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Chit Chat 6

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  • Chit Chat 6

    Due to the size of Chit Chat 5 and the server resources being used, we have chosen to lock the thread, and create a new chat. So, bring in your sofas, elephants, coffins, closets, wigs, ninja stuff, chocolate, beaming devices, and everything else you might want and settle in for your stay here in Chit Chat 6! Make yourself comfy and chat about whatever you'd like.

    Please remember that the rules must be also followed in this thread:

    As a reminder:
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  • #2
    cool...2nd post

    EDIT: so Escape hve u eva heard of "i survived a japanese game show" ?
    it's got americans competing in it


    • #3
      Woohoo! Welcome to chit chat 6! Would you mind sharing your noodles and apricot turnovers as a celebration food?

      Yeah, I have heard of it. But I know very little about it! Is it cool?


      • #4
        certainly *magically cooks enough noodles and apricot turnover for everyone in gamershood *

        it's know wat japanese game shows are like
        they had to put food on their head, run up a really fast conveyor belt going opposite way, and their teammate had to eat the food off their heads, while the person tried no to fall off


        • #5
          *enjoys the noodles and apricot turnovers*


          ROFL! I would probably stop channel surfing and watch that. Sounds pretty funny! How are they doing?


          • #6
            well, now their dressed as flies,
            trying to hit a target with paintballs attached to themselves

            (yum those noodles look good, i love spicy chinese noodles, if that's wat they are )


            • #7
              LOL! That sounds like such a funny gameshow. Reminds me of a show from a long time ago - called Double Dare.

              I don't know. I googled noodles. But I like those, too!


              • #8
                hey i watched Double Dare, it was...interesting...i was pretty much obsessed with it

                ooo... scary movie 4 is on


                • #9
                  Hehe. When I was a kid, I got a Double Dare game for home. My mom and I played it, and I have a pic of her crawling on the floor with a silly contraption on her head, her robe on, and she was puckered up blowing a foam ball across the floor! SO funny!

                  Ooh! That's good too! I like the spoof movies.


                  • #10

                    haha that sounds like a cool game


                    • #11
                      It was! Made my mom and I laugh, anyway.

                      Well, it's WAY later than I expected to stay I really should go get some sleep. I'm beat. Have a great rest of your day!


                      • #12
                        have a nice sleep

                        it's nearly 9pm so i guess i'll be going 2 bed too in a couple of hours.
                        see ya.


                        • #13


                          • #14
                            hey Mulan
                            wats up?


                            • #15
                              Hi Chocbubble, how are you ????