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  • uruguaygirl - first you need to work out which counrty the flags are from
    then find the country codes

    i'm stuck on level 14, i know i've got the right person (cos i read an earlier post) but i'm obviously spelling it wrong or something


    help me please, it's driving me insane!!!
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    • read my post #66.
      u lost one letter


      • ah, thanks scary!!

        ooo i love these logic puzzles - :s
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        • level 6

          Can someone help me with level 6 it's the level with the natural, rational, real numbers and the integers and i need to find the name of the last row. Please help me


          • hi i'm on level 9 but my english is not so good so if anyone could help me on that one i need one more letter

            the line of a three dimensonal shape were two plane faces meet???
            any suggestions? PLZZZ

            i'm totaly stuck...

            i have the letters

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            • I sent you a PM
              (Click the link to your private messages on the top right on this page under your name).


              • Level Eight

                Can anyone give any hints for Level 8? Probably if you send me a pm (private message).


                • stuck 1

                  WE ARE THE WORLD


                  • You have the right answer but maybe you pressed enter instead of submit, you must press submit!


                    • one asked about number 12...thats where im stuck!!! lol
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                      • I'm totally stuck at level 18.

                        I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do now... Any hints, please?

                        nevermind, I got it...
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                        • I'm stuck as well... I know who the guy is, i just don't get the sudoku thing someone was talking about.

                          I'm too stupid to solve a riddle!

                          QuickRiddle 2
                          QuickRiddle 3

                          The new one is up!
                          QuickRiddle 4


                          • level 3

                            stuck on level three i've looked at the scource and ggogled the name of the objects...... and still i'm stuck


                            • level1 --- look source of page
                              level2 --- convert morse to text
                              level3 --- look for a mouse click on shape

                              level4 --- it is a french quote. who say it?

                              level5 --- it is just a math sequences

                              level6 --- it is a kind numbers

                              level7 --- just solve equation

                              level8 --- decode american sign language

                              level9 --- just solve puzzzle

                              level10 -- we use his geometry in triangle and in planes

                              level11 -- find nations of flag and use their first two letters ex. Liecschtein(LI) Nigeria(NI) Argentina(AR)

                              level12 -- a^2+b^2=c^2

                              level13 -- abcdefg...=zyxwvut...

                              level14 -- He is from Indian.

                              level15 -- just googled mathematician names. you dont need to solve logic puzzle.

                              level16 -- convert binary to text and choise correct one.
                              level17 -- again a sequnce.

                              level18 -- it is a movie about a mathematician

                              level19 -- you should solve this sudoku

                              level20 -- it is a look and say sequence

                              i prepared this hints for you. it is my work. if you need more help just pm to me!! byy good days!
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