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I made a map of GH

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  • I made a map of GH

    I felt creative. Really I did.

    And I did Never Ending Island too!
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    GH's Gaomon Fanboy from Boston, MA!

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    Wow, that's great 2 Tails
    The words on the left one are partly difficult to read for me, but I could decipher most of them. If you have a bigger or better quality version, I'd be happy to see that to be able to read everything
    Great creative work


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      Good job

      Real nice although I have a hard time reading the names on the map.
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      From now on, this is how it is going to be, just her and me


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        I know the cities (all in english):
        GH Planet: Family City
        Development land: Develop City
        Chit Chat: (Has no captial for Chit Chat topics change)
        Spoiler testing land: Spoil City
        Video Game Land: Mario City
        Renegade Empire: Renegade City
        Land of Banned Members: Ban City
        Questions and Feedback: Question
        UK of GH: Gamershood City
        Books: Novel City
        Games: Ponit Click City
        Music: Rock n Roll
        News: Newstand
        GH's Gaomon Fanboy from Boston, MA!


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          And I have also seen Shark Sea I think

          Great job, I like it


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            Shark Sea: Just like the Jellyfish Lake, The Shark Sea is full of Sharks.
            GH's Gaomon Fanboy from Boston, MA!


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              Yup, and our shaharc is swimming around there


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                yes, watch out
                I didn't eat for a while, and 2 tails sounds delicious...
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                  Nice maps, 2 Tails!

                  And LOL, Shaharc!