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the room escape games on this site have turned so bad

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  • the room escape games on this site have turned so bad

    this site use 2 have soooooo many good games but the ones being uploaded and the highest rated r all games that r liek hey lets find jewels or something..i want a gd room escape game site..anyone know of 1?

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    We are posting new games that are available. All game forums, blogs and sites can only post games that are being created, so you will find on all of them almost the same games.

    You might not like all new games, but I'm sure that among the new games there are also ones that you enjoy


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      Word Association games

      Hi ... I think this is a great site but I do wish someone (anyone!) would create more word association type games like Crank's Word Links or Lateral. My mates and I love those games and haven't seen one on any site for ages now. Anyone willing to give it a go?


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        Lindae....Hi there and welcome to Gamershood forums! Sorry for the late reply. I enjoy those games, too, and I hope more are made. They're great to work together on as a group.

        Have you played all Crank811's games?
        FOOD LINKS 300

        Meta Word Link 1

        Christmas Word Link

        In the meantime, like you, I hope more are created. You could also always PM Crank and let him know your interest in him creating more. Maybe if he knows how well received his games are, he might create another!


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          Hi Escapegirl ... cute piccy, I LOVE cats!! Yep, played all the Crank games and have also sent him a PM but he seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth! Have you really sent almost 46,000 posts? Well done and thanks so much for the lovely welcome. Hope to chat again soon.


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            Thank you! I'm a huge cat lover. And yes, I have. But it's taken me since May 2006!! hehe. Well, I hope Crank returns with an even bigger/better word game for ya. I do agree, they're a LOT of fun! And you're welcome! Enjoy the forums!