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creating a riddle

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  • creating a riddle

    hey everybody
    i was thinking of creating a riddle on
    i have some ideas on what im going to create it on
    the thing is i cant seem to figure out how to make it!!

    i tried looking on youtube for some help
    but havent found it

    could anybody help me out?
    or could i team up with somebody
    and we could make one together??

  • #2
    I don't have a Webs account, but I could try to register one, and check it out.
    Anything specific that you couldn't make run?

    Currently I get this message:
    We're performing scheduled maintenance.

    Webs is currently under maintenance. Please try back in 15 minutes.
    So I'm unable to sign up at the moment
    Gonna try tomorrow again, since it's pretty late here.


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      Okay, if I understand correctly, you already made an account.

      To start: Go to Site Manager

      Now let's make level 1.
      • Click + Add a New Page.
      • Select Page (=Blank Page - Start with an empty page and add text, images, videos, more).
      • Type the Page Name
        This is the deciding factor for the url.
        Make sure you don't use spaces, unless you want to use answer with spaces in it.
        I.e. if you give up: level1
        The url of that page will be
        I.e if you give up: level_one
        The url of that page will be:
      • Click Create Page, and you will be directed to the page for level 1.
      • Select Page Options and click Hide in NavBar.
        This will remove all the links that leads to this page. If you don't hide a page/level from the Navigation Bar, there will be a link in all other pages/levels that leads to level 1.
      • Now click Context Box.
      • In the first field you give up the Title. For example level 1.
      • In the other field you add all the level content you want. Text, pictures, music, video, etc.
      • When you are done, click Publish. And you page will be saved and published.
      • Go back to Site Manager.

      Now let's create level 2:
      • Click + Add a New Page.
      • Select Page
      • Type the Page Name.
        This MUST be the answer of level 1, otherwise the levels won't be connected!
      • Followed the steps as written for level 1

      NOTE: webs has a limit of maximal 20 pages per account. This includes the home page. The home page cannot be deleted, and renaming the homepage name won't change the url. So you can maximal make 19 riddle levels per account.
      Luckily you can create so many accounts as you like using the same email.

      Hope this is what you wanted to know. And if not, it might help out others.
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      • #4
        ok thnxs
        since webs only allows 20 pages
        how do i create a new domain?


        • #5
          Just like you created the current one, but you need to use another name instead of linkinpark333. You must then find a way to give a hint to players how to get to the other domain (or let players click a link to the main page of the new domain and continue from there).


          • #6
            Just make a first one domain and put in the intro in the main then the 18 other riddles, then on the last page either give them a 19th level where they must change the URL or just put the link there to continue to level 19, but before you do the last thing i said, you must log out and make ANOTHER domain with a different domain like: 1st Domain: linkinpark333, 2nd: linkinpark334, 3rd: linkinpark335 and keep going til you have all you want.

            Once you finish your riddle, give it an ending. If you want it to be never ending, just continue making domains and riddles.

            I am also gonna make a riddle (my 3rd riddles again, except this time ill make sure it will make sence to people) but i dont need help on it.

            Enjoy making your riddles!
            If you need help, i am gonna make a video tutorial on how to make riddles on soon on in my own domain. You will have to wait though. Just hope that what i said would help, same with Mistery and Adventure's help.
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