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    I don't think Limewire is illegal. Becouse, right in the start, when you start downloading it, you must agree NOT to use it for copyright infringement.
    Also, if it would be illegal, it would have been shut down long time ago.
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      Originally posted by Heartofthedark View Post
      Someguy - to clarify downloading the music isnt illegal what is illegal is file sharing which limewire uses, when it talks about downloading from # hosts it means its sharing so if you download a file and someone is downloading the same one and it decides to use your computer then youve just done something illega so basically its an illegal program, the reason the government hasn't done anything yet is because 1, its not that big of a problem i mean it is but they have more important things to deal with and 2, to stop a massive program you go to its source so yes its unlikely that they will ever question you but still i have heard reports of them going to individual people and arresting for file sharing illegaly
      File sharing is not illeagal, it happens in everyday life. Your facts are false, as the government would have done something by now, as it is a huge file sharing network that millions of people use, it is not that hard to find the source either, trust me.
      and also, even if the government didn't have time for it, how would they then have time to go to and bust them for child ****. It is a crappy animation site, that hardly anybody knows about, yet the government busts them anyway. So, in conclusion, Limewire is legal.


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        go to itunes store for music. (someone problly said that if so, sorry)

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          why go to an itunes store, when you can get it for free with limewire.
          or frostwire, but they charge you to buy the software :/


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   its a great site for music though it doesnt have videos
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     is a great place to has almost every artist you can think of