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Do u like news?

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    I agree with Escape, it's always about death and war and terrorists attacks, i usually read the cartoons and the regional news, that's not so depressing
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      I Only Read The Newspaper


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        My parents buy the newspaper everyday, so I always take a look at the comics (Zitts). But now I have a work for school and I have to search everyday on the newspaper for articles about the planet, like global warming (is there a more specific word for this? ), hurricanes, and stuff like that. It's quite boring because normally I don't find anything good on the newspapers... It's all about stuff that has nothing to do with what I want...
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          i hate the news because i am 10 and my mom and dad watch it all the time so i cant watch my fav shows
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            I ABSOLUTELY hate watching the News
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              i dont see the news much because i go to a military school. but the news is good! lol