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  • Recommended Games (Similar Threads)

    Hey, yeah, I've got a suggestion. What about 'recommended games' when you click on a game? For example

    I play the new 'Monkey climb' game and under recommended games it would say Cinderella and Prince, Cool Goddess, Little red riding hood, Jack and the beanstalk etc. etc.

    If I searched for 10 gnomes episode two, I'd get 10 gnomes episode 1 through ten. (I don't only mean sequels, I mean similar games that I might be interested in according to my search, or the game I clicked on.)


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    Do you mean something similar to the recommendations provides after a user buys/views certain products? I think that would be a great idea, but I don't know if that's possible. *waits for a mod's point of view*


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      Exactly! There are tons of games I'm probably missing out on, and if it's possible to narrow it down to each person's preference, all those lost games can still be played I've tried to go through the site countless times but each category has over fifty pages and each game takes atleast twenty minutes or longer to play, So I'll never get to see someone's work of art.

      So I hope this is possible.


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        Thank you for your suggestion, Timmsks. I will certainly bring it up within the moderation team and with the admin to see if it's a possibility. I don't know if the VBulletin software has such an option. I'll be sure to let you know, when I know more.

        In the meantime, you can always do a search using the game creator's name. A regular search, as well as a tag search. (Just a heads up, the tags are a fairly new system, so many of the older games don't have tags.) But, often times if you like a game creator's game, you may like the others that he/she has created. (Just like the Minoto games you have mentioned.) Also, sometimes it helps to search the main page as well, as some of the results are less than 5 pages. In any event, thank you for the suggestion and we'll let you know.


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          vBulletin has the feature Similar Threads that shows similar threads at the bottom of a thread. This feature is at the moment not fully operational because it possible has effect on the loading performance of the server. An example of this feature you can see here:

          Moderation is currently discussing whether it's wise to enable this feature or not. In the end it's the admin who makes the final decision.

          Please have some patient. We will post in this thread as soon as we know more.
          Faily of Kzin



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            Thanks Yeah, I do often search for games that I've played before(I often play most of the games I like over and over), I didn't know about this tag thing, so thank you for that.


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              Similar Threads has enabled.
              You can find Similar Threads directly below the last post of a thread's page, and directly above the tags. The maximum displayed similar threads is currently 5, but it's possible that threads have less or no similar threads at all.

              However, as you likely will notice, the displayed threads are not always that similar. We are going to try to approve this, but can't give guarantees. This too because an certain add-on to define the display of similar threads isn't compatible with the 3.8 versions of vBulletin, and an updated version has not been released yet.

              In anyway using the intern search engine or searching by tags stays also a good method to find (similar) games or games developed by the same creator.
              Faily of Kzin