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wii compatible games

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  • wii compatible games

    Ok..I have realized many people are surfing the web using a wii (including me xD) It is a disappointing thing to want to play a game... but Opera doesn't support it! I am asking to maybe make a Wii-friendly game thread or a way to say "This game is(n't) wii compatible!" Maybe a pic of a wiimote next to it? I also hope game creators will try to make wii-friendly games! I hope I am not asking too much! Thanks! ~Mud

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    Interesting suggestion midnight.

    However I'm not sure if we as GH staff can implement it on the short term. The main reason is, that to my knowledge the GH staff members aren't using wii or Opera, therefore we can't check at the moment if games are compatible with it.
    If moderators are willing or able (e.g. might be a problem at work) to download an additional web browser is another question. The game descriptions usually don't contain any information about it either.
    Additionally, the decision about importing a wii icon as post icon has to be taken by GamersHood.

    But, you are right that due to the new technical developments there could be a need for such an information for players who are using wii.

    At the moment, I can tell you this:
    The moderation team will discuss this topic in the next days, and also contact GamersHood about this idea.
    We'll let you know more as soon as possible, please be patient, thank you


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      We've been discussing your suggestion in the moderation team, and we think that we (primarily Adventure) can add a special wii icon to new posted games that are wii-compatible.
      GamersHood has just replied me that he also agrees, and he will upload a new post icon.
      As soon as we have the new icon, we can start to implement it for new posted games.
      (Unfortunately we don't have resources to check already posted games for compatibility)


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        i have a wii but i cant go on the internet yet so when i get it on ill help also
        the only green fox
        hammer and crystal

        of the
        LOONEY BIN

        Wii came Wii conkerd
        1 year at Games-Hood

        the rat

        hi Cid
        the rat


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          Thanks for the offer Hyper

          GamersHood has added a wii icon. Adventure will start out soon to add the wii icon to new posted games that are compatible with Opera. As mentioned earlier, we can't do that for already posted games due to resource problems - it would take too much time.
          Also, those games that need a "stop sign", because they are not suitable for young players, will get that stop sign. The wii-compatibility will be mentioned in the first post in those cases.
          We hope that with this solution we can help wii users to find games that they can play - I think that this is what we can offer you at the time being, and currently you have to live with the limitations mentioned


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            I can see if they are compatible
            I have a wii that has internet
            (I am on it now xD)


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              Okay, if you could help us, this would be great!
              Would it be possible for you to PM me links to game threads for games that are compatible? In that case I'd be happy to add the wii icon to those threads


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                Originally posted by midnight View Post
                I can see if they are compatible
                I have a wii that has internet
                (I am on it now xD)
                And could you please PM me the links a few games whereof you know that aren't wii compatible? I would like to check if they also won't work for me with Opera. Just to be 100 percent sure.

                Thanks in advance.
                Faily of Kzin



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                  It's not just a matter of working with Opera. The version of Flash that's built into the Wii browser is 7.x with no way (currently) to upgrade it. While that'll be pretty obvious if you're browsing from your Wii, it won't be easy to tell if you're just looking at a newly-posted game from your PC running Opera.


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                    Oh, that's making it even more complicated
                    Thanks for the information
                    In that case we'll need support from wii users to tell us which games are compatible


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                      Yep, then I will undo the icon changes I already made. Thank you very much for this info nin_man. I am glad you told this now, before I even tested more game on only Opera compatibility.

                      It's too bad there isn't a way we can test games for wii compatibility without having a wii ourselves.
                      Faily of Kzin



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                        Should I start with New games?


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                          If we get support by wii users checking new games, and telling us which are wii compatible, we'll be happy to add the wii icon to those game threads


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                            Maybe you can add a sticky note to the New Games forum to alert Wii users to PM you if a game is or is not compatible with the Wii...?


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                              Good idea to add a sticky, thanks

                              However it would be easier for us if wii users could either post here, or PM us only with the link to threads, where we should add the wii sign (i.e. games that ARE compatible)