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    When I lived in Lake geneva a long time ago in middle school, I had a homosexual friend. I was the only one he told because I was the only one he trusted. When someone overheard are conversation about his homosexuallity, they told everyone they knew, and then the whole school found out. He started getting harrassed and teased, and then commited suicide one afternoon.

    I was so angry. I found the person who told everyone and started hitting him. It took five people to get me off of him.
    I got expelled from the district. Luckily, we moved back to whitewater a few days later. They had to take a look at my record, but still had the heart to let me in.

    It really is pathetic that people can't accept gay's and lesbians in society. It makes me sick.
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      Can i just say i totally agree with someguy and Mistery

      And to be honest, Someguy- everyone at my school would react exactly the same
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        i totally agree


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          *bumpity* I`m still straight... lol But I`m posting cuz I think one of my male classmates is gay... ^.^
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            I'm a girl and I'm straight.
            I have a lot of gay/lesbian friends and they all are just wonderful people.
            I'm from, well, what the heck, Atlanta, GA and gays and lesbians are more accepted than they are in some other cities. They have this huge and fun Gay/Lesbian Festival every year in a big city park near my house.

            I actually prefer gay man to straight man, honestly.
            Gay men are usually more sensitive and gentle and thoughtful than straight DUDES, know what I mean? And my lesbian friends NEVER bother me with atypical girl-ness. They don't whine, they don't get pretentious, they mind their own businesses.

            So, let me say this:
            I LOVE GAYS & LESBIANS
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              im a guy. im straight. im done talking here now.
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                I'm a girl and I'm strait. Have tons of lesbian/bi/gay people and they're all great people. It drives me crazy that stuff like that even matters.
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                  I dislike the way people are treating this "problem".
                  1. It's not a problem.
                  2. People should have the right to be whatever they want. Just because you allow gay marriage doesn't mean EVERYONE has to be gay or lesbian. It's a choice. And that is what freedom is. it's a right, not a force. so let people be people! YEAH!
                  And also, I'm a straight girl.


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                    you know what im tired of? people mis using the word gay! comments like "oh thats so gay" make me really mad. i mean ppl say gay like its a bad thing


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                      Originally posted by Mistery View Post
                      Yes, I can imagine how difficult it is, because you just don't know in advance how people would react.
                      My 5 gay and lesbian friends told their families and close friends about their sexual orientation when they were between 20 and 30 years old. Before that, they felt too afraid. Fortunately all of them experienced good reactions from those people (well, some parents were first shocked, but then accepted it without big dramas). With this "support", they are now more relaxed about it.
                      But to be honest, I've also heard very rude discussions about homosexuality among teenagers on the bus, which really freaked me out. It led that far, that some adults told them to stop it, which resulted in verbal fights.

                      I think it's also a question where you live - the tolerance can be different in different cultural settings. And of course it also depends on the attitude of your family and friends. You can't choose your family, but true friends will accept you whether you are straight or homosexual, big or small, slim or fat. I wish you that your friends and family will be very tolerant, whenever you decide it's time to let them know
                      i agree with you on location. places where gay marriage is legal are more likely to be tolerant of peoples sexual orientation. i myself am not quite sure yet of my sexual orientation, but i know that i am either straight or bi because i have had several crushes on boys. also, my aunt is homosexual and she is married and both of my aunts have adopted my two cousins. other than my aunts though, i dont really know anyone who is bi or gay.
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                        It does not matter if you gay or not.

                        It matters who you are.
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