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  • Motorhead

    Anyone here listen to motorhead?
    I got into motorhead watching the WWE. sounds crazy, but I looked into who sung triple H's song, started listening to more of their songs, and got hooked.

    So anyone else listen?

  • #2
    Yeah, Lemmy is perhaps the most remarkable man I've ever heard of.
    It's a toss up between him, Ozzy [back in the day] and Manson.

    Motorhead are awesome - 1916 is a surprisingly moving song and is possibly my favourite, you should give it a listen if you haven't already.
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      I think I will.
      I'm a fan, I should listen to most if not all of their songs.


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        I really like some of the ones they've done for the WWE. Line in the Sand [Evolution theme when they were still around] is an especially decent one, and "The Game" is just as easily applied to Lemmy as HHH.
        SteelersFreaks's Music Riddle - 1st

        Justeazy's Riddle (Part 1) - 14th


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          It is.
          Also the king of kings song is good. Triple H has good music taste.
          I like most of the songs I've listened to from motorhead.