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Guess your number! It's magic!

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  • Guess your number! It's magic!

    Guess your number
    Follow the intruction there.

    P.S.:You need Macromedia Flash Player9 too visit it.

  • #2
    Magic?! If I knew how to make flash thingys like those, I would also be able to do it, and I can assure you that it wouldn't be magic!

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    • #3
      I knew that wasn't magic
      I putted "it's magic" to be like the real title.


      • #4
        About the colour thing at the choose the colour your number is and at the group part the numbers of the colour you chose they put one into each group.

        I don't think it's anything to do with the voice.I tried without saying and they still guessed my number.
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          Nothing to do with the voice


          • #6
            Lol, it's so simple... It's 15 numbers, right? An let's concentrate on the green one's as an example: 9, 12, 16, 23 and 25. They're green on the first task.
            Task nr. 2 has nothing to say
            Now on the third task, you have to pick a house. The thing is, no nubers of the same colour are in the same house. That's how they know extactly which number you picked. As for the door part, I think they just change the numbers behind the other doors after you picked your first

            EDIT: Seems this post was unnecesary. Glad we are so smart here at GH

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            • #7
              Lol!! I did everything right and my number was three and it guessed 19


              • #8
                its so stupid its made me rolf and lol for ages


                • #9
                  how does that work?
                  i didn't even said my chosen number out loud
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