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Why do we like game what makes us play?

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  • Why do we like game what makes us play?

    I'm doing a project for school and those are some of the things that i want to know what do we look for in a game why do we cling to the virtual world? What can't we do in real life that we can't in reality is it the fact that no one knows who we are? Or is it just fun? please help me with this i really need it
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    Well um you can't legally kill people in random acts of violence unless your playing a game. Unless your James Bond....or Carl Weathers.


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      i prefer uh medieval games i guess u could call them the ones with magic and stuff and futureistic types of that

      i guess i like them because we can do things that we cant in real life and not just kill it makes us feel like we have another personality or something that we can connect to, the virtual world is sort of like a friend, i like being able to do whatever i want in a video game rather then being stuck to a schedual and feeling like a zombie in the 'virtual world' i can take that zombie and shoot it in the head and move on. Its like a split personality to everyone that enjoys games, i also like the story in games. they do things we wish and aspire to do but are impossible or we will never do because if something goes wrong we cant just press reset in the real world, some examples of this are jumping off a bridge, building or in a random hole we would never do this in real life because we fear and dont wish to find out the results which can be death, injury, getting stuck in an infamilliar dark lonley place, or getting into trouble. other examples of this is one i personally like it is exploring the virutal world most of us will never see the whole world but in certant games we can experiance the world created by pixels. some of us just play games to releave intense emotions like when were angry we can go shoot something or when were bored we can do something fun in the comfort of our own home, others like the fact that we can connect to players from around the world and speak to them like they were standing infront of us, so i guess you could say when you start you never stop, its your ying to your yang

      does that help your project? ^^