysel?” Zozi asked.
      Kahil said nothing but moved aside to reveal the small child. The girls smiled dreamily, “Awwww!” they said in unison, “She is so cute!”
      Kahil rolled his eyes, “Can she just stay with you?”
      “Sure!” Myrah said.
      Aysel skipped merrily over to where they were cooking and climbed up on the table. “Hello!”
      “Hello, back! How are you?” Zozi asked walking over with a mixing bowl balanced on her hip.
      “Eh, can’t complain.”
      “That’s good.”
      “Zozi! Where is the stuff for the icing?”
      “Over here, I am mixing it up right now.”
      “Oh, alright.”
      “Myrah is in charge of the operation sort of,” Zozi informed Aysel, “She is a natural leader. I think it is her hair.”
      Aysel giggled.
      “What? Many red heads seem to be, how do I say this, forward?” Zozi suggested.
      Aysel nodded her head emphatically.
      “Have you met many red-heads?”
      “Not too many, but enough to get a stereotype.”
      Zozi laughed, “Does Myrah fit your stereotype?”
      Aysel grinned impishly.
      “Guess that answers my question!”
      “Zozi! Are you done yet this batch needs icing!” Myrah suddenly called to Zozi.
      “Almost!” Zozi called back, “Aysel do you want to make a batch of icing for me?”
      “Sure, how?” Aysel asked.
      “Oh, the ingredients are right there,” Zozi said pointing to pounds of various foods piled at either end of the table weighting it down effectively, “and here is the recipe.” Zozi handed Aysel a card.
      “Alright,” Aysel hopped down from the table and gathered up the proper ingredients and started mixing them together as Zozi and Myrah made various other parts of the turnovers.

      After many hours of turnover making, filling up about two and half dozen platters, the turnovers makers collapsed thankfully in Myrah’s tree house, exhausted. They dozed for a few minutes but then the girls were summoned to help decorate for the feast.
      Reu and Kahil showed up again to help hang up strings of lights. After a few hours the Glade was completely redecorated.
      “Oh it looks so perfect!” Aysel said skipping around looking at the transformed Glade.
      “Yes,” Zozi said grabbing Aysel hands and skipping with her, “now come one time to get ourselves ready. You dress is totally unsuitable for a feast, dear!” They both ran off hand in hand to Zozi’s tree house.
      “Myrah, aren’t you going to get ready?”
      “Of course. I was just thinking,” Myrah replied.
      “About?” Kahil asked.
      “Oh you know things….” Myrah said cryptically.
      Kahil rolled his eyes, as Myrah went off laughing.

      A Little Ferret Thief
      OLGM Lilliput, OLM Escapegirl, OLD Darknight and OLB George
      Member of GFARDTO and the Looney Bin
      OHOHOH!! Check it out:
      My city:
      Pretty Please!!!!! Please, please, please!!! I'll even beg *gets on knees*