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  • #31
    HEy I also want to compliment Lilli aka Lilliputt for replying my first PM.

    I am an elite member of GFARTDO

    I am the witch of GH planet!!

    Also french partner of HeartoftheDark


    • #32
      Really? I had no idea Thaz sweet of ya, dear. Thank you

      I wanna compliment Charmed1 because she is an awesome online sis

      STILL struddling


      PURPLE HELL is back and burning!! See you there!


      • #33
        i wana complament GamersHood because did a great job of makeing this forum and help keep it clean
        the only green fox
        hammer and crystal

        of the
        LOONEY BIN

        Wii came Wii conkerd
        1 year at Games-Hood

        the rat

        hi Cid
        the rat


        • #34
          Yeah I want to compliment gamershood too, as they listened to me when i PMed them about reporting some dude for a racist sig
          L. Hill


          • #35
            I wanted to compliment all the members of gamershood for being a good and disciplined member! lol
            never trust someone who lies to you, never lie to someone who trusts you.


            • #36
              I'd like 2 compilement Mistery and Lilliputt my first ever friends in GamersHood.

              Mistery-responded back straight away when I reported something to her and when i asked her something.

              Lilliputt-for being so friendly and answered my question.
              Lovin Gamershood!

              dOn'T mEsS wItH dA bEsS cOz Da BeSs dOn'T mEsS!

              WOHOO! New member of the Looney Bin!
              Thanx Mistery 4 helping me 2 become a member!

              Spread the virus! 1



              • #37
                I'd like to compliment (in no particular order)

                Crimsonthread- partners in riddles!
                Lissy- For staying up past your bedtime to help us
                Teeodd28403- to the point clues
                Sleepyhead&Damar- the ones who finish first but stick around to help others
                vlc5863- showing me the best riddles and then getting stuck together!
                Shiningstar- lights up the page
                Shaharc- new to gamershood but very gifted!
                Adventure- for getting stuck and being ashamed about it with me
                Brimful-Asha- For neverending pm's about how stumped we are
                D&D: My first partner in crime on Gamershood, but lost now

                And Gamershood in general, never thought I would spend hours and hours behind my computer!!
                Last edited by Iva; 07-26-2007, 02:38:57.

                GHFGNP with SimplyCrazy aka Gekkie

                Fly by the seat of your pants



                • #38
                  I'd like to compliment all of the wonderful members of GH. I kinda fell into the site after googling room escape games and a few months later I have 700+ posts and a lot of new friends. Also lots of sleepless nights thinking about riddles.

                  Also thanks to all of the moderators. I had a question about a new thread and they responded very quickly and with much understanding. Thanks for helping maintain one of the best sites on the internet


                  • #39
                    I'd like to compliment:

                    Eternal Becky and Mistery- for showing me how to make a screenshot
                    jenni.p123 and Lilliput - for sending me my first PMs and making me the cat test subject of the CST
                    EscapeGirl- for tellling me for the rool about roddles
                    OneBun- for telling me that I can be a member of the Looney Bin
                    and...and...OH I can't write everyone- they're so many!
                    Thank you Gamershood forum for teaching me proper English without realizing it.


                    • #40
                      I want to compliment Hitman, SimlyCrazy, Wirodeu and Bread for leting me join their family
                      Ninjas have more fun
                      I'm the Ninja of the Looney Bin
                      Online Family:
                      Brothers:...........Wirodeu and Bread


                      • #41
                        I think Mistery should be complimented. HeShe answers stuff, is as helpful as can be, and is polite to very stupid and senseless people like me. You can't get that often.


                        • #42
                          Awww, thank you very much Nunu, that warms my heart
                          Mistery is a she