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  • Something about Gamershood...

    Gamershood used to be the only site I would ever go to for games.They would put up a list of new games once a week. All of them varied in style and category. Now it seems that the few times new games are put up on the site they are dime-a-dozen room escape games most of them in several different foreign languages. I look at game categories outside of room escape games and there have been one or two new entries in the past year. Has Gamershood a strictly room escape site? Nineteen out of twenty-six games on the front page are room escape games, the rest are ridiculous platformers like onfire, and there is even a dress up game. Also the featured games have been the same five games for almost a month now. When is Gamershood going to return to the true gaming paradise it once was?

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    Actually the games you see on the are the most recent added games, not necessarily last weeks games. Like now, all new games listed at are games that are added on 7 July ~ 9 July 2009.
    It's very likely that when you only check this new games list on you will miss new games. I really think this is the case because the variety of new games is still very diverse.
    It's indeed true that many of the games are room escapes, but this only because the supply of this type of games is the most large. Much more larger than other online games.

    I don't know what kind of games you prefer, but go to the category of your kind of games and click the option sort by date (see screenshot).
    Click image for larger version

Name:	sort by date.JPG
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    Now all games in that category are sorted by most recent to older.

    You too can find new games, that haven't been added to the main game site yet, in the sub-forum new games.
    If you miss any game on this site, feel free to post it there. More info about this you can find here:

    On a last note: some games won't be submitted to the main game site, and are only available on the forums. This usually are demos, RPG's, and games that are definitively not suitable for young players.
    Faily of Kzin