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Mythbusters...any fans here?

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  • #46
    i love mythbusters! my fav is the tree cannon
    I am and will always be a timetraveler


    • #47
      mythbusters is an awesome show
      my fav between adam and jaime is jaime

      whos ur fav character


      • #48
        i love mythbusters i started watching it 5 years ago and still going strong lol i used to watch braniac it was shown in the usa for awhile but its off here so i cant watch it idk what my favorite myth is probably one of the movie specials idk i loved the jaws ones i guess i have seen them all so many times it gets repetative i thought the toy car racing the viper of a quarter mile was cool adn the giant lego ball lol


        • #49
          i love it too, it would be so awesome to do all those experiments
          i liked the one they did about cabin fever and how jaime and adam went crazy being alone in their cabins for a long time, and i also liked the one where they tested to see whether a passenger on a plane who had never flown a plane before could crash land it with some help from the control tower...

          oh yeah i've seen brainiac it's awesome we still get it here but it's just all reruns


          • #50
            I think the whole crew work well together
            I quite like the skunk one where it wouldn't do what skunks usually do lol

            The airbag one I had busted before they even started lol, you could hit a parked car with a 747 and they wouldn't go off. you need the ignition on DOH.. plus like they said, fitted in the trim, go the other way, its a volocity and impact sensor, its really hard setting them off twiddling with the wires (luckily!), could you just imagine an auto electricains customers face when you tell them you've just set of a few $1000 worth of air bags off in their nice shiney BMW?!