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Advice on Parallax Scrolling Artwork

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  • Advice on Parallax Scrolling Artwork

    Hey there,

    I'm hoping to find some advice. I've never done anything like this before, my art is usually found on Children's Books or that sort of thing, so I'm really clueless. Basically, a friend of mine is making a game and has asked me to be the background artist for each level. I've created a nice background (here's a snippet of it here:

    And then we thought we'd try out parallax scrolling to give the level a real level of depth. He managed to do the scrolling part, but because I had to set a solid colour to the background of each layer, the art really suffered, mainly because it was drawn with anti-aliasing to make it all smooth and pretty-like. It currently looks like this:

    Click image for larger version

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    What I'm basically looking for help on is, how do I rescue the image without loosing the quality? I'm guessing I'd have to make the whole thing again in pixels rather than keeping the original image, but I don't think that would really suit the style and I'm not really comfortable working in pixels. I'm really reluctant to turn around and say "actually, we can't do parallax scrolling after all" because it looks excellent if you just imagine the red blotches aren't there.

    So is there a way of doing this without having to work in pixels? Can I rescue my original image and have it work?

    Any advice and suggestions will be received incredibly gratefully!