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  • #16
    Originally posted by wirodeu
    So It's just nature when an dog Attacks you ....
    And another person Kills the dog for Attacking someone...

    ..... That doesn't sounds like nature.....
    Dogs DO NOT attack people!!! People make them want to attack other people!!! And this is for the ones that think that dogs are mean!!!
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    • #17
      Is this scary becaouse something jumps out at you?


      • #18
        noo!! i thought so too at first, but it really is shocking
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        • #19
          oh... i dont think I want to watch it then.


          • #20
            I just used a dog to explain i know dogs won't attack... Only if people let them attack.. Or people are hurting them...


            • #21
              that is awful

              that video is awful and really cruel, i wish someone would string those horrible peole up and cut them alive like they did to those poor raccoons

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              • #22
                AAAHHH!!! I couldn't watch more than 3 seconds of it. That was really disturbing. I'm kinda disappointed in myself for watching part of it.


                • #23
                  After reading what everyone was saying about this video, I decided not to watch it, although my curiosity is poking it's lil head up now!
                  I LOVE all animals (with the exception of daddy-long-legs as I don't see the point of them!) and I hate the people that get a kick out of hurting them.
                  What goes around, comes around, so they better watch their backs now!
                  I agree that these people should receive the same treatment!
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                  • #24
                    Ok..I just actually watched this...and I feel sick.

                    The people who did that will get killed by the PETA. They've (Probably) done it before.
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                    • #25
                      I'm not even going to watch it because i know it's horrible.
                      I think it's disgusting what some people do to animals.
                      They deserve to be put through what the animals are.
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                      • #26
                        omg! why did I watch it?? WHY??!! wahhh! i only watched the 1st 4 seconds and felt so shocked and sick I had to turn it off. this is gonna haunt me for the rest of my life I hope those evil people get put in jail
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                        • #27
                          OH my god, they are skinning him alive!
                          I can't watch more than a minute of this
                          I do eat meat, but if I know animals are being treated inhumanely like this, and the store (or wherever the place I buy food from) buys it, I refuse to give them business. PERIOD.
                          the poor thing was still alive with no skin, being thrown around and bleeding to death
                          I hope those people are tortured and THEN killed.

                          Edit: Even if getting furs for some reason was 100% necessary, they could at least kill the poor things first


                          • #28
                            How the Hell can they do this!?!? this is madness! OMG! how would they like to be beaten against the ground and skinned alive!?!? I hate that! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
                            WwwwHY? Why would they do this!!!!???
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                            • #29

                              Words can't describe!
                              Thank you Gamershood forum for teaching me proper English without realizing it.


                              • #30
                                I know it is very disturbing, gross and inhumane.. Sadly it is very real and sadly, happening right now, as we speak. My eyes and mind work differently now, ever since I joined PETA. I don't see mankind to be the best... Infact, I see them as the problem... I would rather see experiments done on humans than on animals. I will forever fight for animal rights with PETA, even if it kills me.
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