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    Favorite System and Game

    How are y'all doin'?

    I was just wondering, what is your favorite game system and game?

    No fights about conflicting systems, they are just conduits to the escaping of reality and everyday problems.

    Let here it. Mine is X-box and mostly Halo 2
    I am the Andyman !.!. -__- .!.!


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      Andyman, I have merged your thread with an already existing one on this topic. Here you have even the possibility to vote


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          goldeneye is cool, it has to be the best first person shoot-em-up EVER.
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            xbox 360 all the way!!!!!!! also you spelt it xbob 360 not xbox 360


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              PS2 all t3h way.


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                Well i just edited this and I'll have to say the Xbox360(too bad I can't vote agiain)because of

                Halo 3
                and PGR3 and soon PGR4
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                cool game


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                  And I don't /actually/ have the Xboxes.
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                    i personally own an xbox360 and i think it is the better choice
                    -the graphics are awesome so much better then the other systems
                    (you know how on commercials it plays cut scenes that are awesome graphics well some games are like that when u play!)

                    - the story for some of the games is so great that youll want to play for hours on end
                    (now im a big fan of zelda but i think the wii is stupid and zelda is better off coming to xbox)

                    -the gameplay is awesome its action action action then you see a cutscene THEN MORE ACTION!

                    -the whole look of the console is cool
                    (at first i thought it sucked but once you have it for a while you really like it )

                    -the sound is also great!

                    -not to mention the graphics are awesome

                    - did i mention the GRAPHICS ARE AWESOME!!!!
                    they even have a cord for HD!!!!!!

                    xbox360 is supurbe (lol cant spell that)
                    (well at least untill i get the ps3 i hear it sucks though)


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                      I'm a PS2 fan cuz it still allows me to play my old time fave: Sonic! I too am wondering what PS3 is like as it just came out, but because of demand, it seems nobody can get one!
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                        actually you can get one although its highly unlikely some ways to get them are:
                        - pre-order them (works for games dunno bout systems)

                        - buy one from someone (they will probably offer ridiculas amount)

                        - check daily at the stores

                        - or buy one from ebay if u have alot of money to waste right now there going up to 1000 and the largest amount someone bought it for was 5000


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                          I myself like handhelds, allows more movement. I don't like being rooted only controller length away from the t.v. I mean I do own a xBox but I only play it once in a while ... other than that I'm a PSP, SP, or PC kinda girl heh.
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                            hey xbox 360 doesnt need 1 cord u can get up and walk around lol i was playing my game upstairs in my house when my t.v was downstairs lol i had my bro on the phone telling me what to do


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                              Console Chat

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                              Ill start Im saving for a ps3 and 19" HD Tv but is the ps3 worth its money ?
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