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  • Not fair, I missed it X/
    I have no idea if I have already posted it.... uhm.... Yana, just don`t try to say it outloud please -.-'
    :dogfoot:MY ONLINE FAMILY::dogfoot:

    HUBBY: party 4 ever:hug:
    Proud MOM of: sweet grafitti ~virgo~:sla:,angel suzy:inc:,sparkling rose zillah0625:rose:,the diggin`themolestarted ;)
    BROTHER in-law: Yorick:yayfox:
    SISTERS in-law: dia :happyflower: and Mcakkay:happyflower:

    :yaya:Please help my little dragon eggs hatch! :yaya:


    • I said it out loud. lol.
      I think it's a nice name.
      my last name is <<removed by moderation, read the rules>>. I don't mind saying, because I have no fear of stalkers.
      Last edited by Mistery; 10-16-2008, 23:02:22. Reason: removed personal information


      • James. I have 3 names other than my surname. James is my father's name. My other two are my two grandfathers' names.
        Some people just don't understand that the "best" way isn't always the right way.
        Not everyone plays games to win; some people just want to have fun.
        That doesn't mean that winning isn't fun, and I personally find it very rewarding.
        It simply means that there's more to a game than winning.


        • Nice to meet you James!


          • Jeremiah, my mom got it from the Holy Bible.
            GH's Gaomon Fanboy from Boston, MA!


            • My name is for all to see, I don't have a nickname here but people sometimes call me Von or Vonne or Yvon
              From now on, this is how it is going to be, just her and me


              • brandi!!!!!!!!!!


                • Your Real Name

                  In the User CP, top of every page in one of the green stripes, click edit profile, scroll to the bottom, put in your real name, but only if you want to.